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Inventory Time> What GPS Units Do You Own ?


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Started with a Magellan eXplorist 100 last year.

This year for my birthday, Hubby bought an eXplorist 400 and a Palm IIIex (which I can't get the computer to recognize ;) )


Before deregulation, we had a unit (make/model??) that could pick up 7 satellites!!! 1 monthlater we upgraded to a unit that could get 12. That one got stolen, while buried in the woods, in the middle of BFE, during a clue hunt. They did leave the case and the clues ;)

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I just upgraded to a map60csx and am giving my etrex legend to another surveyor.

We use these to find control monuments more easily.


I also use a Topcon RTK system at work. This system gets down to sub-centimeter accuracy. Don't anybody better give me any grief about the coords on caches I hide! <_<


My rover is a Topcon Hiper+:



And the base unit is a Topcon GB500:


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I own a Garmin I Que 3600. I am thinking about purchasing a new one, but have yet made up my mind


You might want to consider the Mitac Mio p550 (running WM5). Buy dot com has them on sale for $325 shipped and this thing is awesome. I use it for everything and with a today plugin (Navio) the SS3 chipset is always on - so no ttff whatsoever. It has a big ol' speaker too, voice nav is much easier now.


I also have an hx2415 and hx4700 I use with a Holux GPSlim236 BT receiver but the Mio is so much more convenient now. One device, one cord, one happy camper.

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3 Del Norte units.. that are fantastic, although, very expensive and mostly useless for geocaching and in fact not all that good for navigating in general. :blink:

1 Satloc of some sort that I avoid using if possible :unsure:

1 Garmin 100.. (Old School!!!) that Im pretty sure still works but sits in the cupboard with all the other junk I cant bring my self to throw away.

1 Garmin 96c

1 Garmin eTrex

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I started with a Magellan Companion for my Palm m515

Got a Radio Shack DigiTraveler unit for my laptop

Bought a Magellan Platinum

Got a Garmin Map60CS

Eventually got Garmin Map60CSX (thought the SiRF chip would be better, but I have been proven wrong)

Recently got a Wintec WBT-201 for bluetooth enabled Palm TX and Laptop (UBlox ATR beats the SiRF chip by a long shot) It's also a great GPS data logger


I still use the Companion and the Platinum for Geocaching

I use the Garmins for local driving, and for Geocaching

and use the Wintec for longer trips (with TX and/or laptop)

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All Garmin:


Zumo 550

Street Pilot 2820

Nuvi 350 and 670 (on the way)

60CSx (my favorite)



Vista Cx

Legend Cx

Vista C





It is hard for me to admit, but I have been eyeing the Explorist XL (I like the screen size) but I have not pulled the trigger as I want to see what Garmin may roll out this year (if anything, since it is hard to improve on the 60 CSx)

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Currently own:

Garmin eTrex Legend Cx

Germin eTrex Venture

Globalsat BT300 Bluetooth GPS


Got rid of:

Garmin GPS 10 Bluetooth (didn't like the proprietary WM software)


Currently use but don't own:

Trimble AgGPS 132 (2 units, with OmniStar VBS correction service)

Trimble DSM-232 (4 units, with OmniStar HD correction service)

Trimble 5700 RTK (Sub-centimeter accuracy)


Next unit to purchase:

Trimble GPS Pathfinder XB (so I can post-process ArcPad data from a small receiver)





ESRI ArcView

ESRI Arcpad

Geosoft Oasis Montaj

Trimble Geomatics Office

SA Watch



Google Earth

Garmin Spanner

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Started out with a Garmin GPS II in 2000.Recently bought a GPS V.Debating now on either a 60cs or a Magellan XL or maybe both.Also want to convince my hunting buddy to get a Garmin rhino 130 so we can find each other while hunting...but if we both have gps (He's got an Etrex)couldn't we just give our grid to each other over the motorolas?HMMM...so many choices!

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What do you mean "the motorolas"? I can share position information on my Motorola i605 to others using Mologo as well as get real time maps. Or with the RINOs you can easily see where your buddy is on a more normal portable GPSr style unit as well as short range 2-way.



- Nextel i605 With Trimble Adventure primary geocaching unit

- (2) Garmin RINO 110 GPS/Radio alternate geocaching/outdoor use with kids.

- Toyota Prius built-in nav unit.

- Garmin 320C just bought for travel (rental cars) navigation.


Used to Have

- Nextel i730 using builtin and homebrew firmware

- Garmin GPS-12 was my first GPS unit and served well into my first year of geocaching.

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I am a 1 GPS guy! I have a Magellan Meridian Platinum. Unless it dies, I will not be replacing this unit. It has stood up to some abuse but just keeps on being spot-on. I have the Case, Window Mount, Bike Mount, 1gb SD card for each map-set (Mapsend Topo, MapSend DR v3, MapSend Streets & Destinations) and cables to hook it up to my Axim and Clie TH55.

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Garmin Extrex Venture Cx

Garmin Extrex Legend


Other units not really used in Geocaching:


Garmin Streetpilot C320 (main nav system for my car.)

Mio C310x (used in a 2nd car or loaned out.)

Navman iCN 510 (retired since it has old maps and a nonfunctioning battery.)


Used on a laptop:


Streets & Trips 2007 with Sirf III GPS

DeLorme Street Alas

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Used two own

The older model that was white with the external antenna. (Dont Remember the model number) First One

Garmin GPS 12

Garmin 3600


Now own

Garmin M4 - Love it

Vista etrex

Rino 110

2 - Rino 530 Hcx

Garmin 60CSx


The 530Hcx, 60 CSx, and M4 are awesome units.

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I just got a Garmin 60CSx (My first GPS :signalviolin: ) and upgraded the Micro SD to 1Gig! Then B4 mine arrived, from PCnation.com (free 3 day shipping) my friend dropped his down a 100ft path! It lived but this prompted me to buy a Screen Shield. Now lets Cache our a** off!


"The Van" Cache Crew

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I'm using Garmin ForeRunner 305 - basically a sports watch that comes with some very basic navigation features. No maps, no fancy colours etc. just 100 waypoints without even the cache name (just waypoint code), and up to about 4 hours battery power. Let's go lowtech! :D


I actually found out about geocaching because I bought this for running and was looking for some software to upload running routes and navigation points to the unit. :D


It's very basic but has done the job for my first 222 caches (in 5 countries). But now I think it's about time to upgrade... :D


Edit: just ordered a brand new Garmin GPSmap 60CSx which should get here in a couple days :(:D:D


92ba54c7-9659-4767-8859-ec3df96a49af.jpg <-- ForeRunner in action... this is the picture to claim this virtual cache in Japan B)

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Started with a Magellan Meridian Platinum. Left it on the front bumper of the Jeep during caching one day. It somehow disappeared in the 15 miles between the cache and home :(


Replaced it with a Garmin Vista C and have been very pleased with it. Yesterday I ordered a Garmin Vista HCx. Just got the tracking number a few minutes ago :D

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While I understand the idea behind this thread, it is not useful. What we like to know is what active members on the forum use as a GPSr. This thread have dated information and you cannot really find what someone own in a quick way. I know you can also use the signature below like I do but...


Please go support the addition of a plugin that will let all Geocachers display the GPSr they use belowe their name


<----- here



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