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  1. Some really good advice here! Keep at it, and remember that with every cache you find, you will have added to your hunting skills, and it gets easier to know what to look for. And have fun !
  2. Here is another link... http://www.startribune.com/nation/148581205.html
  3. Hmmmmm..... that's interesting. Thanks for sharing ! I did the update, restarted the computer, re-downloaded the Delorme plugin, and it seems to be working Ok now. Well, that's a relief. Thanks!
  4. Thanks, Ben, but I have done all that. I've used the features here for quite a while, and no problem. I know about running Safari in 32 bit mode also. Today, even after checking out all of the usual stuff, it's not working. Interestingly, I tried downloading a cache to my GPS using my little netbook (Asus eee) running Chrome, and it worked just fine. Would like to get back to using my Macbook Pro as before, however. I also tried using Google Chrome on my Macbook to see if that made a difference, nope. Frustrating since I have had no problems until now.... It's a stumper.
  5. I"m suddenly having the same problem here. Have also emailed Delorme support.
  6. Yep. I have a GPS mount on my handlebars. It's a fun way to cache.
  7. a2n


    Welcome to the fun! Remember to always tell someone where you are going and carry your phone. Hope you have many fun adventures caching.
  8. I already have a couple of gps that I use but they don't do Wherigos. This will allow me to use the Wherigo app on both iPad and iPod, plus allow me to use some other programs I am interested in on both.
  9. I just ordered this http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005I0JYUY/ref=oh_o00_s00_i00_details but it hasn't arrived yet. It sounds promising!
  10. Recently, we found a pair of blue underpants in a cache.... men's briefs to be exact. I have to wonder what he traded for......
  11. This pretty much sums up my own feelings. I am disappointed that the maps have changed, but as long as the Google Maps are still available by links on the cache pages, I'll just use that when I want a satellite view of the area. Initially, I didn't see that link. Like everything else in life, things change. I choose to continue having fun and roll with it.
  12. Just to put in my 2cents worth, I don't like the looks of the new maps either. I'm really going to miss the satellite map option.
  13. I injured myself badly going after a relatively easy cache on level ground, just off a paved bike trail. I was totally focused on my GPS, moving forward in a grassy area and stepped into a foxhole. BOTH feet got caught up resulting in a broken right ankle AND broken left foot. My cell phone was back in the car a mile away, and I was alone. I had not told anyone where I was going. I managed to slowly hobble the distance back to my car and drove to the ER. I have never experienced such pain in my life, and it got worse later after the adreneline wore off. Next came surgery, hardware installed in the foot, 3 days in the hospital, casts, 4 months of extrmely limited mobility using a wheelchair and crutches, 3 months off work, another surgery to remove some of the hardware, and a couple months of physical therapy. I am almost fully recovered now, but I learned some valuable lessons..... Watch where you are walking, carry a cell phone and tell someone where you are going. This accident was totally my own fault and could have been avoided if I had paid attention to where my feet were going. Move with your eyes first, then your feet.
  14. That's where I am with one of mine. For 6 months it has been in the hands of someone who has logged a total of 8 caches and has not logged into the site since July. First email was sent to them at 3 moths requesting that they please place the TB in another cache as soon as possible. I included links to some helpful info on TBs. I sent the 2nd polite email this week offering to pay postage to have it returned. Still no response, so I'll just have to count it as a loss. It is what it is. Don't want to harrass anyone, but at the same time, want to make an effort.
  15. DeLorme PN-40 and a DeLorme PN-60 Both are great!
  16. a2n


    The app works just fine on my iPad. Since it is designed for the iPod Touch, it is native in the smaller size, but on the iPad, you have the option to make it 2x larger (which fills the iPad screen) The only problem is that at the larger size, the resolution is not as sharp. However, it is very readable and works great. Hopefully at some point there will be a version that is native for iPad. But, it's a good app either way.
  17. Although being an "elitist" was not at the heart of my original intent, I understand how that could be perceived. For that reason, I am not giving the co-ords out prior to publication, and no "preferential treatment." Again, thanks for all the thoughtful responses.
  18. I really appreciate the responses and you have all helped me decide what to do. I don't want to disrespect the integrity of the game, and if I didn't have some doubts about my original plan, I would not have posted the question here. Thanks for helping me out. I will honor my friends with a little story about how the cache was given to me on the listing description and leave it to fate to see who signs the log first.
  19. Thanks for your quick replies! I appreciate your advice. Now to find the perfect location for the hide....... ;-)
  20. A couple of friends and fellow cachers recently gifted me with a special cache to place to commemorate an event in my life. When I do find the perfect location, I would like to allow these friends to have the honor of FTF on this one. Is that a legitimate action, and if so, how would I go about making sure they were given the opportunity to sign the log and claim FTF before the other local FTF chasers in the area? I'm hoping to find the answer to my question here. If it's not a cool thing to do, I will just place the cache and let fate take it's course.
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