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  1. It looks like all you did was glue some of the parts togther to "disable" the trap. I would have snipped the "tails" of the springs (the parts that touch the wood base) to truly render the cache harmless. Heat will take the spring out of a spring also.
  2. I say white with NO hint. Why make it easy (evil face).
  3. The only benefits of caching with a smartphone I can see are spontaneous caching, real time logging, and Google maps at a whim. And they are why I wish I had one at times.
  4. ... Or look here ... scroll down to the Mac section.
  5. Since you have a Mac maybe you should use this.
  6. Kudos on the monument cache!! (need a "thumbs up" emoticon)
  7. Awesome paint job! I love stone spray, but I lack the skills to apply it effectively. Did you use any kind of sealant to keep the polystyrene from degrading? I have just spray painted straight onto the ball. as of yet I don't know how well it will hold up to the weather I think what Clan Riffster was refering to, is that the propellant in spray paint attacks many types of foam. Probably used latex or acrylic paint. Solvent based paints will eat polystyrene.
  8. Survey pins (property markers)... I'm guessing the same.
  9. Pathtags, wooden nickels, sig items in general, and my daughter collects those tiny erasers.
  10. Charter members are members who purchased a premium membership during the first year it was offered and have kept it current. It wasn't offered until around March 2002. There ya go...
  11. I believe a "Charter" member is anyone that had a GC.com account within the first 1 or 2 years of the website going live. If you had to be a paying member in that 1 or 2 years to be a "charter" I don't know. I would think not but it's how ever TPTB decided to delegate that status.
  12. 2 thumbs up! Rachel, NV. has been on my bucket list since the first trail was set out. Maybe one of these days we'll make it out there.
  13. That's crazy! Never seen that before.
  14. Barometer, altimeter, compass along with a few more would be examples of functions that you don't need but might like to have in the future. The ability to use as a street navigation device, add maps (TOPO). The only reason I asked is that I'm one to buy over my needs to leave room to expand later on. If a basic handheld unit is all you'll ever have a need for and would like a Garmin under $150 US then the new eTrex 10 is the unit for you. If you can spend $200 (maybe less on some sites/sales) a eTrex 20 will get you the ability to add TOPO maps and adds a color screen.
  15. What is your price range? Are you willing to spend more to get more options that you might want later but not quite ready for now? Any brand you favor over another?
  16. A seashell might be a great trade item in Kansas or Montana. Probably not so great on Cape Cod or the Outer Banks. I'm from Kansas and shell ARE cool! So are rocks... I think I'll break out my sons old rock tumbler and make some swag!! When I cache without my kids I'm one to just sign the log and move on. My girls like to trade and we ALWAYS leave sometime behind. Most of the time it is fobs I make with para-cord or friendship bracelets the girls make. If I think what they take is better than what we have to offer I'll leave several. We also leave pathtags at times in trade.
  17. Which I suspect will just get the cache locked, too. That note was removed, but I dont know who removed it. I'm sure Hemlock is watching this one very closely now. Let the countdown begin...
  18. I've made these and you're right.. glue doesn't work so well. Good idea melting them together... I'll try it next time I make one.
  19. DUDE!! I've so been wanting to make one of those!! Great job!!
  20. And I assume (which can be a no no in itself) that The_Psnaps is the CO so no foul here Or is The_Psnaps not the CO??
  21. nice Really get every ones panties up in the air and paint a nuke sign on it. (rats!! image wont stick.. )
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