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El Diablo

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I thought Today's Cacher is an "on-line magazine devoted to Geocaching".


Why would you need my name and address when you could send it to my email address? :)

Today's Cacher is both an on line and a hard copy magazine. The contents are totaly different.


El Diablo

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Well thanks for the offer but I do most of my reading online and have very little time for magazines that come via snail mail.


Edited: But as a member "You will have access to more articles, and access to the online version of the printed copy after it has been in print for 45 days" from http://www.todayscacher.com/2005/dec/


Why not offer a one month temporary user id and password for the first 100 and save the costs of mailing?

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I don't hand out my info that way, but it's a nice gesture.  :)

Kinda hard to send a magazine with out a name or address. It won't be added to our data base.


El Diablo

I think I can assume that fact, given I didn't send you anything. It was a compliment, I thought it was nice of you to give away 100 magazines. Didn't mean anything by it, kinda like saying Thanks, but no thanks.


If your offer had been a link to a sign up page with a coherent disclaimer of the terms of use for my info, I would have gladly sumitted my address.


Again I say, nice gesture. :P

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