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  1. Oh, the coordinates? Right up with the HH2 - "39 03 21.1 (N) 123 25 47.6 (W)" it's in DD MM SS.S format instead of DD MM.MMM format. In other words, N 39 03.351 W 123 25.793 is the same as N 39 03 21.1 W 123 25 47.6.
  2. In the current NGS datasheet you see HH2 coordinates. In the “old” datasheet that is on geocaching.com you just see scaled coordinates. The HH2 coordinates in the current NGS datasheet just happen to match the coordinates you posted in geocaching.com. Southpawaz has speculated that someone (other than you), looked at the coordinates you posed on geocaching.com and updated the datasheet to HH2 coordinates based on your geocaching.com log.
  3. That's for Hand Held 2 (consumer grade - like most of us have). Southpawaz guessed that someone took the coordinates you posed in your geocaching.com log and updated the Datasheet with your numbers (since they are the same).
  4. Some stations are adjusted, like KT2037.
  5. The entry you submitted to the NGS would make a great recovery entry here at geocaching.com! For the NGS, the personal anecdotal notes and things that are bound to change with the season aren’t typically noted. If you go and read the recovery entries for a bunch of the stations in your area you’ll see they are pretty cut and dry and straightforward. For example with this recovery, since KZYX has not been mentioned prior, you may note the distance of the Mark from a corner or point of the KZYX Radio Station building. Also, was everything else listed in the 1964 entry still accurate? If not, identify the discrepancies. If you look at the coordinates, they already have Consumer Handled coordinates listed for this Station. If you find a large discrepancy (rare - I’ve only found this once) you may potentially make a note of it.
  6. On the pictures topic - I don’t reference gc.com in the Description because I figure that when someone is looking at the Datasheet and sees a recovery by GEOCAC they’ll automatically go to gc.com to see if any pictures are available. They may just go there even if they don’t see GEOCAC in the Datasheet.
  7. This was one we put off recovering until we got our Jeep. The trip to the Station was fun, but after walking over a small hill and seeing the rocks and the Mark it made for a great recovery. There’s even a little history in the Description. A couple shots of ET1060.
  8. Since it's a reset wouldn't it be established with 1929 and 1968 stamped on it as it states in the stamping? Since there wasn't an RM3, then the one in the photograph must be the one they established in 1968, right?
  9. I don't get it. Here are the coordinates they posted and the location on Google Map. Doesn't look like it's off by 2.5 miles to me.
  10. Is there an orange icon waiting in the tray to the bottom right? By updgrading Java any errors should disappear. Please do that and report back if you still have issues. Thanks. I didn't do anything and it's working today. I don't have an orange icon waiting in my tray in the bottom right. It's broken again for me today. I don't get it. Why does it work for a time then stop working again?
  11. Is there an orange icon waiting in the tray to the bottom right? By updgrading Java any errors should disappear. Please do that and report back if you still have issues. Thanks. I didn't do anything and it's working today. I don't have an orange icon waiting in my tray in the bottom right.
  12. Broke again for me. I posted on the other link.
  13. It's broken for me again. For example. Go to this page. Click on any of the links in the 4/14/2009 log and I get: Stack overflow at line: 1732. I also get a Stack overflow on line 1432 or 236 if I hit the "X" at the top of the window.
  14. OpinioNate - it's now fixed for me. Thanks!
  15. pgrig - About a year ago I was wondering if we could use a strategy of recovering stations that had the highest “value” in the database, rather than whatever we felt like recovering, so I contacted our NGS Geodetic Advisor to Arizona and asked if he had an opinion which Stations have the highest priority for recoveries in our area. He said: “…I have no priority areas to recommend. However, with the advent of GPS horizontal control stations are not nearly as "valuable" as they used to be. On the other hand, vertical control marks (i.e. benchmarks) are more valuable than they used to be since we pretty much stopped leveling in the mid-80s. So, if all other things are even I'd suggest you look for benchmarks rather than triangulation stations. But if you like to climb you'll find the tri stations are on top of hills/mountains and the view is probably better…”
  16. I'm still getting the error when looking at pictures that are published in the benchmark section, but I don't get it when looking at pictures in the geocaching section. I notice that the pictures in the geocaching section come up superimposed in the same window I click in, and in the benchmarking section the picture comes up (after the error) by itself in a blank window. Are all people who are getting the error using IE7?
  17. Maybe, but it seems it’s an Explorer/site problem. I recently got the stack overflow for each picture I recently posted, I also get the error for every picture I look at, and if I look at a picture, return the log page then hit the back button I get the error. For me the error is always related to looking to a picture. It’s really consistent, just stated happening recently, and doesn’t happen on any other site.
  18. Any more info on this? It's still happening to me. IE 7.0.5730.11 XP Professional 5.1.2600 SP 3 Build 2600
  19. Paul, My original question was my concern about not logging a single specific station as destroyed when you witness and have the proof that it is actually destroyed. Your comments appeared to me to indicate that if one finds a destroyed station that sometimes you should mark it as Not Found so it doesn’t’ “disappear”. I attempted, unsuccessfully, to explain why technically that practice is a bad idea. BDT’s and Papa-Bear-NYC’s posts provides much more practical reason why destroyed stations should be submitted as destroyed. Sorry if I misinterpreted what you were posting. Joe
  20. Good to hear. I have seen that you’ve resurrected some destroyed stations - something that I doubt we’ll ever do! The best we’ve done is found a station or two that the NGS reported as Not Found.
  21. BDT - I was beginning to think that I was the only one that thinks it’s proper to report known/provable destroyed stations as destroyed. Guess I’m not alone.
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