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  1. I am looking into a dedicated system for mt car, probably the 60LMT. I just hate to give up on the 60CSx, because it works and has never given me a problem. Oh well, the big wheels of technology keep turning I guess. Hey, I still have my blue eTrex that I started with!!!
  2. I think people..well, geocachers that have been doing this for a while, are getting tired of boring caches; nano on the back of a stop sign, pill bottle under a lamp post in Wal-Mart, etc. There are still a decent amount of good, quality geocaches out there, but not like it used to be, at least not in my area.
  3. That's what we've done since we started. But you can't load geocaches on the car GPS, can you? That's why I love the 60CSx. I could be following my route or just driving around and spot nearby caches that I might want to grab.
  4. I'm attached to my 60CSx because it's a perfectly good, functioning GPS. Yes, the newer ones have more bells & whistles, but the 60CSx suited my needs perfectly. I don't need a dedicated car GPS, although somewhere down the line I may end up getting one. I liked being able to load a route on my 60CSx in order to get from Point A to Point B without getting lost, but then still be able to grab it and go geocaching. I particularly liked being able to plan my own routes, since I did not always want to go the direct route. I was very happy with an "all-in-one" GPS. It just seems like there were several issues with the 64 series. Maybe some more reading will clear up things. Like you mentioned, I could just buy a car GPS and continue to use the 60CSx for geocaching and hunting.
  5. So, how good/bad is the 64st? Looks like I might have to start looking for a GPS to replace my 60Csx. But, from what I've been able to gather from reading the forum, the 64st seems to be a PITA to use. I realize there will be a difference from my 60Csx, but I've been reading about not being able to delete the pre-loaded caches, having to do resets, etc. Geez.....
  6. Yup, just got an email from Garmin that said the maps are not compatible. Like I said, that really stinks. A perfectly good GPS (60CSx) with no support from Garmin. "Thank you for contacting Garmin International. I will be happy to assist you with your mapping inquiry today. You are correct, the GPSMAP 60CSx is not compatible with the current mapping we offer. The process and requirements for both the downloadable and pre-programmed maps has changed recently and is too much for these older devices to handle. You can still purchase the previous version pre-programmed microSD cards and DVDs from other retailers to use with this device. If you do so, you will need to ensure the City Navigator version is prior to that update, which was released in 2015. Most retailers will have this information readily available, but you can always check with them before a purchase if not. I wish I had better news. Please let us know if you have any further questions. Thank you for choosing Garmin"
  7. I sent an email to Garmin to see if the maps are compatible with the 60CSx. I hate that I have a perfectly good GPS that is being tossed aside by Garmin. It's like they are forcing people to buy a new GPS.
  8. So, with the download version, I can download CN 2017 to my laptop, then just update the maps I have on my 60CSx like I would if I used the DVD? In only put the street maps of PA and small parts of NY and NJ where I might drive.
  9. My CN on my 60CSx is a few years old and I was planning on buying a 2016 version or waiting for the 2017 version on DVD to come out, however I've learned that Garmin discontinued the DVD versions. I like the DVD version because I can put it on my computer and use it to plan trips, etc. It was then very easy to transfer the route over to the GPS. Plus I was able to keep Topo on my GPS because everything was stored on the same microSD card. Now, if I'm forced to by the microSD version of CN, I'll have to also but the microSD version of Topo and be forced to switch out cards whenever I go off-road.
  10. Hmmm, I guess I will go the extra card route.
  11. The SD card is locked to the GPSr that it currently resides in. I just want to add Topo to it. The card will stay in the GPSr that it is locked to. I was hoping I could just open up Mapsource on my PC and with the GPSr connected, add all the 2011 maps to a file which also has the Topo maps I want. Then, just add everything back onto the SD card. The CN maps would be going back to the same card in the same GPSr they came from. Seems do able, but I don't want to wipe out the SD card and be left with nothing.
  12. Here is the situation. I have two Garmin 60CSx's, one is newer than the other, and more accurate. The older one has CN 2010 and US Topo 2008. I was able to put both on that particular GPSr, because I have both maps on DVD. When I got the newer GPSr, it came with CN NT 2011.1 on the SD card. I want to add Topo to this GPSr. I know if I try and add using Mapsource, it will wipe out the maps on the SD card. If I put all the maps onto Mapsource, can I then re-add the maps (CN NT 2011 and Topo) back on to the SD card?? The card with the CN NT 2011 is a 2gb SD card. I only really want to add the topo maps for PA.
  13. Like I said in another thread, the very nature of doing urban caches makes the geocacher look very suspicious. I just did a small geocache that was hid in a bush in the parking lot of a bank! It was on the back side of the bank in bushes that seperated it from another business, but still. Walking around a bank, trying to get read your GPS is an uneasy feeling. Maybe it affects me more because I am a police officer/geocacher. If I saw me in that parking lot, you can bet I would be stopping to see what I was up to!!
  14. I'm in law enforcment and a geocacher, and so is my chief. We talk about geocaching alot, usually about caches we found or didn't find. We also talk about how suspicious we can look at times searching for some of these caches. For instance, caches in or around playgrounds. Do you know how suspicous this looks to law enforcement? Seeing a grown man hanging around a playground? Or some caches that are placed in peoples yards, albiet on the fringe of the property?? I absolutely hate doing caches near playgrounds unless I make sure there is no one around, especially children. And I refuse to go poking around someone's front yard, curb, etc. The OP said a cacher was handcuffed. Where was the cache, what time of day, what is the local crime activity like? Pick up your local paper, they are filled with reports of vehicle break ins, houses being broken into during the day, illegal activity taking place in parks, etc. I can give you a hundred scenarios. Do you know how suspicisous it looks to be looking for micro-caches hidden in the lighting posts at Wal-Mart??? Some drug dealers don't deal out of their residence. There have been reports of the dealer taking the money then telling the person where to go to pick up their drugs, in places like.....under the last tree by the ballfield, over by such & such rock formation. The very nature of geocaching in an urban area is very susceptable to being scrutinized by law enforcement.
  15. Worse case?? Contracted poison ivy when I was in the USMC, stationed down in NC back in the late 70's thru early 80's. I ended up with a rash down both sides of my butt, all along my back (above belt line) and on my inner left arm. The only thing that worked for me was hot, hot showers!
  16. My son was looking into geocaching and I was pointing him towards the 60CSx, which I love.........and then I found out they were discontinued!! Major bummer. Guess its on to the 62 series.
  17. I think I'm getting a rash and feel itchy just looking at those pics!!! Yes, poison ivy and I do NOT place nice together!
  18. You need to use something like EasyGPS or GSAK to load the info from your query into your GPS.
  19. The 60CSx will hold 1000 waypoints, not just 500.
  20. Team_LPD

    When to?

    A geocacher can notify the cache owner that their cache needs maintenance any time it needs it, such as damaged container, wet log, original hiding spot is causing the cache to be exposed, etc. Archiving means retiring the cache. Usually the reviewers will send a message to the cache owner about this, normally after several people say the cache is missing or the owner is not maintaining the cache.
  21. How close are you getting to the cache? Did you select the "follow road" option when going to the cache?
  22. How close are you getting to the cache? Did you select the "follow road" option when going to the cache?
  23. I recently lost (for two weeks), then found my 60CSX while turkey hunting. The interior of the front screen had some droplets of water inside, so I disassembled the unit, dried everything out and the unit works perfect. The rubber gasket that goes around the unit itself is in great shape, however the top rubber piece that sits atop the unit had to be peeled away to seperate the halfs. I was thinking something like a thin bead of silicone sealant should work?
  24. GSAK all the way. I tried both, but settled on GSAK several years ago and never looked back.
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