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  1. I too would like to know if anyone has this. Right now I am using an otter box for my iphone and like the idea of an extra battery for it and a stronger gps set.
  2. check out mngca.org, and the weeknight caching crew. welcome to the addiction!!
  3. Just Looking for a little information on Beartooth pass. I am driving my motorcycle from the Twin Cities to Beartooth Pass on August 16 thru the 26th. Just Looking for some good tips on camping and weather and some caches to look for while I am in the area. Thanks for your help!!
  4. I always wanted a SVEA but for one reason or another I always ended up buying some thing else. These are some of the stoves, and cookware, I've had through the years. I think most of you, that do any backpacking, will recognize one of two of these and you old timers will recognize most of them but I would be, at least a little, surprized if anyone can name all six of them. Great topic, I loved Criminal's description of car camping. The stove that is blue in color, Is that a globe trotter? from camping gaz? I am triing to find the canister marked gt106 (90g) fuel canisters for mine. I have @ left and need to get some more for my motorcycle trip. If anyone runs across this canisters please email me of post here. thanks
  5. Every cache is MY dream cache I just like to be outside!!
  6. On my meiplat when I enter a goto there is a line drawn from my postion to my desination and is is continually refreshed from my current position. I am not able to get this to work on my explorist 600. All the display boxes for map set up are checked just like they were on my meriplat. Any help would be muched appreciated thanks chef
  7. I picked up a used explorist 600 gps for 190.00. great deal. perfect conditon no scratches and everything works!! I just need to pick up an extra battery!! cabalas wanted 45.00 bucks for one!!
  8. I currently have a meiplat and was thinking about getting an XL for autorouting and for car navigation with Direct route. I will use the meriplat for ggeocaching and use the XL for getting there. Think this is a good idea? I wound also like to use the XL on the motorcycle? What do you guys think? thanks
  9. Hey those are great looking decals. If I can talk my wife into it I would like to get a couple for my Xterra which I take off road. Nice looking website the OP has!!
  10. My Wife and son will be traveling to New York City in August to see a few baseball games and I need a few suggestions on places to stay and places to eat that are decent but wont break the bank. They are going to Yankee and Shea stadiums. Any help would be much appreacited!! Thanks chef
  11. I was out and about htis afternoon and came across a merdian color gps for $180.00. Yes it is a display model but the screen has no scratches and it works as far as i can tell. I currently own a meriplat. If I get the merdian color I would strictly use it in the truck for autorouting, and use the meriplat for geocaching. Or should I get the explorist 500 from compuplus for $200.00? any suggestions or thoughts?
  12. Just wondering how everyone is doing with the earthquake? Hope all is well
  13. I use a lockable pistol case. It was about $15 and it locks. I fit my meriplat. a battery charger, frs radio, all power cords( one for gps, one for battery charger, and one for frs), and spare batteries for gps and frs radio in this case. And it even has padding!! I picked it up at a local Gander Mountian store
  14. IT would be a regular cache. I would send you some swag, log book, un activated travel bug, regular travel bugs, pen /pencil and a container from our countries(if shipping is not to much) to your address and you send the like back to me. We then place each others cache. Kinda like this link If interested contact me at cateringDOTchef AT gmailDOT com
  15. Was wondering if anybody would be intersted in doing an international cache exchange with me here in the states?
  16. Hey. Its not even cold yet in Minnesota. Hopefully the mpls/St.paul area will get maybe an inch of snow tonight. You guys should try caching in northern MN when the wind chill is -20 degress. Now thats winter caching!!!
  17. I did download a few waypoints, went out to the truck and found I have a nail in one of my tires. Now I have to find about 500 bucks because the other 3 tires have about 65,000 miles on them. oh well. Hope ever body has a great weekend.
  18. I hope that you dont bann any one from your chat room. I dont post much in any of the forums but I read just about everything. if I am allowed, I would love to take a look/join/read/listen to your chat room.
  19. My wife is a sweet heart. For our 10th year anniverary, she ordered for me 10 Travel bug tags, 3 microcache containers and a License frame for my Xterra!!! I did get her a Diamond necklace and cooked her a romantic dinner which included shrimp, filet with bernasise sauce and fresh vegies. The Travel tags just arrived TODAY and I have the weekend off. And to top this whole thing off, She and our son went out to Boston to see a baseball game. This could be the start of a great three day cache marathon for me
  20. Chef-Burnsville if you got the time check out MNGCA.org
  21. I just found this cache. I am starting to work on it. I would love to meet snoogans with my XTERRA and do little off roading with him, and do some caching TOO!! If I get this one solved maybe I ll take a weekend off and come down and visit the cache!!
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