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  1. Contact one of the Greene Co. naturalists at the Narrows Reserve Nature Center, 2575 Indian Ripple Rd, Beavercreek, OH. to learn about the permit system they have in place. Greene Co. Parks still support geocaching as noted in the below activity they put on:
  2. Mt Airy Forest in Cincy is a great place for caching. Park the car, and hike for miles and miles on some fairly challenging terrain at times. Highly recommended with "tons" of caches!
  3. NOTE!!! Gem City Geocachers are no longer around. For the Dayton area, please see Miami Valley Geocaching at mvgeo.com
  4. I'm retired AF (1970-90) and was stationed at Johnston Atoll (1971-72) when it was active. That's wierd that someone placed a cache there as the island(s) were shut down in '04. Doesn't sound like a legal placement to me . The atoll was a great place to dive and kept me from getting bored. The main island (largest) was only 1.5 miles long and 0.5 miles wide made up of mostly dregged-up coral from digging the shipping channel. Some of the best diving in the world. Also inside the atoll were three other small islands (radio transmitter & reciever islands and an island for the Coast Guard). They fed us good, got to swim around sharks (and catch/eat them), and the facilities were great! Would not trade the experience for anything! FYI: It was also used as storage for the US reserves of mustard and nerve gas (which has since been removed and neutralized). We had to carry our gas masks around with us 24 hrs a day. By-the-way, Spam-Lover may be from Hawaii ... I hear that they love Spam in Hawaii! Could it be this guy never activated the cache: http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?guid=26...62-1566fd43aac7 ?
  5. You may want to consider GC23, Geocache as your 100th. It's the oldest one in Hawaii. I did that one back on 16 Aug 02 while on vacation. It's still going!!!
  6. Linda and I are really sorry to hear of Keith's passing. He was always there for us with them early morning back of the car breakfasts prior to the hunt. What a great guy. Keith was a Christian, so I know he is with the Lord as I type and all hurts are gone. We will miss you, dude Hang in there MJ and let us know what we can do to help. In my prayers ... Jim
  7. Nice job, Doug. And thanks for those gas saver series!
  8. GPZ Linda and I will be there.
  9. I'll be there Saturday to help y'all burn that wood ... Fire is your friend!!
  10. You were out caching in the 100 deg heat? 400 ... now we're cookin'! CONGRATS
  11. Congrats! Keep on Cachin'!
  12. Wow! 9000 is hard to imagine! Congrats on a remarkable milestone!
  13. The "2007 Geocoin Poker Challenge" had a tourney at GeoWoodstock 5, and will host another this weekend at the GeoBash. Last year's GeoBash and GeocoinFest2007 also hosted a geocoin poker tourney. Ya I seen those, I am looking for one for the Ohio residents close to my area. Thanks for the reply! There are some big-time geocoin hounds in SW Ohio (I'm not one, tho). I'm sure if you create an event near Lebanon, you will have many attendees !
  14. is there any sort of admission fee or anything? Admission is free.
  15. I haven't missed a GeoBash yet, and don't intend to miss this one either. Will be camping in the GCG/OKIC area. See y'all there!
  16. I too am going to miss you, Katie I hope J gave you that big hug from me last night! I wish I could have been there. I'm really gonna miss you on my Hair-Brained group outings. I'll always have fond memories. Good luck to you and the family in Maryland. Cheers ... Jim
  17. Gem City Geocachers Supporting Dayton, Ohio and surrounding areas Come on over for a visit and check us out!
  18. Glad to have you! You're not too far from me in Beavercreek. Come on over and visit the Dayton area local Geocaching forums, Gem City Geocachers. We's a fun bunch and full of all kinds of answers .
  19. Congrats on reaching the 1K milestone, Katie!
  20. Looks like 4LC started something here. Had to see what it was. I wouldn't call it an invasion as we've done many caches over in Indiana. Your State Parks are great! I've been caching with several of y'all. The group hunts 4LC is referring to are what I call BVCY Hair-Brained Cache Outings. The outing on 1 Jan 07 requires you wake up at 0545 to meet at the starting point in Beavercreek OH and there will be no micros on the hunt! Beings how it's on New Years Day makes it a hair-brained idea.
  21. I'll have to agree with both Lep and 0. There's still plenty of places to put caches. Share the wealth
  22. Dayton, Ohio area club: Gem City Geocachers
  23. Thank you guys for the great hospitality and fun time! Looking forward to next year. Cheers ... Jim Beavercreek, OH OKIC & Gem City Geocachers member
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