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  1. I will be in Bermuda on a cruise with my non-geocaching sister. The time in Bermuda is 24 hours, 4pm - 4pm. I would love to do the geotour, but I don't know if I'll have enough time in the two half days I'll be there. Also, if we did the geotour that would probably take up all our time. Would doing the geotour be fun for a muggle? Does the tour include all the most popular sights to see in Bermuda? Thanks for any info!
  2. Yes! I'm planning on hitting those to fill in June 2000. I'll be passing through ID so that will work!
  3. Ugh, I probably should have made an event of it like Mineral2 said, but things go busy and now it's late. Anyway, I've decided to just do gc12 and gc17 - I think doing all 3 in a day is a little too much. I'll hit a cache in Idaho to fill in my jasmer....
  4. I'm driving from California to Calgary where I'll meet up with my family, and on the way I'd like to get these 3 old caches. It seems like it's doable in a day - does anyone have advice? Plus I'd love some company on the hikes! The day I'm planning for is Wednesday, June 19. Let me know if you're interested!
  5. The best advice I can give you for caching abroad is to get an international phone plan and use your smartphone like you do at home. I have Verizon and it's $10/day for the same service i have at home. Another option is to get a local SIM card at the airport when you arrive. I've done that even if I was only going to be in a country for a couple of days. The advantage of using your phone is that then you can use Google Translate. It can translate entire webpages. So, I would use the app to actually get to ground zero, but I would bring up the webpage in a browser and use Google Translate to translate the whole thing. It's possible to find a cache with just the coordinates. But for me, part of the fun is WHY someone hid a cache in a particular place. Especially in a foreign country, it's great to discover things about the places you're visiting that a cache hider wants to show you!
  6. I don't know about the new app, but for the classic app (the one that cost $10), go to the saved lists, open the list you want to delete, click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner, and the first selection will be Delete this list.
  7. I have the regular paid app, not the intro app. In the regular app, there are tabs at the bottom for SEARCH and SAVED. If you are in saved, you'll only see your saved caches. While you are in cell coverage, you download your pq into your phone, and then they are saved caches. The app is buggy, though, and Groundspeak hasn't updated it or fixed the bugs. You are supposed to be able to download maps and save those as well, but for the past couple of years that hasn't worked. So you can navigate to the caches, but can't see a map behind them! One more question. If you load a PQ how does the I phone distinguishes between and display only the PQ caches and not the caches in general that are in the area you are in.
  8. The gain for preloading a PQ into the phone is that it's possible to cache with no coverage. I hate when I forget to load a pq and I know there are caches around but have no service and haven't loaded a pq. And yes, having a gps preloaded with the pq is the best of all. But you need a computer to do that. If I find myself in an unexpected location, I can run a pq from my phone, download it to the phone, and then be ready to cache. I just need to do it before I venture off the beaten path out of cell phone coverage!
  9. But if you put your phone into airplane mode, the gps won't work. You have to let it keep searching for service, even if there is none, and this eats up your battery life quickly. I always bring an external battery because of this!
  10. dw

    Corrected coordinates

    Thanks for the replies, especially from Mount10bike - it's great to know this is a high priority! I really appreciate that Groundspeak is so responsive when someone has a feature request. I'll be watching for updates! Thanks!
  11. I've never used corrected coordinates, I always used gsak to keep track of solved puzzles. But lately I'm mostly using my iphone to cache, so I tried using corrected coordinates today. The ideal thing would be to have the cache show up in the CORRECTED location on the map, both on my computer and on the iphone (and in a really ideal world, there would be some indication on the map that the coordinates had indeed been corrected - like a flag icon, so I could tell which ? caches were solved and which weren't - and the ability to FILTER those would be heaven!). BUT the cache still shows up in its original uncorrected location! It looks like the only way to navigate to the corrected coordinates is to know which caches have been corrected, find that cache on your iphone (which can be difficult because even if you're at the cache, the uncorrected location may be some distance away - so it doesn't show up in a nearby search). Only when you have brought the cache page up on your iphone can you then navigate to the little yellow flag. Is this functionality ever something that may happen? In searching the forums, I've noticed that many people would love to have it, but I haven't seen any discussion of corrected coordinates for many months. Am I using them correctly? Any hope of having the corrected coordinates show up on the search map? Thanks!
  12. I have a factory refurbished Garmin Oregon 550 for sale. Last October I bought one of these, wasn't sure if I was going to like it, and used it a few months. Then the screen cracked and I sent it back to Garmin, and they sent me a refurbished one. This is the one I am selling, it just came back from Garmin and still has its plastic over the screen. I did turn it on to make sure it worked! It turns out I prefer the buttons like on my old 60cx, and that's why I decided to sell. All accessories are included (batteries and charger, carabiner) and are still in their factory bags - I didn't even use the battery charger or batteries! I can't seem to find the English Language Quick Start Guide, though, but all the information is online. This runs $289 new on Amazon, plus tax. So this one's a bargain at $250! I posted it on my local forums as well. If I don't sell it here it's ebay for me....
  13. You're right; it IS about time! But without the forums, kind of hard to work together....
  14. Does anyone know what is happening with the Geocachers of the Bay Area website, www.thegba.net? I usually check in on the forums once a day or so, but it's been down for days now and i'm wondering if anyone has any info! Thanks!
  15. Wow, yay! Geocaching profile gave me my hundredths. I bought this unit new (they had a lightning special on Amazon) and I'm still figuring it out. And thanks for the pushpin advice! Okay if I email you Oregon experts once in a while when I need help? I don't know anyone else who has one and knows so much!
  16. It's when I'm on the compass page. I haven't set up any profiles yet. On the compass page, right it says the cache is 0.4 miles away. The 0.4 is not clickable. At the bottom of the screen is an icon on the lower right that, when I click it, lets me select a dashboard. The one I'm on is the Geocaching - Active dashboard. I also tried the Geocaching - nearest dashboard, but that just gave me some other info, and stills says 0.4 miles. When I select the waypoint to navigate to, it asks me what kind of routing I want. For caching I always select direct routing, that's the one that always just points right to the destination. Here's another problem I have. If I'm looking at the map for caches, and I don't touch it just in the right place, it puts a big red pushpin on wherever I touched. How can I get rid of that pushpin? I'm finding the Oregon very frustrating! But, thanks for your help!
  17. I recently bought an Garmin Oregon 550 to replace my trusty 60cx. The 60cx was GREAT except for not having description/hints on the unit. So I'm still figuring out my Oregon, and navigating to a cache today I saw that the distance only went to tenths of a mile. I really liked the precision of the 60cx, telling me I was .27 miles or whatever from the cache, while the Oregon will only say .2 from the cache. There doesn't seem to be a way to change this on the Oregon but I thought I'd ask here. I tried searching but couldn't find anything - could it be that nobody else has had a problem with this? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
  18. Oh, I see it. Thanks for the instant response!
  19. I always get the maps by going to the My Account page and clicking Map It. From there, there has always been a search box where I could type an address to see what caches are near wherever I'm going. Just did it and the search box is gone! What can I do? Using current version of firefox. Help!
  20. dw

    New date bug?

    I was just going to post when I saw your post! It used to be that if my logs always defaulted to the current date, unless I'd already logged one with an earlier date. Now, I'm finding that my logs default to the last date that I logged a cache, even if I logged that one days ago. So if I logged a cache 3 days ago for that day, and today I go to log a cache, the date will be 3 days ago. I never look at the date, so my logs keep having the wrong dates and I have to go back and fix them. ARGGH!
  21. Unfortunately I already dropped it in a cache. I only realized the problem when I went to log it as being dropped, and finding that I couldn't! However, given the TB's page, the owner really doesn't care that there are two of them traveling around. It's just annoying for the finders.
  22. Okay, I figured it out. This TB (TB2JFPN) has TWO bugs traveling under ONE number - apparently one was lost, a copy was sent out, and then the original showed up. So when someone else found the original, they grabbed it from me and deposited it into a cache. So it was no longer in my inventory. Very confusing and made me think I was going crazy! Well, I might be anyway, but at least I know why I couldn't drop the bug! Thanks for your help with this!
  23. Hmm, I"m flummoxed. When I log a cache, the Post a New Log page has In Reference To (cache name), Type of Log, Date, and Comments. Under that is a gray box with Log Options: Encrypt, Add a Coordinate, and Add to Favorites. No trackable pulldown like there used to be! I don't have greasemonkey running, plus I tried it on IE as well with the same result. I don't know what I'm doing wrong or how to fix it. I never had this issue before. Help!
  24. I found a cache today and dropped a TB in it, but when I logged it I didn't see any way to drop it with the new format. Am I missing something obvious?
  25. Thanks, t4e, I did that. I guess I'm getting old, I didn't even know that feedback site existed. What is the point of this forum, then? I thought Groundspeak monitored this one...
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