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  1. my thoughts exactly...still working on it! but i will figure it out....sometime....
  2. I think it would probably be best to choose a place in Central Park. The date also directly affect the number of people who will show up. I know from experience attending NYC events that there are quite a few "silent" cachers, but in addition to that, many of the guests are not NYC cachers per say, but cachers from around the general area. Also keep in mind that meeting in too open of a place where there are usually a lot of people is not a good idea becuase we look pretty suspicion when we meet ...we have our own lingo and what not. The last thing we want is some paranoid tourist calling the cops on us...i think meeting in a park where we can just chill is probably the best bet, but i would strongly encourage a date to be set. I can say for a fact right now that i will not be able to attend the event because i will be at school, but i am still very interested in being a member of the organization. I can not express how excited i am that there may be a New York City caching organization!
  3. I made a push awhile ago to make a geocaching organization in nyc. it failed. It has proven to be difficult, and i believe there were attempts before mine. back then though there where not as many cachers in New York as there are currently. I am all for the idea, and hope that it sticks. Although there are a lot of caches in Parks that that aren't really urban, there are several cachers who truly make an effort to participate in urban caching. i believe that we have a great resource here, and should use it to do urban caching and not try to conform to what the rest of our geocaching buddies are doing across the country. I think it would be great to have a community of people dedicated to the sport of urban caching.
  4. Congrats, nice to meet you are GONE
  5. Just a thought, i was thinking right outside the apple store might be fun. food is around (kind of) FAO is there, and also the southern part of the park. It is also realivily easy to get too via subway. In addition it can get kind of cold in the city, so if it gets cold we can go down into the apple store.
  6. its accualy LF's snack--she was only a guinea pig.... Central Park is fun, but if you are up for some urban caching, LF's Snack is good, or Bryant park but also if you are willing to come to the upper east side there is "Liz's Joules". If my memory serves me right 10024 is lower west side? JakeBond has a cache over there in an urban style "follow me home 1." I would also suggest going downtown there are some great caches down there all of which will make the suburban cacher think. I hope you have a great stay in the city! also i whould say the five star might be a wee over adverterous for a one day stay
  7. o!o!o! an event! sounds good! i whould say that weekend afternoons rather then night whould probably be better...just do to the fact that some cachers like to do other things at night--and some cachers have to work at night. Any where in the city sounds good though...i whould probably say midtown whould be the best for the tourist sake. but anywhere in the city sounds great. if we do choose union squre, we wont want to do it on a saturday--farmers market--too many muggles, we might attract too much attention.... also november 5th is the marathon--so that sunday may be out--upper mannhattan will be a mess. also if anyone can guess from the name i will be active during the marathon.
  8. if anyone still needs and NYC cacher let me know
  9. Hi there! if you make it into Manhattan as Pete said there are quite a few caches in lower Manhattan--and more are being placed. in addition there are quite a few in central park. if you do go to central park you will get a lot of finds, but to be honest i don’t think as a tourist you really want standard caches in CP, you would probably much rather prefer caches hidden in the local style. LF's Snack if you are in midtown is urbanesk, and should be enabled shortly. otherwise lower Manhattan is a great place, or if you are up by the Met you can head east (turn left instead of right out of the subway station) and you can get Liz's Joules (and urban cache) and Peter Pan. it is interesting there aren’t any caches in prospect park, i will work on that Hope this is helpful! and enjoy your stay in the city ~Mile Runner (Local NYC Cacher)
  10. in the city cachers have some very small caches--containers made out of 1/4 inch metal piping. But ofcourse in the city options are limited. Of course large containers whould be nice but if there are realy small and well hidden it almost completly gets rid of the muggle factor.
  11. I will be taking a trip from New York City to Central Ohio, i will be using the "caches along a route feature" but was wondering if there are any specific caches i should attempt. I will be using I-80, and don’t have that much time for caching, so easy ones that are relatively easy to find and close to I-80 would be great if there are any ones in particular. Thanks!
  12. you could also do some cool affects using the <div> tag with a little CSS and Javascript. Dont know if the cache descriptions support javascript--to be honest i hope they dont. and also with the css you whould need to be careful granted the cache descriptions have a built in Style Sheet. but if javascript is supported you should be able to make some cool stuff--even better then a marquee
  13. "And companies have been specifically targeted" those were directed at certain companies---that more about pentration testing. I do not deny that thumbnails are risk. If i where a network admin and someone but some file on one of my computers i whould flip out . But those are just trying to get in to a company--but to collect personell info it is a waste of energy. I realy dont think there is anything to be that worried about here...
  14. or just surfing the web as is. It takes a malware designer 5 minutes and 5 bucks to register a domain name and put up a piece of malware. Also if it is on a disk, it most likely is a virus that is going to have trouble spreading anywhere and if you do indeed get a virus from it, well you are doing a service to the geocaching community. Let us think as a malware writer, "i want to write a piece of malware" my two possible reason for doing this would be 1)to make money by selling user info (if it is on a thumb drive, we aren’t even sure it can even access the internet) and so collecting that info is going to be harder, we don’t even know the computer has an internet infection. And the number of people who are using the program is so small there is know way you would make that much money. 2) I want to be famous. Now why would i ever want to infect one computer on at a time and by the time you got one computer that user would take it out of circulation. Infecting one computer at a time is like write a virus that attacks Macs (2% of the internet community (I don’t mean that to offend anyone)). if you want to be famous or make money there are other ways. Just thought I would share. I would say go ahead, sounds like a great idea! Besides if you do bpt a virus on there your ip was logged
  15. <blink> and <marquee> tags are only supported by ie and some of the newer browser--be aware not everyone will be able to see them....
  16. sorry disregard this post--i misunderstood what you said...
  17. Appreciate all the help on this one. One last question....I'll be crossing the Brookly Bridge at some point, do they allow any cashing on the bridge?? Don't exactly know what my schedule will be like, so I don't want to set any times to trade the TB's. I'll get them circulated out East eventually. No again its against the guidlines so no......
  18. also i think it whould probably violate the guidlines--it is a large target...and the owner ship of the site and who has control over it is still a little dicey--just look at the plans for the memorial(i won't rant about that)--but i am willing to do the same, we can try to meet up and i am willing to pick up TBs.
  19. Hi There!!! there are not that many caches in the city that can handle trades ....unfortuently....but we are working on it! around the empire state building ground zero there are a few caches--i think there is atleast one down there that can hadle trades. Your other options for trades are the folow me home series in caches that are in central park and on the east river--the one in the high 40s on the west side is a micro. in addition to those--in central park you have Swamp Gas (i think the largest in manhattan) which is currently disabled. Lakeside Veiw, which is very nice but some people have difficulty with even though its not that hard of a cache. also in the park you have Squealys Little Bits and Pieces, which can handel trades. If you are going uptown to the metropolotian museum of art you can stop buy Liz's Joules which can handle trades and is a good urban cache. Also buy liz's joules is Peter Pan which currently is missing and i am unsure if it will be there when you go. Besides those there arnt that many that can do trades...you can always contact one of the local cachers if you whould like for one of us to pick them up. I hope this helps, just write back here or send me and email if you have any other questions about NYC Caching, NYC gerneral questions, or anything else about urban caching.
  20. "it doesn't work to enter it as a travelbug." what do you mean? you can discover geocoins, you simply select "discovered it" instead of "grabbed it" in log type. what geocoin are you talking about in perticular. It may be easier if the log simply isn't there to ask the guys in the trackables forum--a mod can help you out with that though.
  21. yeah wow that was some serious rain today
  22. you cant hide HTML code, but you can make it so confussing who whould want to try to crack it. try using external .js files (javascript files) to just confuse the user. they whould have to look at that file....and then you can add another one inside of that one. and using the document.write line you can write HTML.
  23. Mile Runner


    mile runner is a father son team, the won who acculay posts in the forums and responds to emails is the teenage son. hence being on more in the summer, and caching more.
  24. NICE JOB congrats, you are truely an idol for us newbies!
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