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  1. Yea I think one of our more faithfuls will be coming in from offshore soon. WOODDUCK870, I'm talking about you again. Seems them beers we owe each other are growing and growing.
  2. I submitted this to Mississippi Geocachers website. Maybe somebody will help you
  3. I forget how I did found 'em on my last trip there but try this: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.asp...mp;lon=-86.9855 Good Luck and have fun.
  4. My response was to Dyrty. I have no desire to call you based on past emails we have exchanged. This is past being petty now - if you want me back - approve my most recent account request. You know who I am. I will not give out personal information - especially if the only reason is to verify who I am and I think you have done that. --- Dyrty - I can't say I have any idea what your post was about. I don't know who I would have talked to that you would know. I don't use the phone very often and I can't imagine what female person I've spoken to on the phone other than my wife. sd You didn't talk to anyone today about geocaching? If not then I was misinformed. Edit: it was an email rather
  5. SD You and I have no history but I shared some info with someone you talked to recently. Call her back and get my contact info then call me and maybe you'll understand the situation better. There you go, that is three offers that I know of, certainly up to you now, we would love to have you back, back in the group, back in active geocaching or just back in however you desire to participate. Not sure what you want from us SD but we know what we want from you.
  6. Dyrty


    Because I live in an area of Mississippi that is fairly off the beaten path, I use the watchlist to watch all the caches in my general area just to see who's traveling thru and to keep tabs on the caches. Also use it to watch a few that were really enjoyable for me to see the reaction of others that have found it.
  7. Added myself to the waiting list. Found: Mission 7 Crab creek May 12,2006
  8. Waiting for geocache to approve the "official" event but thought I'd let eveyone know about our planned trip to the Clark Creek Natural Area in SW Mississippi. This 2 day event will consist of a Meet and Greet Friday night and a fun filled Cache-a-Thon to the Clark Creek Nature Area area in the South West corner of Mississippi Saturday Morning. Friday Night, May 19th from 6 PM till we will meet at Duncan Park at the OLD clubhouse for some hamburgers, hotdogs and some serious socializing. Coordinates to the park are listed above. Duncan Park has two caches located very near the clubhouse and Jefferson Military College's final location is also in the park. Saturday Morning, May 20th gathering at Days Inn at 7 AM for a 7:15 pull out and picking up stragglers at the trail head at the Clark Creek Nature Area. 8:30 AM will be the time set for beginning of the Cache-a-Thon. Click here for the MSGA Thread Dyrty
  9. Bumping this back up to see if anybody has anything to add. Also going to be visiting DC after leaving the emmitsburg area and watching that thread also. Thanks in advance Dyrty
  10. Thanks for all the tips. I'll be visiting the DC area May 12 - 15 and hope to grab a few while there. Dyrty
  11. Ditto 24 years next week, currently a Battalion Chief running a shift. Do a little web design and hosting on the side along with alot of volunteer duties such as Red Cross, Search and Rescue, blah, blah.
  12. Thanks Vinnie & Sue Yea My time to cache will be after 5 PM so the extremes will be out of the question but will really look into the Frederick area for maybe my returm back to BWI if time allows. Hmmm those Pychso's look promising. Takin notes. LOL Thanks for the tips.
  13. I will be in Emmitsburg MAy 8 through 12 and hope to cache a bit. I will be at the National Fire Academy and am planning on renting a car for the week. Any suggestions on "must do' caches. Not a big micro hunter but will snag them if they get in the way. LOL Already have my pocket queries coming and starting to look thru them. Stan56
  14. As a fairly new addict to this hobby, I've found myself several times sitting on damp leaves reading every page of a log book. Dunno why, guess just trying to get other finders experience on the particular cache I'm at. Most have been closed when I found them so that's the way I left them.
  15. Stop now, before it's too late. Before you know it you'll be gloating over your F TF. LOL I'm still on cloud nine after mine on Christmas day. Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus. Congrats.
  16. Yea I'm excited about my first hide. Over a month and still unfound. Very muggle rich environment thou and have one note left by a visitor about that. Placed another about two weeks ago, an offset, and its still a virgin too. LOL Anxiously awaiting my first "find" log to read. Good luck!!!
  17. Welcome and as a newbie myself..... It only gets more addicting.
  18. 24 years firefighting and also with a volunteer department here.
  19. Here's Chloe and Deb helping me search for Windsor Ruin Cache.
  20. Yea she was a pup in that photo, just a few weeks old. She's part rat terrior and chihuahua. Photo is abt a year old I would guess. Chance is supposibly Pit Bull / Australian Shepard mix and TOTALY loyal to me. Chloe is my wifes dog. LOL They now are 7 and 85 lbs respectfully. BTW Chloe stands for: Chewing Hopping Load Of Evil Edit: spelling
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