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All I Ever Needed To Know...

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To quote one my oldest and dearest friends...

You are never lost as long as you have gas in the tank!


Things we have learned while geocaching...


With perservance, you can over come any obsticle.

(I swear... there always seems to be some body of water standing between us and our cache!!)


Spend time with those you love... its the memories that bond you together.

(Cole and I are already using terms such as "Remember that bridge...)


Nothing warms the heart quite like a happy puppy!

(when your pups run up to you with that big ol grin after chasing an armadillo, you'll know what I mean...)

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72. Find the obvious place, do a dance, spin, jump up and down, go 3 steps left, 3 steps backward, 3 steps right, and three steps forward, then look in the obvious place, and it'll be there.


73. 2 wrongs don't make a right, but 3 rights make a left.


74. If you can see the cache at a distance, and there is nothing but flat ground in front of you to get to the cache, there are badger holes, go around.

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Learned while soaked to the bone, crouched under a pine in the midst of a raging downpour, trying to operate my PDA without taking it out of its ziploc because I needed to get the hint for a cache:


76. Revel in the absurdity of the moment. :lol:


Recognized one night as I snowshoed through the woods for three hours by headlamp so I could find a tupperware box, scribble on a notepad, and trade trinkets:


77. No matter how odd a hobby sounds, someone out there is having fun doing it. :D


Corollary to 77: If you have just spent three hours snowshoeing by headlamp to find a cache, you have forever forfeited all rights to make fun of anyone else's hobbies. :lol:

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86. Always..always be sure your rechargeable flashlight is good before you find out it isnt wayy out in the middle of nowhere when doing night hunts. And carry a spare mini light just in case.


*BadAndy, I'm going to be chuckling all night after that story!

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87. Acquiring and wearing spider webs gets less annoying after the first few of the day.


88. Film cans hidden in stone walls are the most annoying caches ever invented. And it's quaranteed that within 24 hours of when you give up and decide that it must be missing and post your dnf, someone will find it.


What can I say? I don't like stone wall caches! But I still hunt them...

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98) You have to think outside the box in order to find it.


99) Pine trees are one of very few things that can be pokey and sticky


100) Finding a cache and hearing some one shout "What are you doing over there?!" produce the exact same amount of adrenaline.

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"Daisy's taste bad"


I showed my stepdaughter how to suck a clover. We were walking on a trail that was loaded on each side with daisys. She wondered what they tasted like, I told her probably not so good. She asked if she should try it like 10 times and each time I just said "I wouldn't" She was walking behind me and it was quiet for 10 seconds and then the sputtering and blecking started....


If you think "Hmmm, feels like something is crawling on my leg/head/back/arm/stomach" There probably is...


People will look at you funny if you walk into a gas station with sticks in your hair. I can drive 20 miles to the nearest gas station and not notice them til I get back in the car. Now when I see people with debris in theirs, I think FUN!


Six depleted batteries rearranged in ANY order will not become 2 good ones.

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108. On a long hike, you always remember to waypoint the car as you turn around to return to it.


109. Corollary to 89. When you find that road on the other side of the cache after the long trip up the cliff, your wife will be standing on it with a self-satisfied (and well-earned) smile on her face.


110. If you mention that there are many wonderful things about caching, both large and small; some killjoy will tell you how he or she hates micros and lamp posts and how the ammo can is the only way to go.


I may agree, at least in part, but just let it rest for once.

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