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  1. This may not be a reference to Geocaching at all. Cache is a common military term for a prepositioned stock of supplies or ammunition. As a tanker, on a training exercise, we have used ammunition caches when preparing defensive positions. If we were to run low on main gun rounds and small arms we could temporarily fall back to the cache rather than coordinate for an ammo truck to meet us somewhere. The only way most of us knew its location was with coordinates and or placing it on our maps and gps receivers. It would appear that this game is only referring to this use of the term "cache" unless there is more to the reference.
  2. Better yet, the "Bozo" was in my own hiking group. Me and some of my neighbors had made plans to hike Pikes Peak in one day. I made many suggestions as what to pack and wear and assumed that they would purchase or rent what they lacked. Well, one member of the team shows up with a standard school type backpack and these shoes that had a sort of resemblance to hiking boots. You know, something Skechers might make for those rugged urban outdoor types. He also wore basic cotton socks. I, on the other hand looked like a spokesman for REI. To make a long story short I ended up carrying some of his load and treating his blisters. We ended up turning around early, just two miles from our goal, and hiking back down. Poor guy tore his feet up. I didn't even come close to having a raw spot on mine. Walking was somewhat difficult for him for a few days. He did say he was fine and wanted to keep going. Some people just enjoy learning the hard way.
  3. Great topic. It is these types of Geocaches that keep me in the game. I am rather proud of my relatively low number of finds because many of them took me a better part of the day to hike to. Since we are sharing favorites here is one of mine: (GCA942) Forget Me Not - WWII Crash Site
  4. What about leaving a silver Sharpie (maybe with a magnet glued to it) so the finders just sign the lid! (Edited for punctuation) How would you come up with another lid when the "log" is full? I think I would try to attach the lid to something else. Maybe like a hollowed out log or something.
  5. I think it is unanimous! We love the new category. I can easily spend an entire day looking for one cache and am eager to hear and share opinions on hiking and the equipment involved. Thanks.....can we get an icon now? Oh...and where is the pinned topic at the head of the page? Who gets to moderate this one? ....sorry...just excited about the new category
  6. Please tell me he didn't pull the sandwich out of the cache. I definitely would not touch that!
  7. I've never thought a rating system would increase my enjoyment of Geocaching. All the information I need to determine If I would enjoy finding any given Geocache can be found on the cache web page. I don't like micros or urban caches so I don't look for them. The logs give me a good enough indication that others liked it. I like more difficult terrain with a moderate to low difficulty. I don't need a rating system. There are too many variables and personal opinions in a rating system to make it useful.
  8. I guess that starting a Christian Caching group is among the freedoms that we have. But for some reason it sounds kind of creepy to me too. I don't like the idea of something that immediately sounds discriminatory against others. I also understand that it is human nature to want to be around other like-minded people but how much should we divide what I believe to already be a great "Geocaching" sub-culture anyways? I don't like the idea of exclusive organized groups that may have agendas. Why not just Geocache in a team of friends like many people do?
  9. I would roll around in a patch of Poison Ivy if it repelled ticks. I hate those things.
  10. After I win the Power Ball Lottery I want to have a cache that I will call... Alien Outpost It would be a short multi-stage that would lead you to three or four "alien" looking posts that will display an alien symbol and coordinates to the next stage that you would have to translate from their language to ours. The final stage would lead you to the doors of a hidden outpost where you would have to input the alien symbols in the order in which you found them. Once inside you would find what looks like a control room for observing various places on the Earth. Some monitors would still be working while others will display static or would be simply broken. The place would look long abandoned and barely functioning. Imagine any Star Trek episode where an "Away Team" beams aboard a damaged ship where it is somewhat dark and the displays and consoles flash intermittently with weakened power. You can sign a computerized log at the only station that appears to be fully functional. Once you press "enter", a panel will open near you where you can find a special geo-coin as a reward for the find. No trading will be necessary but I would have to leave some room for people to leave some swag or TBs if they wanted to.
  11. I only have two FTF's and neither one was intentional. Is there a record for that?
  12. I am curious to know how the topography software is for the Magellan is now. A few years ago I had a SportTrack Pro and bought the Magellan Topo Software and found it to be useless. The roads were dead-on but the actual topography for the mountains in Colorado was about as far from accurate as possible. It actually looked like it was produced from someones imagination. Highly popular and heavy traffic trails were somehow omitted also. I switched to Garmin and found their software to be very accurate and included every trail. I really did like Magellan's GPS's and hope they have made drastic changes to their software.
  13. I will stop Geocaching when micros in the woods grossly outnumber the regulars. Unfortunately this is getting too close to becoming a reality in my area. I don't think I could ever truly quit though. I may have to wait for vacations or when I move elsewhere.
  14. How about the U.S. Army!! The advantage: You can travel all over the globe. The Disadvantage: You can travel all over the globe. You can geocache wherever the Army sends you but its not as fun when its someplace where the muggles shoot at you. (okay...most are on bases...but still....). You can still get stationed in Europe and places like Korea. When you are state-side you can get stationed all over the U.S.
  15. I like cache pages that have good designs and extra "Fluff". They can generate a greater interest in looking for the cache and indicate to me someone who has put a lot of work and or effort into the hide. I've never heard of anyone printing out an entire page that included all the pictures and fancy text. All I do is cut and paste the pertinent info into a word document anyways so I don't see big fancy cache pages as being an issue. Lots of good examples so far. Mine isn't all that spectacular but a simple picture and different fonts and text styles can make a difference. Ring the Peak
  16. Then why even bother with the online log? If the cache is so lame that the person refused to sign the paper log, it stands to reason that its too lame to log online. because it gets it off their lists.... Wow.....it gets it off their lists....So if I don't like micros all I have to do is log them all as a "find" to avoid seeing them on the search page? That would be really really lame.
  17. If you missed this topic in "the hunt / the unusual" forum you should check it out. It is a 4 wheel ATV that transforms into a personal water craft. Check out the website and video: http://www.aquada.co.uk/mediacentre/quadski.php
  18. Not only is it about "find" numbers for some but it is also about "hide" numbers for others. If you want a hundred hides quickly without much thought it is easier and cheaper to make them micros. Its also easier to carry a dozen micros in your pack for spur of the moment hides. I enjoy an occasional micro myself and will look for anything when I decide on an area to cache in. However, I am disappointed with micros in the woods that take awhile to hike to, especially when there are plentiful hiding places for larger containers. If I'm going to climb a mountain to get a cache it better have something I can trade for at the end.
  19. Actually, challenging something you weren't there to see and know nothing about seems a bit disrespectful to me. Why don't you instead find out who was there (about a dozen well-respected geocachers), how it was done and if anyone attending the funeral even had an idea it was being done before condemning it? Pictures were posted, it's been discussed at events and over many geocacher's campfires, yet you are the first to find fault with it. How do you think you can post something that "sounds" disrespectful with little or no explanation without getting a negative response? Then knowing that you didn't describe the situation clearly, why would you get angry with someone who was offended?
  20. I didn't spend long looking but I couldn't find it either. I've used some of the thicker clear contact paper to cover the stash note on both sides and then hot glued it to the lid of an ammo can. Two years later it still looks like I made it yesterday.
  21. I love the patch and would like one myself. I recently returned from there in march with the 3rd ACR. However, I'll have to get back with you about that address.....I'm moving to FT Knox next week. As far as cheap geocoins go....thats easy. Volunteer for Korea! Try and get stationed at Camp Casey. Right outside the gate there are a handful of places that will make them real cheap....so cheap some units have platoon coins. My LT there paid about $200 dollars for a couple dozen coins. This included the design, a die he could reuse later, and the coins.
  22. I purchased a Magellan SportTrack Pro back in fall '03 before I found Geocaching the following spring. The rugged little thing lasted awhile but it couldn't hold up to the harsh Iraqi environment (bouncing around on the top of a tank did't help it out much either). Last winter I upgraded to a Garmin 60cs.
  23. You'll want the System Enhanced Package which includes a great GPS system that includes a high resolution color screen. With the right software applied you can use satellite imagery or topographic maps. Downside: 500 gallon fuel tank with fuel efficiency at less than a mile per gallon! However, if you do decide to get one I'll gladly help you crew it!
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