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  1. I have a 18 month old Rino 520 HCX for trade. Here's the deal. I bought it for geocaching and it's outstanding for that. I bought the rino as opposed to the 60CSX because I thought I would use the radio feature. To date I haven't met anyone else who has a rino so I cannot really use it. What I am looking for is a smaller Garmin that has a high sensitivity receiver with an electronic compass and barometric altimeter. I'm no longer caching but I'm still using my gps for car navigation and mountain biking. The Rino is in great condition except for one flaw. The power button has recessed slightly into the housing and I have to use a key or pencil to turn it on and off. Otherwise it's perfect. I've had a screen protector on it since day one and it's never been dropped or submerged. What will come with it is the original AC charger, USB cord, 2G micro SD with Topo 2008 and another 2 G micro SD with garmin road maps. If I can't get the whole nation on it I'll load it with as much as I can centered around your location. All serious trades will be considered. I'm not so much concerned about cosmetic condition as long as the screen is readable (not chewed up by a dog or 3 year old) and has the charger included (if it needs one). It will be a straight up trade if accepted. I pay for shipping on my end and you pay for shipping on your end. erikwillke erikwillke@gmail.com Thank you.
  2. I did this and it works great. My gps is a little buggy in that it sees it and then it doesn't but that's the phone, not the app. I dont' even think it's going off, just that it doesn't have a very large library of icons and it's doing something other than on or off so it flashes the antenna icon.
  3. This is my second day using it. I have yet to try to cache with it but from what I've seen in europe it's a big hit.
  4. When will Geocaching Live be released for beta testing in the US?
  5. As one of the cache owners I would like to personally extend my congratulations. A job very well done. now you can get a job...
  6. I've started a new group for cachers who live or cache near Eden, NC http://groups.yahoo.com/group/edenareacachers erikwillke
  7. Sorry if this has been covered before but it wasn't in the first two pages. What is the most accurate Hand held? Which one works best in tree cover? Are they the same?
  8. I'm not usually the one to agree with Criminal but this time I do. I've placed 9 caches with 4 more on the way. about 5 of those are micros, 2 will be and 3 of those are "Lame" by some standards. I mused a while ago about if micros were getting away from the sport. My focus was on PNG's but I have decided that there is a place for PNG's. 1. beginner cachers, if it is too hard they may quit. 2. Numbers Hounds (not knocking them, really) 3. Out of state drive-throughs (on vacation or going to grandmas) 4. Handicapped I agree with another cacher's assessment that you should always place the largest container the area will support. That being said, drive-ups do have their place. JMHBAO Erik
  9. I mean really, I think I would notice right away that the hospital was 200 miles away and confirmed my destination with the sending party. Sounds like maybe they WANTED to go out of the way. Maybe I'm wrong
  10. 8 years Navy. 1992-1996 USS San Jacinto (CG-56) Deck Seamen and Boatswain's Mate 1996-2000 HS-4 Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron, Aviation Electrician's Mate. eddited fro speling
  11. His DNF log was relevant when he posted it, so it should have stayed in place. I agree, my DNFs are a badge of honor for me. if I found all the ones i was looking for then I would not be trying anything out of my comfort zone. I even made a webpage for all of my DNFs. Do me a favor, Don't ever delete a DNF.
  12. In my experience (nov, 2004) I have found no typical cacher. I've cached in several states and here's what I have found: married, single, overweight, skinny, gay, straight, stanist, Chrisian, muslim, child, single mom, weekend dad, programmers, firemen, et c. I've cached or met all of the above in person caching. I think that is the single biggest reason why I love this sport.
  13. Your Momma must be proud... My mama has a VCR from that riot. Guess the apple didn't fall too far from the tree. Nice to know that there are people like you out there geocaching. guys, he's totally messing with you. I for one think he's funny. maybe it's just cause I have sarcastic friends but I get it.
  14. one of my favorite finds is a multi where the first stage had a cylinder with a spring snake. Scared the crap out of me. I died laughing.
  15. Ok, but what kind of geocaching will you be doing? The real kind, where you find the container and sign the log, or the new kind, where the owner gives you permission to lie for trying really hard? How long has it been Criminal? How long have you been beating this drum? Maybe posts like yours is the reason he's taking a week off.
  16. I know that most states make provisions for gps devices. if not. there is a airvent mount for PDAs that will work for GPSs
  17. So sorry for the delay, I'll have NC up in a just about a week.
  18. Magellan Meridian Gold B/W used to have Geko 101 I think I'm content with the Meridian. I would have been content with the 101 if I had known how to use it.
  19. Here you go: http://www.geocaching.com/adopt/ I did that and it didn't recognize the tracking number. I tried it 6 times from both profiles but no good. I looked for the tracking number the normal way and it found it so I know I did it right. It almost sounds like you can't do it on personal coins (eg. PCXXXX) You have to use the TBXXXX number, instead of the tracking number when you adopt TBs and coins. Try that and see if it works. That's it. Thank you. It worked.
  20. Here you go: http://www.geocaching.com/adopt/ I did that and it didn't recognize the tracking number. I tried it 6 times from both profiles but no good. I looked for the tracking number the normal way and it found it so I know I did it right. It almost sounds like you can't do it on personal coins (eg. PCXXXX)
  21. I use a coin to track all of my adventures. I know i have logs for that but with a coin I make logs more personal for me, information only of interest to me and see all the pictures on one log. when I drop it I pick it up right away. check out my coin http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=363806
  22. Will the black paint rub off like the old ones?
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