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  1. Did anyone notice that he never lost his hat? At least his head won't get sunburned. But that blue sunblock he's using has to go. *g*
  2. Here's one I would like to see. Three people walking in line, each holding a GPS and a staff while walking through a dense forest. The leaders staff has two bells hanging from it. Conversation may go something like this. Leader: "While caching in the woods like this, you should always have some little bells jingling, to scare away any nearby bears. *Jingle-Jingle* "You should also keep your eyes pealed for bear droppings, so you'll know if you're in bear country. *jingle* Second person in line whispers to the third person: "How do you know if it's BEAR droppings?" Third person in line whispers back: "That's easy! It's got little bells in it."
  3. I have only one cache hidden so far, and its hidden well, or so I thought. Where its hidden I have plenty of pine straw to cover the ammo box well enough to keep it from being seen by prying eyes, seeing how it was near a number of pine trees, and hidden under one to begin with. After I did a check on it the other day, after learning it was left open, and in plain site, everything was there, the swag, the log book (less the zip lock bag) and the box. Yet I found that it had somehow gain the properties to seek out tree bark, of every shape, size and length to cover itself up. Now why it's using tree bark, when there's plenty of pine straw around is beyond me, but I checked and filled it again today and found more tree bark hiding it than before. It's odd what an ammo can will do to hide itself. And the funny part of it all, there was no bark anywhere near the tree it rested under. Except what's still clinging to the tree. Go figure! But I've been lucky to only find one cache that was full of water, and it was because a rodent had chewed a hole in the lid and allowed water to seek in. Duct tape fixed that and I haven't heard anyone complaining about another wet log in that cache yet. But we're only human. We rush around, doing to many things at once, we waste time, and we're always forget to put the lid down. At least that's what the wife tells me... What was the question again?
  4. Is it really the word "Micro" that's bothering everyone, or the long walk it would take to find it? Has this game turned into size and numbers? No one has even mentioned what you might see, once your on the trail, or the view at the end. Yes, it may be a long hike to a "Micro", but isn't the trip there exciting enough to do it? Yes, it could have been another lame parking lot Micro, but is it really the size of the cache you find, or the DNF you may have to log at the end? I say its really doesn't matter the size of the cache, place what ever you want at the end of the trail. It's not all numbers and size. Its the excitement, the trip there, the scenery, the wildlife, the fresh air and exersise you get. Its nature! At at the end of this rainbow you may find your pot of gold. You may see a sight only seen by a few people in a lifetime. I for one would not miss that for all the caches in the world. You only have one life. Make the best of it. Get out, seek any and all caches. You may be surprised where they may lead you. Even if it is a parking lot with lamp poles. The thing is, which light pole? That's where the joy comes in. It's not just about the numbers, or the size. It's all about the Hunt. Nuff said
  5. There is always the "Wishing Well" idea. If your friend has given you permission to place a cache on the side of his ranch, near the road then a Wishing Well would not be that far out of place. It has a roof, and has a large enough area to hide a 5 gallon bucket inside. Just make it about three feet tall, and three feet around with a pitched roof. Paint it white, or stain the wood ala natural, add a bucket and rope for style, and no one will be the wiser. Except us cacher's of course. Fill the bucket with some great swag, and they'll flock to it. We have one here in Myrtle Beach, and everyone that finds it think's its cute, and its a huge hit. make a wish by chuck & Janice (GC3588)
  6. I'll tell you the easiest way to find the caches here in Myrtle Beach and around the area. Since you'll be in North and South Myrtle beach, and the areas around it, do a Zip code search for these two cities. Set your milage for say....100 miles from these locations. This way you'll get a wide selection of great caches. **Look at the list below. It's only a few, but all are great ones. 29577 Myrtle Beach 29526 Conway From those two zip codes, you'll be able to find, counting micro's, well over 200 caches. Some are well stocked, others are okay. I have a list of some great ones. But I'm not sure how to code them. But here they are, in no real order. 'Imagine' Geocache: Our Tribute to John Lennon by The Prynce and MoonWolf *A cute place to stop and pray* Better Lake than never by Chazb[TRH] (GCRWW1) Hidden Boardwalk Cache by TeamBugg (GCED67) "TWISTED" by Drgnsrealm & NEOS 1, NEOS2 (GCV605) *Myrtle Beach Airforce Base* Sunny's Favorite Spot by Hoomdorm (GCF3FE) *Seagate* 17 business, just past AFB. Look for Seagate sign. Do not try using the AFB road. *Great place for kids who loves dogs* Arc Cache by GeoPerson (GCMEKP) *Seagate* Think Blood Drive Ode to Mans Best Friend by 2by2 (GCT64Z) *Seagate* Watch Your Step by Team Bugg! (GCMD3T) Stumped in Seagate by 2by2 (GCT4DG) *Seagate* Another MBSP Cache by Geo13 (GCMNPM) *Myrtle Beach State park $4.00 *Cash* fee per car load. Bring lunch!* Snake Chasing (Myrtle Beach State Park) by jgattis (GCJ4ED) You Could Learn A Thing or Two! by Vapor [TRH] (GCRV47) *Hard one* Rose Bud Woods by preacherspal@juno.com (GCPYC4) *Watch for barb wire fence 6" off ground. Side road before hitting 544. Look for Granite counter top company, follow road and GPS* Creekside Cache by Vapor [TRH] (GCRZJT) 1611 KJB #2 Beacon by preacherspal@juno.com (GCV5TZ) The Pancake Cam by Mvillian (GCPKQE) *Phone a friend!!* Lions and Tigers and Bears-"OH MY" by patchmaster1 (GCGZEE) *ZOO. Great for kids* Socastee Stash Cache #2 by Hoomdorm (GCDDB8) *Just down the road from Zoo at city park. Use the far trail. Great walk. During weekends they run remote controled cars and trucks at the track there. Fun for all ages.* Waterway Fossils by digndirt (GCQ9BB) Look for during low tide. Shark's teeth and fossils. Help kids down bank* Goin' back to Cali by wildfireman (GCV9YK) *Just look down along the trail, or you may miss it* Another "Angel" Tree? by Geo13 (GCM91T) Look up! Mattone Rosso by the ditch weasel & digndirt (GCVNGB) *Nice walk* make a wish by chuck & Janice (GC3588) *Extra Big cache. Great stuff* On Fire by wildfireman (GCVAF9) *Full of Travel bugs* Off 501 Aynor Fire station. Cant find? Ask someone there! Lookin' for a place to go ! by team_firerescue (GCV9X7) *Great place to ask directions, and potty break for the kids. Off 501 coming into MB* That's only a small number, and most of these are Ammo boxes. There's planty more if you care to do a search using those two zip codes. 29577 Myrtle Beach 29526 Conway If you need help, email me. I'm always willing to help a fellow cacher. Good hunting, and enjoy the sunshine and sandy beaches. Bring bug spray and watch for ticks! I haven't seen any, but heard they are out there. Happy Caching
  7. Here are a few, just off the top of my head... "Use the force, use the force." "If I tell you where the cache is, then I'd have to kill you." "I know where you've hidden the bodies." "The cache you are trying to reach is no longer within range. Please log a DNF and try again later." (Plays 'Hail to the Chief' very loudly, every time you find a cache) "Micro? MICRO? We don't look for no stinking Micro's." "If you bring home one more McToy..." "You had better call the bomb squad on this one. It looks to be camo'd ammo can full of golf balls and Mctoys. Let 'them' blow it up. *evil laughter* "No, three leaves are fine. That's an old wives tale. Go ahead, use them to wipe your arse." "Honest! It's right over there, give or take twenty feet." "So you didn't find it. Who's going to know? Just log it. It's all about the numbers, right?" "You spent HOW MUCH on Ebay for that geocoin? Heck,I'll show you where you can find one. And it's free!! Yes, you'll have to get dressed. Yes, and you'll have to get out of the house.... Yes, gas is expensive. Oh...never mind." "See, I told you you should have taken that left. Hey, can I help it if you're holding me upside down?" "Repeat after me! "I am not a chew toy. I am not a chew toy". "No, I'm not a magic wand. You can't just wave me around and expect me to find it for you. What do you think I am, a Garmin? "Just because there are no stop signs on my maps, doesn't mean you can ignore them." "What do you mean you can't find level 42? I'm not a Game Boy, you idiot." (Heavy breathing) (Your Name) "I am your father." (More heavy breathing) If at first your don't succeed, Screw it and go to the next one. *Darn Micro's* "Just ask the guy over there, the one with the sign that reads, "Judgement day is upon us". Maybe he's seen it." "If you kiss one more frog..." "So that's what a dead hamster looks like. I thought they had more...hair." "I'll get you my pretty, and your little TB too." "Oh! You meant the Smitt cache. Sorry!"
  8. Also on the news there are now trackable watches being made with GPS's that can track the movement of artistic children that may become lost. The small tracking devices are placed around the childs wrist and locked and can be tracks by a web site, or a hand held tracking unit. The news crew did a study and placed ten units around town, and tracked them to their location. Each one was found within the matter of a few minutes, and up to an hour, depending on location. Something we cachers may need in the near future. We could become the next cache. Just be sure to have your pockets filled with swag. Or carry a wallet full of Where's George dollar bills. No Mc-toys please. "Hey! Is that Swag in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?"
  9. Great card, but the only thing I see missing is a cow. You can buy lamanated sheets and do it yourself. Almost any Wal-mart, Staples, etc carries them, in business card sizes too. Yeah, the twister needs a cow to make it pefect in my book. *Been watching to many "Twister" movies.* I still think Wizard of Oz needed a cow in its twister scene. The witch should have been hit by a bovine, not a house.
  10. It depends on how many voices you hear, and which one of them do you listen too. If it's the nasal nosed whiny one, have the others kill that one off. No one in their right mind listens to the whiny nasal nosed one anyway. Do they?
  11. I have it! Baby gators! They're cute and when they get to big, you can flush them down the drain. Just be careful how you open the ammo box. And if you feed them rabbits they grow pretty quick. And you know the neighbors dog won't be barking at two in the morning with a gator in the back yard.
  12. Well I am part indian, Irish, german, and I'm sure at one point in time I had a great aunt that was african-american. So what percent do I fit in?
  13. Not to mention a large number of brain cells and paper towels. *Paper towels used to wipe the coffee and cola spittle off the screens.* But if it was me, I would have to vote for a hedgehog. They are cute, they sleep at night, and they look so frightening when you open the cache and see all those prickly spines staring up at you. Did I mention they're cute?
  14. Now if the OCB had the face of say the Virgin Mary, or Jesus Christ on the can, be it rust or dirt, it may sale for more then its asking price. Heck, a grilled cheese sandwich with the image of the Virgin Mary went for what, $28,000? And I for one hopes someone scoops this one up and the buyer gets far more than he's asking. It should be made into a Geo-shrine, and every Geocacher should pay homage to it before going out caching. We could start our own geo-religion, we could really shake this world off its axis. Heck the government is taking away the ten commandents, schools are no longer saying prayer, and Pepsi is leaving off "In god we trust" on their new cans. *according to my email* Can we do any worse? So bow down to the OCB and say a prayer for FTF. Then go caching! Cache on! *stumbles off his orange crate*
  15. Bring a book to read, or wait them out. That's what I do when looking for a cache, and the park/area's full of Muggles. Or act homeless and ask them for loose change. You'll be surprised how quickly they leave the scene.
  16. Don't let these guys fool you. We want pictures!!! And don't worry, it gets better once you find your first Geocache. After that it all up hill...
  17. Now all you need to do is find and make the rest of Batman's evil doers and get them sent out in different directions, with one BatmanTB hot on their trail. When they meet, have whoever found them take pictures of them together, being 'captured' by the Batman TB. Then send them off again in different directions. BTW, send 'Scarecrow' my way. I'll get him send up and down the east coast.
  18. Now that's a great looking TB. What do you call him, and what is his mission in life? I hope he doesn't end up on someones shelf.
  19. I found a rock in my cache. A simple flat, gray river rock. It's a paperweight now.
  20. Hey Team Neos! I sure miss you guys. And yep, I hope so too Yes, I try to keep goodies that I think other cachers would like to find in a cache. I've placed first-aid kits, signature pens with soft grip, games and puzzles for the kids, small can's of bug spray, solar powered calculators, hot wheel cars, some sweet looking key chains with compass's on them that really work, playing cards, DVD's, packs of battries and about anything else I can stuff in an ammo box, and still have room for the log. The swag items I've pulled out have been colored beads, golf balls, golf T's, sea shells, a pocket full of change, mostly penny's, an empty book of matches, though the box was rather nice, a used mini golf pencil....etc, etc. OH!! And a rock! I'm still puzzled over that one, but I will give the person some credit. Because there are no rocks like that anywhere near the cache. They had to have carried it with them to place it in the box. And it's no light weight rock either. But a rock? Maybe it thinks it's a diamond? So I'll be going out tomorrow, after I make a trip to the store, and flea market for more goodies. Funny thing though, I haven't found one McDonald toy yet. Oh gee! I may have just angered the Geo gods...
  21. I just went out to check my hidden cache today. I didn't find any of the things you mentioned above. I wish I had have, because it's better than what I did find in my cache. I found a rock! Yes, that's right, a rock. It was not a fancy, or shiny rock. It was just a plain old river rock that was gray in color, flat and about four inches across and about a half an inch thick. I checked the log and no one mentioned placing the rock in there, but I noticed that a few good swags I had placed in there earlier were missing. So I have a new paperweight sitting here, and my cache has been re-hidden until I can get out again with more, and better swag. I feel like Charlie Brown at Halloween.
  22. What you might wish to do is place the FTF items in a ziplock bag, with a small sign that reads "Greeting! You are FTF. Here's your prize!" That way the first person to find your hidden cache will know what prize to grab. That doesn't mean he or she will take the FTF prize. Its there for them to take, but there may be something else in your cache that may catch their eye instead. Most FTF are honest people that enjoy the hunt, and the surprise at the end. So I wouldn't worry to much about them emptying the cache in one big haul. You may be surprised to find that the 2nd, or even the 3rd to find may take the FTF prize. It's been known to happen. So bag the FTF stuff up, set the cache out there, sit back and watch the fun begin. But if you're worried, bag the FTF items and keep the good stuff for later, and place a bit less fancy stuff in the cache. Again, you may be surprised to learn FTF doesn't always mean they'll take the FTF prize. It's up to the Cacher who finds the cache first. Me, its just a game, and the thrill of the hunt. FTF is an extra bonus... BTW What is the FTF prize?
  23. So tell us.... What was in the chili?
  24. Why not have Jeremy and Geocaching.com print out their own 'Geobucks', say in a book of $5, $10, or $20, at a $1.00 per Geobuck. We could have Jeremy's likeness in the center, and the Geocaching logo on both sides. They could be numbered, and printed in such a way so they couldn't be copied. The Geobucks could then be used to buy anything in the Geocaching store, and online for Premium membership. It would make great swag, and if someone was able to save up enough 'Geobucks', they could buy something sweet, like a new GPS. Or a great T-shirt. I have my eyes set on a sweet red roadster. I wonder how many Geobucks I would need? It has GPS navigation...
  25. For you? A penny per sparkle. I collect anything Dragonic, and I must say that is by far the best looking coin I've seen. Let me know when they come up to sale. I would like one. Heck, put me down for two coins and one pin. *Depending on price of course*
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