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  1. Well, here in Florida, you do have two choices - cockroaches for the smaller caches, and baby gators for those larger ones. Makes a fun surprise for the next cacher. AND they might get a pair of new shoes from it! It's the gift that keeps on giving.
  2. And if you are coming I-10, you'll come within a mile of my house! We could meet for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or just a potty break! COOL!
  3. There are other pitfalls besides dark places. Walking into things while studying my GPS comes to mind. So does walking into spider webs (eek!)
  4. I gotta say that I have 2 Magellans. Although I have been moderately happy with them, customer service leaves a LOT to be desired
  5. Although it is hot, the number of cachers, especially caching families, has probably tripled in the last year. We had an event on Sunday, and had well over 50 people, with many children running round. We are seeing an increase in all types of hides, as well. I feel very lucky.
  6. I like FTF's since I get to see the cache as the original hider put it. Around here, we have a lot of very friendly competition going for FTF's. Many times an entire group will converge on one spot all trying to be FTF. Even if they aren't, it's like a mini-event for everyone.
  7. That is just about the nicest, most romantic thing I've ever heard of.
  8. And I KNOW I'm not alone. Other people are just too, er, modest to spill the beans, as it were.
  9. I'll admit to having a few "encounters" while caching, both while searching and placing. Something about being outside while no-one else is around makes it more interesting, exciting, and fun. My husband, on the other hand, thinks I'm insane.
  10. I had an issue last weekend with this. I put in a new cache Saturday. It was published and notified okay, but all day Sunday and most of Monday---nothing. No emails of anything. I looked on my cache page and saw that it had been found. Then suddenly I received a bunch of notifications all at once, like a flood gate had opened. Weird.
  11. I just received about 10 new notification and found it emails at once. I know that several were posted yesterday, but the emails were dated today at 5 pm ish.
  12. Add me and as few other Tallahassee cachers to the list. I had a cachepublished on Saturday night which went through fine, but never received the FTF log. I also know that we've had at least 4 caches published by others in the last 24 hours that have not been received by myself and several others.
  13. At the local Walgreens, they have a dollar section that has some really good stuff, including kid stuff that little boys and girls would like.
  14. C'mon you guys. Give the boy a break. He asked nicely. (this time)
  15. Been there, done that! I took a day off because of vertigo last spring, took a nap , and felt so much better that I *had* to go to find a few!
  16. I like coins, but I never get any. Sad for me. By the way, welcome to the foru,ms. It's great seeing a young'un like yourself participating.
  17. Me either. I adopted 11 caches from others leaving the area, and just have my very own hide a few weeks ago. I guess I lean more towards the finding than the hiding.
  18. This is one I did this summer: July 31, 2006 by Tallahassee Lassie (171 found) What an adventure! I took my sister, neice, and two kids on a day of geocaching. We hit some of the others in this park and thought this would be easy to do. We ended up bushwhacking for about 300 feet through the swamp, the sticker bushes (I was in shorts), the locusts, the rain, and goodness knows how many unseen snakes. We finally get to GZ, and search for must have been about 45 minutes. After all that trouble, we certainly didn't want to give up. The kids finally gave up and headed out, but the two adults stayed back and looked for a few more minutes. We just couldn't find it. It was a disappointment, since this is my introducation of caching to my sister. Once we get home, I look the listing up ,and discover that I put the WRONG COORDINATES in the GPSr. I was off by .080 on the north coordinate. Shhhh. Don't tell anyone, ok? I wouldn't want them to know that we did all that for nothing. I have got to get myself one of the GPSr's that I can hook to the computer! My bad
  19. Definitely log the DNF's. Besides helping the cache owner, you are also creating a trail for you to follow. How many DNF's have you had total? Which ones took more than 1 re-visit to get? You can look back and see just where you came from. My very first cache was a proud DNF on a cache that was missing. I wouldn't have had it any other way.
  20. I recently placed Puzzle Cache for Kids, and am sending the first kid finder a $10 gift card for Toys R Us. Keeps the other FTF hounds at bay, and encourages the whole purpose of the cache which is to allow the kids to solve some puzzles for once. I plan on making a series.
  21. And 3 more in the Tallahassee/north Florida area Ghastly Gas Station Quincy's Mystery Cache Historical Hauntings of Leon County
  22. Welcome all of you to the sport/hobby/obsession. You are now in our power. You will never again be able to pass a local park without saying, "There's a geocache right over there." You go to Walmart just to look at containers, and the dollar store will see a marked increase in sales. While you may have just started with a GPS, soon you will find out about all the other cool stuff you "need" to cache. I won't say what, it'll be a surprise. Again welcome, and be sure to look for a local caching organization in your area.
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