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  1. He will rule with a cruel, but fair hand. Only a third of us will be converted to food
  2. Oh yea, Dems Bad! Reps Bad! Vote for his High Overlord Zog for Prez in 2008!
  3. I would check with state laws about hunter orange. In the very least wear an orange hat. You can get one for about 2bucks and keep it in your swag sack. Also be aware of the noise you make as many states have laws governing harrassing hunters in the woods. If you walk around yelling and banging pots, it could be you are considered harrasing. Bear bells I think would be fine. My biggest suggestion is as was stated here before, don't cache on opening day or weekends. Less chance of getting shot that way
  4. I cache with the kids and to keep them having fun we play "Ollie Ollie Oxen Free" sorta. Once someone finds it, they walk away a few steps then say found it!. This narrows the area down for the others but doesn't give the hide away. we then wait til we all find it. mainly do this for my 8 year old who was getting upset she could not find some, now she is sometimes better than me at it. ( BTW I rock at finding them) Just another way to do it I think.
  5. I am currently working up one I am going to call "face your fear" Stage one is a box that has a sliding panel so you can reach your hand in, but can't see inside the box itself. inside is the clue and some strings that hang down and rub the top of your hand as you reach in. It feels really wierd, but the big thing is the creep factor of reaching into the unknown. another stage deals with heights and another with confined spaces. Not asking if you like it or anything like that, but was wondering if there are some other nasty caches out there that deal with obsticales that aren't just 50 mile hikes or scaling Everst. Lets hear about the good and nasty caches out there, I wanna cringe
  6. I have one where the first stage is a large spider with the hint on its belly. He is under a rock and at first glance it looks really real. I had heard of someone making a cache called "along the way" or something like that. I think it was in protest to lame swag and the requirements were you had to put something in the cahe you found on your way to the cache. A rock, a stick, whatever. I thought that was kinda funny. If I ever find it I will make a special trip to that one
  7. One, I don't write down the numbers to the TB's so I can only log em if I have em.( mostly because I don't remember to write it down). I discovered a coin and have done the same with TB's if there are several in a cache and I don't want to be a TB hog. I do go to caches I have been to before to get a new coin or something like that or I see a TB sitting too long, but lists? where is the fun in that? A little off topic, but some stuff I have learned about coins and TB's: Once you let it go in the world, it is gone. Don't expect to see it again and you won't be disapointed when it disappears. Wether it goes for 1000 caches or only one, enjoy it while it is still out there. Noobs are more apt to keep coins/TBs thinking they are swag. If you sit aound worrying that other people are "cheating" or not playing fair, then you can't enjoy the game as much. Just play it as best as you can. The heck with those other clowns.
  8. I totally agree. Breaking the law so you can get a smiley? Way to promote the sport. I am not a FTF hound nor do I really care if someone grabs the majority of the FTF in an area. I would say that they should take breaks in between to allow new people to get a FTF so that they can enjoy the sport and get the thrill of a FTF. I have one FTF by the way. So don't think Its because I want them all for myself. I'm not saying stop hunting for FTF's Im saying let someone else experince the thrill of getting it like you do. Remember when you got your very first FTF how cool that was?
  9. I dont think you should replace the container if you cannot find the original. That is a DNF, not cache maintenance. Ok, on to the topic. I firmly believe in a little cache TLC. Things damp? dry it out a little. Trash in , use CITO. I firmly believe it pertains to the cache as well as the area around the cache. Full log, I carry 2 types of logs, one for regular caches and one for small caches in case log is full. Under no cricumstance do I remove the old log, that is part of the cache. Replace torn plastic bags add extra swag if needed I do all this stuff to make it more fun for the next guy I learned in the military to leave better than you found it.I think that goes for caches as well.
  10. I have seen some hides that I thought were neat. One was a Bison tube on the guide wire to a light pole the hide was covered by the plastic covering they put on guide wires. A magnetic that was flat and stuck under a sign. It had just a log and unless you saw it you couldnt tell the cache was there. A night cache that had a solar powered head that glowed at night to help you find it.
  11. It's any cache that "they" don't like. who is they? They are a figment of your imagination, They are the Men in Black.
  12. Amen Scotus! I like you think it is irresponsible of a cache placer to leave the can unpainted unmarked cans out. I have one ammo can out and I repainted it and used a black marker to write Geocache all over it with the website info. This was my first cache. I have become a little more sofisticated now, but even when I use camo tape, I still put 3 white Geocache labels on it identifying it as same(top, bottom, and side). In my opinion, all caches should be labeled on the outside informing anyone who finds it that it is a cache.
  13. One of the best and easiest thing that I saw was someone put camo netting over the cache. It was made almost like a bag and the can slid into it, and yes there was a label. The only issue I have seen with the labels is that the moisture weakens the glue and they start to fall off. i think a stencil would be better. do they sell a stencil?
  14. I think this game has morphed over the past few years. Micros have grown in popularity (placement and hunting of) due to I think time constraints and the disapearance of public wooded hiding places. Yes there are many woods and hiking trails all over near me, but it is a 30 minute drive to them. Why not get a quick P-n-G and get my cache fix? micros are a part of this sport, get used to them.
  15. I noticed the trouble people have been having with moisture. I recently put out a cache where I arc welded the sides of the container, then incased the cache in 25lbs of concrete, then wrapped it in a large ziploc baggie( man was that size bag hard to find!) I then vacummed sealed the bag and placed it inside a locked temperture controlled room especially created to house the cache. Its been active for six months and I'm still waiting on a FTF, but I bet that log is dry!
  16. Why would you delete the log? They found the cache. Do you also delete negative logs to all your caches? [/quote}I have always put "Geocache" on my caches, albeit in small letters, from a home made stencil, and always in a color that is different from the color of the cache. On ammo boxes, I also put, on the bottom, contact info. The issue I believe brought up here was not that somone said they painted a can, but that too many cans are being put out there without being modified from the original markings. The issue I believe is, should we condone cachers that buy an ammo can then place it without properly marking it as a geocache, but leave it looking like military ammo, or some other potential explosive. painting an ammo can to cover the military writting is only a start. if you only paint it, it is still just a big metal can stuck in an odd place that could warrant Government intervention (ie. Bomb squad) I think placing a Geocache sticker on an unmodified can would actually be a public service. The person who was painting over the military wording on others cans had his heart in the right place, just did not go far enough. I think I may order some extra stickers to fix those cans.
  17. MONGO BASH!! BASH BASH BASH! Mongo good at bashing. Mongo bash it real good!
  18. I'm curious if other folks think it kosher to spraypaint someone else's cache even with the military markings. I don't, it would make me considerably less than happy if someone took it upon themselves to tamper with my container in that manner. Yes sir, I believe that cacher and myself would have a conversation they would enjoy considerably less than they would like, to put it politely. I think I would have to agree with you. If it isn't YOUR cache then don't modify it. I think putting a large container out with military markings is irresponsible. Is that what all of you guys that are complaining about him painting over markings are doing? Are you out there putting military containers out in the woods with ".50 cal rounds" on the side? Well?
  19. Mine is pretty easy in that I cache with the kids ( my pack) so real quick to Davis(last name) and Pak
  20. I think you have to be real careful with these types of caches. I know you can put one out, but I believe you should always ask yourself should you? I believe that people who post here looking for affirmation about a cache placement are either very new or they want agreement on a questionable cache. I say questionable because they may feel in the back of their minds that the cache does not adhere to the spirit of geocaching. Why are you asking us? If it is a good cache idea and you believe it will be well received or that you would enjoy hunting one similar, then place it. If on the other hand you are seeking approval for a shakey idea then rework it until you feel comfortable putting the cache out.
  21. Speaking of 100 finds. A cool story about ours. I cache with the Pak (kids) and we were walking to our 100th cache when Grannypak from Texas calls us. She follows the exploits of the little paks as they cache. She got to "join" us as we got our 100th find! No prompting or prior call. It was kind of neat. savor the flavor Diablo the 100th I think is the sweetest. Enjoy
  22. The best containers i have found so far are the screw on top igloo water containers. You can get them at Wallyworld or the Bullseye store for less than $3.00 and the are about one quart size. There is no lip inside for the log to get stuck on and they are water tight. (They keep water in so they keep it out as well) I currently have three of them out as caches and plan to use more. One has been out since January and the monthly checks of it still show the log and interior nice and dry. the only issue I have seen so far is someone putting the lid on too tight to keep it dry. A little elbow grese and you're in. I had a previous post where I explained my testing process for containers. The short version is as follows: Bought a bunch of different containers, different prices and sizes filled them with 1 pound of lead weights and dropped them from a height of approx. 6 feet onto concrete Stepped on the container with my full weight in hiking boot (210lbs) YES! that is my weight, stop laughing placed tissue paper in containers in area in back yard sprayed area with water hose covered them with leaves opened containers every day for 5 minutes then closed, continued to wet area with hose Results: Ammo can dented a little and chipped concrete, seal still good interior stayed dry thermos bottle no cracks or dents, interior dry "tupperware" container broke when stepped on second container damp on inside Gladware container broke when stepped on container wet inside Lock-n-lock small crack from drop, slight condensation inside of second container I know these are not scientific, but I found that the thermos bottle was the Best buy, and the ammo can the most durable. The Gladware (you know the ones) were the worst.
  23. I read the logs, not for clues, but to expand my enjoyment of the game and to tell me if the cache is one I wanna go after. Sometimes I cache with the Pak and need to look for ones that would be enjoyed by kids and are in kid friendly areas(parks, nature trails, etc..) Sometimes I cache alone and want something a little more challenging. So i pick and chose my caches carefully to get the best out of it.
  24. Cel-phones have been banned in gym lockers, spas, and in some dressing room areas. mainly due to pervs taking naughty pics. Taking pics out in public no problem. No clue as to why someone would be calling police, except they are being busy bodies and can't stand anybody acting different.
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