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  1. For any Pre owners, head over to PreCentral and check out Precaching. It's still a work in progress, but it's already impressive, and the announced upcoming features are exciting. Best of all, it's currently free.
  2. I just found out that I have the 32 bit Vista. Maybe there is hope for me yet. Ken I'm jumping in here late, but has anyone tried running the Palm software in XP SP2 compatibility mode? If you want to try, go to the executable for the Palm Desktop, right-click on it and select Properties, then go to the Compatibility tab. I'd be more specific, but I don't have a Palm device to direct you to the executable. Might help. Anyone?
  3. I wasn't sure so I went to Garmin's site and checked. The Etrex H uses the same serial interface that the old yellow Etrex always has. This means that there is no native USB cable for these units. You can, however, get a serial to USB adapter that will allow you to use this unit over a USB port. They're cheap on ebay, and I bought one at Circuit City some years ago to use on my Merigold.
  4. I agree with the second part, having a dedicated unit for the car is a good idea, especially at the prices they're asking these days. However, Garmin doesn't make a Venture HCx that I can find. They make a Venture HC, but it only has 24MB of RAM, and that's just too limiting considering the difference in price between that unit and the Legend HCx.
  5. Kensington has a really nice one, but it's a little pricey. it has adapter tips for laptops, cell phones, media players and USB charged devices, and it runs on AC/Auto and Air power. My only complaint is that it's impossible to organize the tips in the crappy bag that comes with it. On the other hand, it's always in my laptop bag, so I don't have to unplug and wrap up the one that came with my laptop every time I go mobile. I got one at a deep discount when our local CompUSA closed, but if I'd had to pay what they were asking retail for it I would probably have gone with an inverter as well.
  6. Yeah. While doing this cache my buddy and I got caught on these rocks in the rain. Whether you're carrying a weapon or not, that's about as close to being in danger as a cacher is liable to get.
  7. I don't presume to speak for Cotati, but I think his complaint is that climbing over the antique props on the porch of a Cracker Barrel might draw negative attention to the cacher(s) and caching in general. This is true of any hide around the entrance of a business, but Cracker Barrels in particular, given that permission to place there has been publicly rescinded.
  8. From Garmin Wikispaces: 2/8/08: Reports from several users that on some units pressing the Right Soft Key causes a reset. If you have this problem you should contact Garmin and request a return as it appears to be hardware related.
  9. I have had a cache approved that was under the minimum distance, but there was more than 100' vertical distance between the two. The key was in letting the reviewer know that in the submission.
  10. As promised, I have found a Jeep TB, (a green one, not this year's, and my first), and I am ready to send it to Hawaii. PM me with your address and I'll send this out to you.
  11. The 60csx makes you look cool, and chicks really dig it.
  12. Here's the secret that has worked for me in every installation of a serial to USB adapter I've done: You must have the driver installed prior to plugging in the adapter, so insert the driver disk first. Go through the installation, accepting the defaults. When the installation is complete, plug in the adapter. If it's not immediately recognized, go to Device Manager and you'll likely find an etry under Other Devices for your adapter. If so, delete that device and either unplug and replug your adapter or click the Scan for New Devices icon. This has never failed for me, with a wide variety of adapters.
  13. The Venture HC is being offered by many on-line merchants at around $130 new, seems like a real bargain to me, and that's bound to have an effect on the used market as well.
  14. I posted last time this topic came around, but I've added a winch since then, so...
  15. WAAS/EGNOS geht normalweise nicht wann "battery saver" eingeschaltet ist.
  16. Pay through PayPal with a credit card. It gives you an avenue to contest the payment if you don't get what you paid for.
  17. How do you find caches on vacation? Check out the return address on the post cards they send you. Oh, you mean how do you find caches when you're on vacation. That's different. Sorry.
  18. I love Rovers. If it weren't for Rovers I'd almost never get to use my winch. Seriously, if a reviewer disapproves a cache, the person to be talking to is the reviewer. Ask what needs to change to get this cache approved and I'll bet you get a quick reply and approval.
  19. Maybe offering that Premium Members won't have to wade through the ads would drive more people to upgrade their membership.
  20. I reject the first part of that post and choose not to believe the second. I hope that (the few) people who still populate caches with interesting and high quality swag will not stop doing so because it will invite trouble. Honestly, I don't put nice stuff into caches in the hopes of going back and finding even nicer stuff that people have traded up, so people who take quality swag and leave crap don't bother me all that much anyway. I suppose it's possible that a cacher took the whole thing, but I doubt it. Trading without trading even or up, yes. Taking without trading at all, yes. But the whole cache? A muggle might do this, but I doubt very many cachers would.
  21. I promise you, if I ever find a cache that contains a Jeep TB, (I never have), I will PM you and arrange to send it to you to release in Hawaii. Sure, that takes it out of circulation for the game, but how is that any different than the first finder keeping it? It might as well get circulated a bit before it gets stolen.
  22. Mission accomplished. I want to hunt one of your caches. It sucks, but there's not much you can do as the hider to prevent this sort of thing from happening beyond keeping your caches out of high traffic areas and hiding them well. On the other hand, finders can have a big effect on this. Be discrete when hunting and logging, and be aware of other people in the area. If you act suspicious you will attract unwanted attention to the cache area; people will naturally wonder what was so interesting and will come over to see when you leave.
  23. Same here. They have a shorter life expectancy than your average Geocoin. Oh well, I've got something better than a red Jeep TB:
  24. Yes, I think Nerdery is the right term for a group. In much the same way that a hatchery produces chicks, a Nerdery produces people who suddenly find that they are into coins.
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