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  1. We would love to come to this event if we can arrange it. There are 2 of us.
  2. I click the button and the page reloads but the button remains available telling me it didn't work for me either.
  3. Geocaching is the best way to sightsee!
  4. I haven't done many of the new downtown caches but A.J.'s cache would be a good location to start searching from. If you have the ability to move around town (or $1 for the bus) I would recommend Old town ghost tour Oh, and congratulations!!!
  5. I have 5 pocket queries for my state - they are organized by date. Every few months I change the date range because some have been archived, I have found some, and there are always new ones.
  6. My first search was the closest to work. If I remember correctly there was one other cache in town at the time.
  7. I chose mb3 for the 3 members of our family but most of the time I have been the lone cacher.
  8. Funny, but apparently you were 2.5 miles from my house. I didn't even know this cache was there. Thanks!
  9. Yep, I already got myself the toys I wanted.
  10. Not to mention that you can park right next to the cache. I spent several hours caching yesterday.
  11. I use GSAK and Cachemate on my LifeDrive. I used to have a Clie but it died. If I still had it I would use the same programs.
  12. Set up pocket queries - seems like it will take 3 based on 255 pages.
  13. I have a filter in GSAK that I run after loading the recent queries. I set the last gpx update to the day before the date on the query. This leaves a list of caches that likely have been archived. I review each one and change the status to archived if appropriate.
  14. I found a bunch of mb3 stuff but it wasn't me.
  15. The first thing I noticed was that they need to change/recharge the batteries. They did not mention the geocaching icons.
  16. I'm aiming to get a window seat for my flight this week. Please don't change the rules before then!
  17. I used the discovered option when I was travelling. I stopped at a TB cache and exchanged the bugs I was carrying for a couple of bugs in the cache. I couldn't take all of them so I wrote down the numbers and discovered them. Then I was able to put notes on the other bug's pages that they were not in the cache.
  18. I also have released one and lost one.
  19. mb3


    From Kansas and visiting next week.
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