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  1. Is the Well House a potty? Was just looking and didn't see one marked. Thanks for the info.
  2. Trying to setup my registration. I would like site 5 by Busymom if possible. I put that in my registration too. Katie Treasure Hunting Family
  3. Put us down for site 114. Looking forward to it.
  4. Got site 22 and 24 for us and friend. Don't know who is camping where just yet. But somewhere in there. If it's not too cold Jeremiah will be with us.
  5. I never remember to check this forum. I missed everyone! Wish we would have known about the geocaching non event event haha. Looks like ya'll had a great time. Great pictures!! Looking forward to seeing everyone at BAGO. Time to break out Jeremiah's tent.
  6. We'll be at the Meet N Eat See ya there. Funny Story to tell we were GEOCACHING IN INDIANA at Muncie to see the maze. We finished the maze and was enjoying the gift shop. I heard Fred talking with some people. I peeked out and say Hiya. Fred introduced Jeremiah and me. The next thing I hear is Oh Is that Jeremiah with the coins? We are still laughing out it. Jeremiah said Wow I'm famous.
  7. Amber just so you know I came to the apartment and now have the coin back in my possesion. There I thought it was safe with my husband. *sigh* I should have known better. By the way it was nice to chat with ya. Lord Elwood and Treasure Dad....You're just jealous she called me
  8. Of Course we are excited. We even ordered special made Area 51 shirts. Is it time yet??
  9. One time we were looking for one of Mr I's hides. All I would want from a phone a friend would be to say Yes or no to questions like....I'm between blah and blah is this the right place? Does that make sense?
  10. I would love your phone numbers. Then I could prank call you at all hours of the night. Okay now seriously I think it would be a great idea.
  11. Just to clarify. The subject line says May 7. The first post says May 12. Which one is it? Thanks
  12. Yep it was a great time indeed. Thanks to whoever helped out with the event. Is it time for next year yet?
  13. Welcome to the hobby. Although we are white we do have a little difference than others. Jeremiah is physically handicapped. Sometimes we get the look of Well then how do you cache but most the times people are very accepting and do everything they can to make Jeremiah feel more than Welcome. So I would say Don't Worry. Really it's about time we are all the same anyway. Doesn't matter what color when you cut yourself you bleed red.
  14. Are these going to be for trade or for sale or what? I would love to buy one or two. Unfortunately don't have anything to trade since we just starting collecting coins.
  15. Doing good Torry. And how are you? We hope to do some Northern Indiana Caching this weekend by Michigan City. How about everyone else?
  16. This is a very interesting topic. Thanks for starting it. ChicagoCanineCrew I love watching Horror Movies so I would love to chat with you sometime. Which one is your favorite so far? It's always such a hard question to answer. Anyway let's see... Katie -- reading Horror books, listening to music I mean actually listening haha, watching Horror Movies, Volunteering at Jeremiah's school, small crafts for my mom's craft business, my biggest hobby is cross-stitching. I do model stitching which basically means I get paid to stitch for people who make the patterns. So it's kinda a job but I love every minute of it. Fred -- Star Wars junkie haha, HAM radio operator Jeremiah -- Playstation of course what more to life is there at 8 years old. We all love to travel and see new places. We all enjoy camping or staying at nice hotels haha. We love enjoying life and do everything we can to make each day better than the one before.
  17. We attended one last year in Pokagon. It was very well attended in my opinion. GCRMJE is the page if you want to look it up. We had a lot of fun and cleaned up a lot of trash.
  18. We watched the DVD yesterday as well. It was FANTASTIC. Great Job! Loved seeing some friends we haven't met in person yet. I can't wait to show my family. Fred loved the snow pictures and told me See what we miss not caching in the winter haha. I said Yeah I'm cold just watching haha. We even worked on making a DVD of our own pictures. Thank you for the kick in hubby's bum to do that.
  19. We are really looking forward to attending. Jeremiah is excited about showing his coins to more people and bringing his tent tb. Looks like the weather will be nice.
  20. Great Story Thanks for the laugh. Jeremiah said to tell Jason he wants to see the coin next event.
  21. I could be doing something wrong but I registered and never got an email. Now it won't let me sign in cause it says my id has been blocked. I can't see an email to contact the person in charge.
  22. Hey Don't be giving away my caching shirts A girl can never have too many cool shirts. Amber you will just have to wait to get that cool PCC shirt that I heard about. Just in case you better order a few though.
  23. Wohoo!! Thank you very much. I knew it was probably something simple I kept overlooking. Thanks.
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