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  1. Delayed face palm. Our second cache was difficult to find for us novices. As it turned out it was down inside a pipe that held up a sign with historical info about the site. The post was tall and the cache was way down. The description mentioned a handy tool nearby that would allow us to get at the cache and bring it up. We looked and looked and couldn't find anything. Finally, as resourceful newbies, we figured out a way to get the cache up and sign the log. Years later I was looking through pictures of our early caching years. One was of us posing proudly at this hard-earned find. As I looked at the picture, I soon noticed something odd. Verrrry close behind me, and very obvious in the picture, was a coat hanger hanging from a branch.
  2. Yes, I have also problems. The vieuwer no longer works and the icon turns red. The vieuwer redownload also fails, you get an error page. I hope Groundspeak solves the problem quickly Same here. Working now!
  3. Yes, I have also problems. The vieuwer no longer works and the icon turns red. The vieuwer redownload also fails, you get an error page. I hope Groundspeak solves the problem quickly Same here.
  4. A friend placed a cache, drove home, submitted it, and saw the FTF pop up 45 minutes after he physically left the cache site.
  5. Four of us were looking for a cache about 20 feet off the road. There was a fence around a small pond and the only houses were on another street across the pond about 200 yards away. After awhile I noticed that a car that recently left one of the houses had circled around and was stopped about 100 feet away. Uh oh. We kept looking for the cache, and pretty soon the car slowly advanced toward us. At least 3 cell phone cameras were pointed our way. As they got closer, I made an attempt to talk to them, but no luck. They looked as if they had just found a group of axe murderers. I pulled out my phone and started to take their pictures and that made them mad. Oh well. I found the cache and we slowly left. They turned around and followed us until I pulled over and waited for them. They stopped and, after a short time, turned around and left. We put the axes back in the trunk and left.
  6. I posted this awhile back in another thread, but it fits this one as well:
  7. We and our caching partners were hiking and caching in the desert Southwest of Palm Springs, CA. We found a travel bug (our first) in a remote cache; its goal was to travel out West and then return to Nashville, TN. Our caching partners were going there in two weeks, so we picked up the bug. We would transfer it to our friends at a future cache. The bug was not logged into that cache so I "grabbed" it and emailed the owner that it was found and would be back in Nashville shortly. A day later I got a "thanks" from the owner. A few hours later, another email asked if I was in the Air Force, stationed in Illinois in the late 60's. I was, and it turns out we knew each well during that time 38 years ago.
  8. If I understand correctly, you are trying to use the "Geocaching Google Earth Viewer" in the GE left panel. I have had that happen a couple of times before and just went to my geocaching profile page and downloaded the viewer (located very near the bottom of the right panel).
  9. My wife's brother and nephew live in Maine and were coming to visit us in CA. Her nephew emailed us about wanting to find some geocaches while here. He gave us the website and his account info. I signed in and thought that geocaching was dumb. Oh well, got to humor the guest. While they were here we went to three caches a day for a few days. It was during that time that I became amazed at the interesting places around us that we had never seen before. After they left, I wanted to get involved. Our good friends had a top of the line gps they bought for biking and I borrowed it to see if I could figure it out. Once I knew how to use it, I ordered one and signed on to the website. About that time, our friends mentioned that they saw the geocaching section on the gps, looked up the site and figured they might be interested. Since then we have cached together locally and in different states and countries.
  10. So you have to go into the park to buy tickets to get into the park? Sorry, that's nitpicky. Ticket booths are outside the park though, although it's all Disney property. Same difference I suppose. The trams from the parking area drive up to an open area between two Disney parks: Disneyland and California Adventure. You can also walk into that area from outside the park. You are definitely on the Disney property and you can buy or pick up tickets at the booths there; however you have not entered through either attraction's gates. I've always thought of it as the middle as well. Heard the a.m. news report that ended with the "fact" that it was a geocache. Later reports mentioned the spiritual paper instead. As crowded as that area is, I can not even imagine the "stealth" folks wanting to place a cache there. Maybe that's just me.
  11. 68 started caching when 62 My wife is 39 but started caching at 58
  12. The cache is obviously in the one bolt with the 4 fake washers. How did you create that great camo?
  13. Bee stings, large scrape along one knee and calf, numerous bruises. There are four of us that usually cache together and we never count a caching day a success unless someone is bleeding. To quote the movie title, "There will be blood."
  14. Richard Garriott. Our caching name was actually created to name our character in his "Ultima" series of games.
  15. Is it possible that this is a bison tube? I've always thought that a bison tube looks like the CO2 cartridge for the pellet gun I used when I was a kid.
  16. What exactly do you expect Groundspeak to do? I really don't think they want to get into the business of judging what is or isn't a satisfactory log. Sure, they can remove the ability to post a blank log from the smartphone apps, but then people will just post tftc or ".". +1 I don't want Groundspeak to dictate the way I log a cache. It's just that simple. That being said, I don't agree with blank logs and will never leave one.
  17. Mine was at 100% and my page was misaligned. It's not a problem for me, but there must be something else that causes this situation.
  18. I made the window containing the profile page larger, and everything popped back into place. I then made the window smaller and the misalignment reoccured. Continuing to shrink the page caused it to pop back to normal again. Bottom line: It happened to me in a narrow band as I continued to enlarge and shrink the screen. Weird.
  19. Welcome to Las Vegas has 75. When checking out my finds to select favorites, I noticed something interesting. Fewer than .03% of my found caches are virtuals. When I look through all the non-virtual caches; most (by far) do not have a favorite vote. Of those that do most have just one. 82% of my virtuals have been selected by someone as a favorite. MOST of those have between 10 and 75 votes each. Based on my experience, if I was going to select caches based on the quantity of favorite votes, I'd be concentrating on the virts.
  20. On the way to the Grand Canyon we enjoyed Old Grand Canyon Airport - This Old House GC1XY97. We DNFd it, but it back up now. No hike, but we had fun wandering around.
  21. My brother-in-law from Maine and his son visited us. The son was into geocaching and asked if we would help him out while he found a few caches. In 6 caches he took us to interesting local sites we had never seen before; and we went from "that's really stupid" to "wow! This is fun." Good friends of ours had a 60CS that they just started to use for hiking, and I borrowed it to help decide what kind to get. When I returned our friend's GPS, they said, "Why don't we go geocaching?" It turns out that the caching function on their GPS planted the idea in their minds as well. Five leisurely years later, both teams passed 2,000 together last Sunday.
  22. Reread your question and realized that I was not referring to what you really asked. Sorry. I'm not sure if you can go beyond the 500 mile in the box on the PQ setup page (never tried it). Sorry, I'll read a little closer next time.
  23. There is a 500 mile limit. You will need to break up your trip into segments of 500 or fewer miles. You may also come up against the 1000 cache limit for your PQ on a trip of that distance. I usually set my route segments to start outside a large city and end just before the next big city. This keeps the number of caches in each segment to a reasonalbe number. If we are going to stop and cache in the city, I just run a PQ for the immediate area we will be in. We sometimes just skip the PQ in some areas and, if we decide to cache there, use our smartphones.
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