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2nd Edition Canine Coin Ordering Open Now!

Hula Bum

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Well, as promised we are ready to take orders for the 2nd Edition of the Canine Cachers Coin! 3rd and 4th Editions will not be out until next year - on a semi-annual basis so as to not make too many.



- Same 1.5 inch coin

- Numbered the same way as the first (1 of 500, etc..)

- TWO TONE metal (polished nickel with the Golden Retriever in raised 3D - like the Shepherd - but the golden head will be in polished gold)

- Only 500 will be made

- Cost: $6.00 coin/packaged & shipped (just $.25 higher than the 1st Edition because of the multiple metals and colors this time around)

-Cost will be higher for Canadian and other international orders.

- The attached artwork once again is NOT refelctive of what the final coin will look like - you'll recall that from the posting of the 1st Edition artwork to the final product



Order Process:

1) Email us at caninecachers@gmail.com with the quantity that you'd like (do NOT use the link in my profile)


2) We (Hula Bum or I) will respond to confirm your order and send you the PayPal address for payment (sorry, this is the only method of payment)


3) You will need to pay within 48 hours or the order will be cancelled and we'll allocate those coins to the next order(s)


4) PLEASE include your caching name in the PayPal comments so we can easily match orders


5) Please do NOT email asking to be on a waiting list - there will not be one as payment is due right away and this is not a pre-order with payment later


Feel free to post your orders in this thread if you like (so others know how many have been ordered) but only orders received via the email address above will be taken.


Enjoy and best of luck on your orders!!


This is not a personal coin. It's a coin dedicated to those who cache with thier dogs.

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Just a quick note,

If you have sent an email to anywhere besides caninecachers@gmail.com, they are not being checked, so, make sure you send to this email only!


If you have not gotten an invoice that says "Aloha, we have you down for...blah blah blah" you are not on my sheet, and thus your order has not been placed.


Please make sure that I get your emails in the right box so that everyone gets their coin!

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Less than a 100 left! As soon as I finish my inbox I will post remaining count.


Just so there are no questions regarding the people that are posting about paying last week... Cachers who purchased the first coin were sent a priority email over the weekend for the 2nd coin. All of those who purchase the 2nd coin are now on that list and will get priority ordering for the 3rd coin next year.

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Just did pay-pal for our 1 coin. We will be keeping this coin to remember our late golden retriever, Rusty, who loved to go for walks and hikes and was with us when we found our very first geocache. Our late border collie, Maggie, was also on that hunt with us so we'll be keeping an eye out on future coins. We cache now with our beautiful black lab mix, Carly, and her hound mix sister, Sadie. Caching is just that much more fun when you have a loving dog with you!


Mrs. Car54

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