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2nd Edition Canine Coin Ordering Open Now!

Hula Bum

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They actually came in Friday (earlier than expected).


We're finishing up the packaging tonight and they should all be in the mail no later than Wed.


Will post a pic soon.



YAHOOOOOOO I can't wait to see these beautious coins!!! Hopeflluy they might be here by staurday or monday, so I will have mail again!!! LOL

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Would someone have an extra to trade to go with my 1st ed.I'll have an extra lighthouse series bronze when they come in. Would purchace someone's extra also e-mail if anyone wants to trade or sell.Thanks!!


i will trade with you. sent email.


does anyone have a first edition they would like to trade for a second edition?



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All 500 coins (ok 475, I bought 25 myself) went to the post office this morning. They should start showing up in mialboxes as early as tomorrow depending on where you are.


Hopefully most (US) orders will be in hand by Saturday to make for a nice weekened - if not, expect them Monday.


Decided to not post a picture so there's a bit of a surprise when you get them.

They turned out great, if I do say so myself.


Another great job by Tess @ Coins and Pins.


Enjoy and thanks!

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I got the First Edition ones and then I got the email announcing the coming of the next ones, and replied that I would be interest in them, and was waiting for a paypal request for payment. :mad:


I never recieved it, so I didn't think they had gone into production yet. :o


I was out of town when the OP was made and it got shuffled down the list and I didn't see it until tonight when it got bumped back up.


(Guess I need to frequent the forums more than every few days, huh?) :huh:


Now I've missed out!! :o:D


In the infamous word of Charles(Charlie) Brown, "RATS!!" :mad:


D-man :huh:

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wow..i got mine today..they are stunning....i absolutely love it. i am fairly new to caching so i am proably going to be asking a dumb question what is EPE mean?


EPE = Estimated Position Error


Seemed like a fitting way to adjust the common saying.


Glad you guys liked the final product - these have been fun to work on.

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got mine today. they look great thanks. and for the next coins do a rottweiler. They are a great breed.

One for a Lab would be a must-do, also!


We live in an apartment at the moment but as soon as we get into a house, a yellow lab named Duncan will be gotten to take with me on my caching adventures! :rolleyes:


D-man :lol:

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Thanks for the positive feedback y'all. We were really happy with the two-tone look.


Both editions (and future editions) were done by Coins and Pins. Should you do any work with them, please tell her that Kealia & Hula Bum referred you. We don't get any kickback, but since a lot of us have trashed other companies (like KV Coins) in here, they should know that positive feedback is getting them more business.


Hmm...black nickel for a Lab coin maybe..... :) .

Dunno, there's been a big push for the Dachshund version! :)

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WOW! These are great. Received mine today. Thanks for not posting a picture.


If anybody picked up this one and missed out on the 1st Edition, I have an extra to trade. Drop me an email.


Thanks Hula Bum and Kealia!



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WOW! These are great. Thanks for not posting a picture.


If anybody picked up this one and missed out on the 1st Edition, I have an extra to trade. Drop me an email.


Thanks Hula Bum and Kealia!



Email sent, I would love to trade my 2nd for your 1st edition...



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