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  1. Sorry ShmilyNMe ... I didn't receive your PM ... Thanks. Jeff of JWID
  2. Hello everybody. Home repairs are calling, and the geocoin collections will have to go ... I've started the process of sorting and organizing some of our coins for sale. Haven't bought a coin in a LONG time, these are older coins, and I have some of the originals for sale too as time permits for the sorting. Trying to avoid that online auction place, and will give you here the 1st crack. I'll list them a bit at a time as we are able to get them organized. I'll stick to the trackable as per the rules, which is slowing the sort a bit, but such is such. All coins listed at $9.00 each, plus $3 shipping to the U.S.A. for up to 3 coins. $0.50 each coin afterwards. Outside USA please contact me for shipping quotes. ALL TRACKABLE AND UNACTIVATED ($9.00 each) Triple Wisdom (I believe the black nickle version) LIGO LE Silver Delaware 2005 Silver Tulsa Area TAG Group Geocoin Town 2006 (I believe the black nickle version) LE Lighthouse 2006 Bronze (Montauk Point, NY) Mrs. Ice Cream Man 2006 USA Team Skirtlifter 2006 Round Aerohound Bikedog Memorial Copper Nielsenc Thanksgiving 2005 Nielsenc Christmas 2005 Geocachers Serentiy 2006 (silver) Keepers of Ontario's Caches Canada Geese LE Copper (50 made) Jeeper MTJ Bronze Contact me via PM if interested. PayPal accepted. Thanks JWID
  3. Oh yeah ... the 4th province was visited on 10/26/06 JWID
  4. JWID Geocoin #250 4 Provinces Visited (Ontario, Quebec, PEI, New Brunswick) 1304.9 miles 20 caches ve3tks's Draggin' Wagon 1 Province Visited (Ontario) ... then muggled Thanks. JWID
  5. Thanks slippery ... and we appreciate your support of the cause. JWID Wooo Hooooooooo another great job of coin design, distribution and packaging...worthy of any collection. Oh did I mention I got the coins today, Ty to everyone involved in this project.
  6. Our coin packages arrived today from the Caching Place. They did a great job on the coin ... a keeper for sure! JWID
  7. Our coin packages arrived here today. I have to agree with everybody else, these coins look great! JWID
  8. Well this is the worst part. The waiting. Especially when others start receiving their coins. Hopefully with cachers in the U.S. receiving their coins now, the Canadian customers will start to see coins before the end of the week. This way we can all be excited and happy about the coins. Thanks. JWID
  9. Last chance to get in on this coin. Only a couple handfuls remain. Thanks. JWID
  10. I have a parcel waiting at the PO ... I bet it's my coins. BTW only a couple handfuls still remain at The Caching Place. Thanks. JWID
  11. Looking forward to seeing these coins and holding them in hand. I received my email saying that my order shipped out today. Lots of people contacted about the Beaver coins after they were sold out. If you are even thinking about a Canada Geese coin, jump on down to the Caching Place while you have the chance. These will be sweet looking coins and are supporting a great family. Thanks. JWID
  12. You can add the new Southern Ontario Cachers - Canada Geese coins. Antique Silver and Antique Copper. Available for sale currently at: CANADA GEESE COINS $1.50 from each coin sold is going to the family of 1701eh. Also the new JWID Micro Coins - "I" Found It. Antique Silver, Shiny Copper and Shiny Gold. Thanks. JWID
  13. Thanks for the support Wiqoweb. Appreciate it. JWID
  14. Hey Dano... www.geocoinclub.com See Ya on the Trails! JWID
  15. I spoke with several members of the Keystone Cachers this weekend at an event, and many were interested in helping make a donation to 1701eh's family thru this coin. Just a bump to make it easier for them to find it in the forum. Thanks! JWID
  16. The most recent update from TheCachingPlace shows that there are approximately 100 of these coin remaining. Get 'em while you can. Thanks everybody for your support of this project. JWID
  17. Thanks to RattingCrew, Team Muppet and Phoebe and Friends for the support. We're happy to see so many get involved and help the cause. ve3tks you are right, there are about 100 coins left as of yesterday. Thanks. JWID
  18. That's great glennk721! Thanks for the support. JWID
  19. Sales of this coin are moving along steadily. More than 300 sold coming out of the first weekend is amazing, and the feedback from the caching community has been tremendous. If you were looking to add a Canada Geese coin to your collection, and contribute to the fund for 1701eh's family, please do so soon before quantities sell out. Thanks everybody for your support! JWID
  20. Thanks for your support chaosmanor. It is appreciated. JWID
  21. Thanks for jumping in PAWSitraction. Last I heard there were still coins available, but the sales have been steady. We are blessed with Canada Geese throughout Southern Ontario and are glad to be able to commemorate them in the coins. Thanks goes out to everybody that has bought the coins for the "nice thing" that's being done. Thanks. JWID
  22. Hi Rayman, Sales are being conducted only thru the website. They handled the minting / website hosting and distributino of the coins. They also made a large contribution towards the donation on top of what we were originallly discussing. Shipping date is set for September 28th. Southern Ontario Cachers - Geese Coins Sorry I won't be able to be at GHAGAFAP this year, but work calls. JWID
  23. Just received word that there are less than 200 of these coins left. The geocoin collectors of the world have really made me feel good with their generous purchases of this coin and it's subsequent donation to the family of 1701eh. Thanks everybody! JWID
  24. Thanks islander. Hope to see some of these circulating in caches by early next month. Shipping date is 28th of September. JWID
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