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  1. Want to purchase a North Carolina Geocoin Regular Verson not the micro any year,any metal.send message with what you have to sell, don't have much that would be desireable trades.Thanks
  2. It's your coin and in the end you should make it the way you want it to be. There's plenty of reasons to go either way, including leaving it as is. And in regards to there already being a few badge coins already... this one is the best looking one so far in my opinion. Nice job. (Partual Quote!!) Totaly Agree,Great looking coin!! We would Buy a Few!! We'll be watching.. Thanks for the great work!!
  3. Yep we need 5 of each we've also been told we lost a few (:-) )Ha!!Ha!!
  4. have these shipped to us yet made order on 9 11 i know it could take a little while..??
  5. Like the black but would really love to get a few of the resident's versions would someone get me some??send message or email if you would,,,!! would be a free York County PA.coin in it for you!!! (Bribe) Thanks!!
  6. Hello Bob, like the idea of non trackable tender and trackable passenger car..adding more rolling stock later as a vintage set... eather way keep us down for #57 to match our 06 set..do you still have the list of people that purchased the other sets??will they have first chance to purchase the matching sets?/Thanks jeff
  7. Love Christmas..Holiday Season.Love the coins .We Want 2 of each set in Gold..Thanks..
  8. We've cached in Virginia..We'd like 4 please if any left...Thanks
  9. Had some site problems this morning. The site is back up now. Thanks Just now tryed again still getting page cannot be displayed..thanks for the reply.. Try refreshing your browser. I'm able to get in from my AOL browser and my IE browser without any issues. Thanks again But... Did restart still can't get in also can't get in usa geocions site..
  10. Had some site problems this morning. The site is back up now. Thanks Just now tryed again still getting page cannot be displayed..thanks for the reply..
  11. :anibad:I've Been trying to get into coincodes.com... no luck do's anyone know what might be going on ??need codes for puzzle coins !!
  12. Same HERE..She said she didn't have Our address e-mailed and pm'd it to her and still no coins..that are paid for..
  13. I don't know much but appearently from what I read there were a limited number of bronze with color that were only sold to a certain group.
  14. Same here Too!!they both look great!! though..
  15. Got Mine They are even better In Hand than In pict. !!! They turned out Teriffic!!! Thanks C.H.
  16. I keep trying but none appear for sale... In the meantime would someone have an extra for sale or trade???? see our avatar!! Thanks...N&PK57
  17. We would love to get 3 sets!!But will these be like the lighthouse series where you need to be darn!!!lucky and home on the computer when they go on sale to get them???miss one and you have to bid on them pay three times the price!! or beg someone to trade one??like to see a member type sale and limited quanitys to each buyer so one buyer dosn't buy up a lot to make more moneys on..
  18. Geocoin Club and all shippers need to read this thread!!Imail all coins stapled inside of light card board IE.Cearal boxes cut into 3x8" strips folded over stapled closed with coin inside so it can't move around and cut through the mailer!!Haven't lost one yet!!
  19. I'd Be In for 6 let me know how you make out !!Are you going to bill out with pp?? No engraving for me!
  20. We are on the second list we didn't get an e-mail!
  21. Ordered and paid for 3 but i didn't see the Important Update on this thread Ladycacher would you e-mail for my address if you didn't get it form the payment place? Thanks
  22. Ordered and paid for 2 sets Great looking coins!!Thanks
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