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  1. Yes, I do. Here are pics of it:
  2. Yes, four of them are still available - Bay Leaf, County Fair, Lone Star & Crown of Thorns
  3. Yes, some of them are left, plus we have others I haven't listed. All of them are going to the Midnight Madness Event at GeoWoodstock so if you are interested in a particular one, let me know soon.
  4. Wow! So glad you weren't hurt and that your damage wasn't disabling to either your vehicle or your trailer! Your attitude on the whole episode is impressive! May the rest of your trip go much more smoothly!!
  5. Pug with removable hydrant - hydrant attaches to magnet in base
  6. Midnight Rose - the front glows in the dark
  7. Updated to show coins that have been sold.
  8. Here is a pic of 2 of them. They have a smooth clear finish and are 1" wide. Among the others are a gold one and a glow-in-the-dark one. I've just done this pic in a hurry, so let me know if you'd like to see the rest of them and the backs.
  9. I am so happy to read this post! We just did your tribute geocache to your late wife a couple months ago. Clearly you love deeply - Beckie is a lucky gal. Mrs. Car54
  10. We've been using this list More current list. It has the ones hzoi & noncentric mentioned.
  11. This isn't on a phone. This is from a PC. I can confirm it happened to me as well just yesterday, using the new logging page, on a PC. Mrs. Car54
  12. You can't. You can't on the old form of the profile page either. That has only ever shown the lists you've marked as public. To view all of your lists, you'd need to go to your Lists page. This can be accessed from New dashboard: the "Your lists" link on the left side Old dashboard: either the "Lists" link at the top of the page or the "My Lists" link on the right side Thank you! I had bookmarked the old profile page - https://www.geocaching.com/p/default.aspx?id=217132 - which brought up the page "This is a new profile experience...". THAT page had nothing on the left, just a list of hides and finds. Even clicking on the lists tab, there was nothing. I even tried the link to take me back to the old profile and then used its link to return to the new profile - nope. It wasn't until I clicked on our user name way up top in the header that I got a new profile page with the stuff on the left. Not intuitive at all!!! Mrs. Car54 Edit to say that the way I was getting there from the old profile page was to click on "lists" on the quick view line at the top of the page. My original question wasn't very clear - I knew private lists never showed directly on the profile page. It's just that I couldn't find where to click to get to them.
  13. How do I get to my private lists from the new profile page? And is there anyway to summarize the favorites list instead of having to scroll past all the caches we've favorited to get to our public lists? Thank you, Mrs. Car54
  14. Thanks for the feedback. If these comments are about the website, please be sure to post them in the latest thread for updates there since this thread is only about updates to the app. Oops! Sorry about that!
  15. How do I get to my private lists from the new profile page? And is there anyway to summarize the favorites list instead of having to scroll past all the caches we've favorited to get to our public lists? Thank you, Mrs. Car54 Edit - Aacckk! I was playing around on our lists page accessed through the old profile and wanting to see what the little slider button did, I slid it to the right on one of our lists. It indicated we will now receive an e-mail whenever one of those caches is logged. NO! I don't want that! It won't let me move the slider back and I don't want to delete the list. Edit # 2 - NM - you have to "click" the button, not "slide" it.
  16. I won't comment on the changes as it is my impression it would just fall on deaf ears. I will instead say that comparisons to the rollout of the new search are not valid. The dying down of those complaints is at least in part because the old search is still available. I, for one, use the old search almost exclusively. The only time I use the new search is if I already know the exact GC number, which is rare. Just making the point that you can't infer satisfaction with changes just because feedback slows or disappears. It could also mean your customer has just given up. While that may not mean much on any given issue, the cumulative affect could well prove unfortunate for your business model. JMHO, Mrs. Car54
  17. I don't have any type of mobile phone. Geocaching does involve sitting at a computer for me...and a lot of other folks. Your assumption that everyone has a smartphone is way off-base and ill-informed. B. So, just because you don't have one, the majority that do should not be accommodated? Why do you assume the majority has a smartphone? And those that do, why do you assume they want to use it for caching? One of the "minority?" Mrs. Car54
  18. Another member of the 1% checking in - 12 years as a premium member - and I definitely prefer the old search. I don't want to have to "take a class", so to speak, to learn how to do something I can already do easily via the old search. As I get older - in my 60's now, I want to use more of my caching time actually caching, not fiddling with searches. JMHO Mrs. Car54
  19. Uh guys? Yes, here are the dog-related coins I listed above. Pug Geocoin (with removable fire hydrant) - antique gold 2007 Canine Cachers - Bloodhound - bas relief - copper Geocaching - Gone to the Dogs Geocoin Rainbow Bridge Geocoin - 2.5" coin with paw print cutout - in velvet bag
  20. We are downsizing in preparation for retirement and selling most of our coin collection. Below is about half of what we have. All coins will be shipped inside a coin flip, wrapped in an index card and taped (no tape on coin or flip!) and inserted into a bubble envelope. I’ve weighed the coins and calculated postage – the shipping cost per package of up to 5 coins will be $3.65 for USA addresses. Larger packages, I'll weigh them and get back to you on the shipping cost. I’m willing to ship internationally, but the cost for that is pretty steep - $14.50. All of these coins are activated, but are easily adopted over. Please *e-mail* me through GC.com if you are interested. Thanks! $60 – set of 10 Groundspeak-issued “pathtag-like” trackable coins Includes one that glows in the dark $50 – set of 6 coins shaped like train cars Trainset Geocoin - Engine (Set084) Trainset Geocoin - Waymarking Car (Set084) Trainset Geocoin - Groundspeak Logo Car (Set 084) Trainset Geocoin - Ammo Can Caboose (Set 084) Trainset Geocoin - Passenger Car (Set 084) Trainset Geocoin - Steam Engine (Set 084) $30 – set of 4 coins shaped like Christmas lights Holiday Light Geocoin - Red Holiday Light Geocoin - Blue Holiday Light Geocoin - Green Holiday Light Geocoin – Yellow $30 Rainbow Bridge Geocoin - 2.5" coin with paw print cutout - in velvet bag $25 Team Sand Dollar 2006 Gold Geocoin Pug Geocoin (with removable fire hydrant) - antique gold Anthus Laptop Geocoin Legend of the Sand Dollar Geocoin (removable sand dollar) - Gold Legend of the Sand Dollar Geocoin (removable sand dollar) - Silver Legend of the Sand Dollar Geocoin (removable sand dollar) - Copper Celtic Peacock Geocoin Sailboat Suncatcher Geocoin Peaceful Dove Geocoin - suncatcher Easter Egg Geocoin - suncatcher Dream Sherpa Geocoin - inc removable pathtag $20 CCCooper Agency Geocoin Sock Puppet Geocoin Breast Cancer Geocoin -pink, ribbon-shaped Midnight Rose Geocoin Noah's Ark Geocoin - dove with rainbow on one side; pairs of animals in bas relief on other side GPS Spinning Geocoin Quilt Trail - County Fair Geocoin Quilt Trail - Stars Over Tennessee Geocoin Quilt Trail - Crown of Thorns Geocoin Quilt Trail - Bay Leaf Geocoin Quilt Trail - Lone Star Quilt Trail - Blueberry Pie Patriotic Pinwheel Geocoin - spins Fall Leaf Pendant Geocoin - inc chain 11-11-11 Multi Event Geocoin St Patrick's Day Pendant - inc chain 12-12-12 Multi Event - Indiana Geocoin $15 Screw Geocoin GeoNut Geocoin 2006 All American Geocoin - shaped like V for Victory in stars & stripes pattern - #55 of numbered lot Honeychile Geocoin United We Cache Geocoin - shaped like USA in stars & stripes pattern Caching for All Seasons - Winter - shaped like snowflake Caching for All Seasons - Fall - shaped like leaf 2007 Canine Cachers - Bloodhound - bas relief - copper Midwest Geobash 2007 Geocoin (duck) December 2006 Geoswag Snowflake Ornament Geocoin November 2006 Monopoly Geocoin Geocaching - Gone to the Dogs Geocoin Tan & Black Carousel Horse Geocoin White & Gold Carousel Horse Geocoin Pirate for Hire Geocoin Watermelon Flip Flop Geocoin
  21. Groundspeak is a US company, so they probably don't fall under that law. Regardless, auto-renewal is increasingly being considered "shady". Apparently there are laws in the works in Australia regarding such contracts, and there have been many investigative reports by journalists about the shady practices of gyms which could lead to legislation in other jurisdictions. It's unfortunate that Groundspeak has decided they need to resort to using shady or illegal business practices to survive (see the previous VAT controversy). Continually shooting yourself in the foot and alienating your customers seems like an inherently-flawed business plan, but what are you going to do... + 1 - and that's coming from a user who has VOLUNTARILY been auto-renewing for over 10 years. Mrs. Car54
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