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  1. I cannot find events that I know are there using the search feature. I was looking for events in Michigan. I uncheck all but events and search Michigan and results are 0. Not a very user friendly search.
  2. I have a Acer Tablet and downloaded the app, but cannot figure out how to get the info from GSAK transferred over. I guess I need more GSAK lessons. 1. How do I download the database to the SD card? 2. Then what do I do with it to load it on the app?
  3. My vote is for MIGO. This organization has really grown over the year and I have been part of it and watched. MIGO is involved in local Geocaching 101 classes. They have set up a blanket permit system for the State Parks with the DNR. There is a scholarship available. There are several occasions when members of MIGO need help due to various reason and the leadership has stepped up to help them. Also the various CITO projects throughtout the state. Therefore my vote is for MIGO.
  4. Hopefully you have heard from someone by now, if not you might try to MIGO (Michigan Geocaching Organization) website. I know there are a few cachers in the Monroe area. Hopefully you will find someone to help you out.
  5. We will be venturing to Mississippi the first week in February and wanted to get some input on interesting caches there. More than likely we will be spending most of time in Philadelphia, but plan on a day or two trip to Biloxi. Any help would be appreciated,
  6. The page is definitely down. I can't get there from either computer in my home, so its not me. Hopefully it is up soon so I can get my cache logged.
  7. Help I can't get the page to load to log my cache. It keeps saying internal error. Is it me or the caching place?
  8. Okay we got an email asking if we would like to order the 2nd edition and we responded. However we never got a follow up email for us to pay. Are we still on the list or did we miss out? Jbirdwheels Flint, MI
  9. Never mind. We are a little dense at times which could account for our difficulty finding micros sometimes.
  10. One of my family members is trying to log the EU geocoin but it keeps stating that there isn't a match. It lets us locate it, but won't allow for the log, stating that there isn't a match.
  11. If there are any left we would like 2 as well.
  12. We got ours in the mail today. Definitely interested in another one if you decide to continue. How about a beagle?
  13. You can add us to the list. We will gladly take 2. When is the expected release date so we can check back. We don't check the forums on a regular basis.
  14. We are looking for someone that might be willing to help us complete this locationless cache. The Coords for our team name are: N52 47.394 (Jbirdwheels). Thanks for the help in advance. Jbirdwheels Flint, MI
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