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How Many Of Each Coin Was Made?


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Dreamin'Eagle coin


250 antique bronze (200 sold 50 bought by me)

50 antique silver

Now that the problem has been hammered out, and I know the outcome, I will be honest and post the slight change in numbers. Due to a slight over sell of my coins TheCachingPlace had to "buy" back several from me to cover all of the coins, which left me an overage of money. So to appease my horrible curiousity I asked to have a couple of coins made in the black nickel just to see what it would look like. so the new final production numbers are as follows:


250 antique bronze


50 antique silver


and 10 black nickel.


not really to sure what I will do with the BN yet but just wanted to be upfront and honest with everyone. Hope noone is mad about it.

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I copied it into my Excel, it was an excellant start to a list I wanted but I can see how this can be overwhelming to upkeep! I went to the cachingplace and just started adding editions and only did 3 pages from their database and I had to quit and get some real work done. Of course , there was no edition number info but a few I was able to find from original postings.

AG, it sounds like perhaps you have some kind of database going for edition runs? Maybe I can forward what I have so far and they can fill in the blanks. If anyone else needs it, I can forward what I have so far, although it is way out of date, considering all the numerous editions in the past months!

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Great, how about just adding something to the bottom saying that I started it. :D


tada! :D

Looks great! Thank you. Here's hoping you're able to keep it updated better than I was.

Now that there is some new energy on this, I'll try again. Third times a charm, right?


pdxmarathonman polished gold -> 250

pdxmarathonman polished nickel -> 40

pdxmarathonman antique gold -> 10 (charity auction only)

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