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  1. The coins I sent out this week to Germany, UK 1 @ 1 5/8 Love Geocoins wt 1.4 oz #000 Bublle 0.3 oz + packing = 2 oz = $1.70 2 coin shipping wt was about 3.4 oz so 4 oz = $3.35 3 coin shipping wt was about 4.8oz so 5 oz = $4.20
  2. Love Geocoins 125 Polished Nickel 375 Polished Gold Geocaching.com Trackable W/Icon Released January 2006
  3. All coins have been shipped as of today 1-23-06. Activation codes are with the coins. Please let me know when you receive your coins. Thanks Tom
  4. Cost for shipping to Germany UK ect. are: Canada is less International letter Air Mail 2 oz $1.70 3 oz $ 2.55 4 oz $ 3.35 5 oz $4.20 6 oz $ 5.05 small Global Priority Flat rate up to 4 lbs $ 5.25 large Global Priority Flat rate up to 4 lbs $ 9.50 The letter air mail coins I have sent have been taking a week to receive. Camp Explorer
  5. " Is that delivered to you, or to those of us that ordered them? I am moving mid February." That would be to me, but it won't take too long to ship. I will note that you are moving.
  6. The Love Geocoins are due to be delivered at the end January. Coins are still available. LEs are SOLD OUT See first post to order.
  7. All Three versions have epoxy. I ordered without. All of the Polished coins: 2 Tone (30), Gold (35) and Nickel (35) are not numbered. The front side is nice in the polished finish but the back shows better with antique finish. Yes I wanted to get an idea how these coins looked in differant finishes.
  8. The Love Geocoins are going into production. This is the Icon The LE have been SOLDOUT There are still regular coins available for purchase. Please read first post for ordering information.
  9. The artwork is ready and the 500 PC tracking numbers have been received from Groundspeak. The custom Icon has also been sent to Groundspeak. When I know more I will update here. The LE have been SOLDOUT There are still regular coins available for purchase. Please read first post for ordering information. The revese side will be a non-painted geocaching logo.
  10. There will be 500 coins made. 125 LE SOLDOUT 375 Regular Edition They will have a custom icon as well Tom
  11. As of right now 300 coins will be minted with 225 Reg and 75 LE. All LE are gone up to the 125 Max Email to order with Email Button below or through profile. With: Number of regular coins you would like. Paypal email to bill to. GC Nick. Thanks Camp Explorer
  12. Invoices are going out slowly. I need to keep the LE ordered in line with the the Regular Edition. If I fail to do this then the differance would be more like 60/40. I have the max of 125 LE spoken for with the 500 coin minting. As stated all along 25% will be LE. Thanks Tom
  13. At this point 70 LE are spoken for and 100 Regular. My plans are 25% of the coins to be LE That means 185 and 65 LE as of now to be produced. When posting please order Reg only and if a LE becomes availible I will make one LE unless you say you don't want LE. No payment will be ask for until all details are worked out. Thanks Camp Explorer
  14. HI My name is Camp Explorer and I’m addicted. Sorry wrong thread. I have a new coin in the works and want to get an idea of how many to order. This is not a personal coin just one I hope people will enjoy! edit: Size will be 1 5/8'' or ~ 42mm Trackable as a Personal coin. With possible icon if 500 are sold. MAX number of coins would be 500. If 500 are sold I will pay for the Icon. Heart with the G if possible. 125 LE if 500 coins are produced 1 per person or group. 65 LE if 250 coins are produced 1 per person or group. The prices I'm looking at, still waiting for cost. Ifthe cost more everyone will be informed. LE $8.00 Limit one. Reg $7.50 each US shipping $1.50 first coin $0.50 each additional coin International shipping in works. If you would like to get on the preorder list please Email me at bottom of this post with: Subject:Love Geocoins GC Name: Number of coins & type: If LE gone number of coins: Paypal email address: Camp Explorer The back side will be Geocaching.com metal finish This is in the beginning stages and subject to GC review and approval. The artwork is subject to revision.
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