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  1. Presale ends tomorrow, if you want one, better get it now...
  2. Hi LA, I replied to your email, but it bounced. I mailed Ruud back, thanks for the heads up. Not sure what the deal is, but some people can't see the site. If you can't see it, email me and I'll get you going the right direction.
  3. If you need a shipping quote for outside the US, PM me and I'll get you a price.
  4. Hi Eltada, There's nothing wrong with the link It's the web adress itself that doesn't work from here. I have no idea why not, but I keep getting the message 'no permission to acces this server or forbidden 304 Tried ot from different computers as well... Well, I'll see a picture one day If the link doesn't work for you, go to the geocachingmaine.org website and follow the coin link on the right side of the page.
  5. The LE coin is sold out, but preorders are being taken for the regular coin until October 5th. If you are having trouble accessing the link, email me and I'll try to find a workaround.
  6. We are down to 10 of the LE coins.
  7. Didn't mean to question anyone's integrity but it did look strange to see sooooo many LEs available. Glad to see it was just a typo. Any idea of the timetable for minting and delivery? The vendor is anticipating a 3 week delivery time from the Oct 6 close date. Once I have them here, I'll shovel them out the door as fast as possible.
  8. I think I fixed it, there are 20 LE coins left from the 50.
  9. Droo, you were right. Thanks for pointing that out. There are only 50 LE being sold, but the webstore is showing over 960 available. I'm trying to fix it, but the site owner is in bed (night shift). I hope to fix the problem soon.
  10. I started having problems after my last Safari update. Couldn't load caches to my 60CSx, browser told me that the Garmin plugin was not found. Reloaded Garmin software with same results. Found out in another forum that removing "flip4mac" fixes the problem. Flip4mac is a Windows Media Player for Safari. There is an uninstaller program in the flip4mac folder, worked like a charm. Now I'll see what program complains that flip4mac is missing!
  11. Can you put a TB number on the coin and just not issue the TB tag, in effect transferring the tag number to the coin?
  12. Last weekend for ordering. Orders close at the end of Monday. Trackable with an icon for $5.75, can't beat it!!!
  13. One week to go. Ordering ends on Aug 20th.
  14. Grand Canyon Mt. Rushmore Ellis Island/Statue of Liberty Hollywood California Golden Gate Bridge Philadelphia, PA
  15. Grand Canyon Mt. Rushmore Ellis Island/Statue of Liberty Mississippi River? (Lots of i's) Golden Gate Bridge Philadelphia, PA
  16. Grand Canyon Mt. Rushmore Ellis Island/Statue of Liberty Lincoln Memorial Golden Gate Bridge Philadelphia, PA
  17. Down to 10 days left on this one. Get 'em while they're hot!
  18. We don't have Babe in Bangor, but we do have a 35' Paul Bunyan statue in fiberglass right on Main Street in front of the Bangor Auditorium. At one point (I think around 1850) Bangor was considered the lumber capitol of the world and many thought it would be one of the big cities like New York and L.A. If you visited now, you'd see that didn't really pan out, but it's a nice place to live and cache.
  19. If the person in question has a high number of cache finds, GC can use the threat of cancelling his membership to bring him around. How many 'high number' cachers would be willing to start from 0 finds?
  20. The last time I did this USPS had a 'global priority mail' for (I think) $5.00 for international envelope. I don't think they have it anymore, need to contact the local post office Monday to see if they have a flat rate solution. If not, I'll have to quote international orders by hand, give me a shout.
  21. Maine is in the works too and will be trackable.
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