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  1. Now that I'm allowed to play again. To all that purchase a coin, I thank you. To those that have sent me note of appreciation, I thank you. To those that expressed their opinion, I thank you. To those that expressed a disagreement with the moderator, I thank you but, he was correct. I did post personal information in the form of the e-mail address. And for that I admit, I made a mistake, I was punished and I took my medicine. As far as using the term e site instead of ebay I'll have to fault the moderator for thinking that I was doing something wrong. He obviously didn't read the posts before making a judgement. Start with the top post where in the first line I identified that I was selling on e-bay. How anyone could assume that by the use later of e site I thought I was doing anything wrong is beyond me. But even the mods can make mistakes. At this point it's over. Hope you all enjoy your coins.
  2. Well I appreciate your opinion. I spent most of my adult life ensuring you had the riights to it. As far as a for profit coin. I do believe almost every coin out there is a for profit coin, starting with GC.com's coin. I didn't hide anything. I was very open and honest as to what I was doing and the fact that I was funding my personal stash with the sales of the rest. I don't think it is any different then an individual buying three at a fixed price and then selling two on ebay for profit to cover the cost of the third coin so that in the end their collection cost them nothing. What I don't understand is that if you are not interested in geocoins what are you doing trolling on the coin thread. Just trying to incite an arguement. Well none found here. You have a right to your opinion, and I don't really care what you think. The coins are sold and it's a done deal. Those that purchase one seem to be very happy with their purchase, which is what a quality coin is all about. So again thanks for your opinion. I'm sure that it means a lot to the other cachers here.
  3. One Left- Individual refused to pay after winning the auction. It is currenlty on the "E" site and will be sold by the end of the night.
  4. Why thank you, I do my own design work. Currently, I'm sold out of the coins. I may have a few more available in a week or two depending upon what is left over from my Minnesota allocation.
  5. To all that have purchase I'd like to say thank you. The last three coins are currently available on the e site. The remainer are currently allocated to Minnesota residents. If the elect in the next couple of weeks not to purchase them I'll make them available. Again thanks.
  6. Thanks for the great comments and the PMs I've been getting. Reminder activate your coins at www.geocoinclub.com Arctic
  7. I'm posting this warning here because my wifes refuses to post a negative feed back on the e site. Her reason is because the buyer would just post a negative feed back on her. Well the first of the SLUG has decided to come out. One of the first auction winners has decided not to pay. Ended: Sep-04-06 17:13:18 PDT Shipping costs: US $2.00 US Postal Service First Class Mail® Ships to: Worldwide Item location: Minnesota, United States History: 8 bids Winning bidder: <personal information removed by moderator> Upon winning he replied to the invoice: The buyer will pay you US $27.10 via money order. Buyer's Postal Code: 20190 After repeated contacts today I received the following: From: <personal information removed by moderator> Sent: Monday, September 18, 2006 7:14 PM To: my e-mail address Subject: RE: Message from eBay Member Regarding Item #330024312193 I'm passing on this one. Sorry about the inconvenience. Well he's a SLUG. His gc.com profile also <personal information removed by moderator> says he's an avid geocoin collector. Well he should know better then to bid on a coin, win and then refuse to pay. Seller's beware.
  8. Thanks, it means a lot that you feel that way. It took me quite a while to figure out a design that truly stood out. Your comment shows me that I achieved that goal. Arctic
  9. Coins have shipped to the following: Ertman fireman121 flcacher Scobey dliming Mohr 15Tango dmnrec onionpond pfalstad loneeagle_24 sir_zman fidian IBCrashin AtlantaGal bowsgeocache There are currently 6 left for MN residents and 17 left available on the "e" site. The rest have been spoken for but payment has not been received yet. Thanks All
  10. Got your letter today. They will go out in the mail this weekend.
  11. Thanks for picking up the two you did. I've got the packaged and ready to ship. Maybe next time I'm up there we can actually meet.
  12. AtlantaGal, thanks for the purchase. Your order has shipped.
  13. GBOTS, I'm not really interested in trading, I only collect those coins that really strike my fancy or have some realted meaning to me. But we Infantry types do have to stick together. 22 years Airborne. Follow Me.
  14. Just wanted to let you all know that I've got 30 or so of my personal geocoins going up on e-bay over the next couple of weeks. Currently, there are 3 up for sale on e-bay. I'm not a collector so I'm not really interested in trading, but you can PM me if you would like and I'll at least listen to what you offer. If the local cachers in the area don't want them then they will be offered here. Here's what it looks like. I decided to make this coin to celebrate my 4000th find. The design of the coin is representative of my caching history and my background. Here are some of the details of the coin. Manufacture: Personal Geocoins (www.personalgeocoins.com) Size: 1.5 inches in diameter 3.5 mm thick Material: Shiny Gold Front Side Art: American Flag and Paratrooper Rim Color: Maroon Front Side Tag Line: Arcticabn (my cache name) and Arctic Airborne’s Geocoin Back Side Art: World Map and Blue Ocean on Black Field Inside Art Text: 4000 Finds, 12 Countries, 28 States Rim Color: Maroon Back Side Tag Line: The World Is My Playground and Airborne All The Way! The rim, all text, and world is all raised Shiny Gold. Weight: 1.1oz This coin is Geocaching.com trackable but does not have a unique icon (personal coin icon). All coins are unactivated (activation through www.geocoinclub.com). Total Number Minted: 100 Total Number Available: I get to keep 20, 50 to Minnesota Geocachers, 30 eBay (more will be offered externally if the local cachers don't want them). I decided strictly on ebay since I don't have enough to offer one to all that would like. I don't like first come first serve since the available quantity is so limited and means that if you are not constantly reading the forums you miss out. So anouncing here and selling there seemed the best option. Thanks for your understanding. Arctic
  15. I did plan on bring some to MOGA this year if we have any left. Those that I bring down will be selling for the same price as the rest $7.00. I'll probalby still have at least 10 or so left to bring.
  16. All coins were sent out on 23 January.
  17. Minnesota Geocaching Association (MnGCA) Geocoin 2006 Shiny Silver - 1200 Shiny Gold - 60
  18. We at the MnGCA really appreciate all of the great comments we have been receiving both here and by direct contact. We strived to provide a high quality coin and your comments seem to bear out that we achieved that goal. Just so every one knows. A few copies of a limited edition version of this coin (shiny gold with numbers under 60) will be available on the E site in the near future. Thanks again. Arctic
  19. As the Geocion Committee Chair for the MnGCA I actually understand the GC.com policy. I don't necessarily like or agree with it but I do understand it. I am also glad that our coin was completed before the policy went into effect. And yes I have a question for Jeremy or the admins. Geocaching.com is the leading site in the world for geocaching and the gathering of geocachers world wide. You started it and I'm sure that you are not to worried at this time about mataining that lead. As such the geocoin craze that has abound for the last couple of years was started here. I can understand not wanting to use up your bandwidth to support the sales that don't contribute to your site. But your patrons continue to grow because of things you do and that they do. Why can you not allow individual and organization to post simple links to their developed coin? I'm not talking about a manufacturing posting a link or even the we do it all sites. But if I want to inform our group that I've created a new coin and provide the link it does little to your bandwidth. Since I had made the decision not to make it trackable it doesn't take away from your bandwidth. It keeps the community together and unfractured. It also provides your patrons a single source to support each other. It seems that the benefits far outway the losses. A simple forum that allows an individual or Geocaching Organization to post a link is all I am talking about. Moderation would be easy and the forum does not require discussion. It's nothing more then anouncements. If a moderator finds a link to a commercial site then the link could be edited out. But If the link is to an information page hosted at my own geocaching organization then all you are doing is providing a service that your customer base seems to what. In either event, the golden rule here applies. We don't have any choice but to follow those rules.
  20. GI Joe. No I think you have it backwards. The action figure was modeled after me.
  21. No it's not a stupid question. The MnGCA did purchase a few extra coins. Our intent it to offer them to members of the organization first. However, if we don't sell them all they will be offered to the public. If your interested being on the waiting list you can send me an e-mail with a request to be placed on the waiting list. mngca-coin@charter.net
  22. As of 1700 hrs CST today ALL orders for MnGCA Geocoins are in the hands of the United States Postal Service. I would expect that US based orders should be arriving by this coming weekend. All overseas order were sent Air Mail and should arrive within 5-7 working days. But I think that also depends upon your local mail services as well. We the members of the MnGCA do appreciate your support in the purchase of our coin. We hope that you find them to be of a high quality and worth the wait. Thank you. Arcticabn
  23. Here's the best I can do for a picture. It doesn't do the coin justice. But at least you can see that it is real.
  24. I'll see what I can do. But the picture I tried to take wasn't very good. Because of the shiny nature of the coin it reflects the flash. If I don't use a flash and try side lighting all you see is the reflection of the camera and me in the coin. I'll try again and see what I can come up with. If all goes well the first shipment will be in the mail on Monday.
  25. FLASH NOTICE At 1700 hours yesterday I received the shippment of geocoins from the manufacture. I will have all of the coins packaged for shipment by the middle of this coming week. Because I have over 300 orders to ship, I will not be able to get them all shipped in one day. It's going to take a few days after work going to the post office to get them all out. Hopefully, I should have them all out by the end of next weekend. I'll keep everyone posted. I would expect that all of the stateside orders will be iin your hands within the next two weeks. The overseas orders will probalby take a little longer. Again thanks for all of your support. Arctic
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