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What Was In Your Mailbox Today!


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Yesterday in the mailbox a package from HogWildStuff containing:

Mama Cache (BN and Silver)

GeocoinFest The Great Texas Round up (Gold and Silver)

and for rattusbaggus' upcoming 6th Birthday a Nickel TGBear geocoin.


And in the mailbox on Saturday was:

2007 All Seasons Caching - Winter (BN & Antique Silver)

2007 All Seasons Caching - Spring (BN & Antique Silver)

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Headed out to the mailbox expecting the normal bills BUT was really surprised to find a bubbler as well! As I'm walking back (well, trotting in anticipation actually), I sneak a peek at the name on the mailer...PengoFamily?


I get back inside, grab the scissors and carefully cut the end open to reveal the note and coin inside...a GREAT Midnight FTF Attempt coin from NAOMI (Mousekakat)!! Seems Naomi won this in a cointest hosted by Chantal, asked that the coin be sent to me instead...you two are AWESOME!!! Great looking coin!!! THANK-YOU!!


Naomi, you do know that I'm going to find a way to pay you back for bringing me this joy...right?? Some day...somehow! THANK-YOU with all my heart!! This is one of the best days I've had in the last few weeks!!


I was also approved for unemployment today...whew!! Now for the 3 week wait!

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Don't pay me back, Roddy, pay it forward!


When I first got here I had nothing to trade and no coins, just a desire to be a part of this place and try to get myself established.


Because of some incredible people I now have a collection of about 30 trackables and a few wonderful non-trackables that I just adore.


This was the first opportunity I had to pay it forward, and hopefully it won't be the last!


I'm so glad that you enjoyed the coin and that it brought a smile to your day...and that you got approved for unemployment! That has to be a load off your back!



Naomi B)

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A gift from Mr.Explorer3.


The enclosed note:


Here is just a little surprise to brighten up the day.

I randomly grabbed your name from the online list. It is no mystery coin buty, hey, you get a free coin.




Random acts of kindness are great!



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Yesterday I received:


:) 3 of the 6 new Tranquility coins (blue, red and nickel on copper) - so pretty


:D FrozenBuns personal geocoin (Gold, Nickel and Ant. Silver) - awesome!! I've always admired Beverly's avatar, and now it's on a coin!(Well... some of it is :))

:D and some other awesome goodies (Pogs, sunnies, whistles and more), also from FrozenBuns, for rattusbaggus. Thank you very much Beverly! You made one little boys Halloween! Hmm... and on big boys too! :)

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