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What Was In Your Mailbox Today!


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finally some coins!!


i've been going thru major withdrawal as i've cut back on buying coins


trade package from keewee :


v1 Geo-Jellies : Kiwi Fruit (glitter) and Kiwi Fruit (two tone swirl)

v2 Geo-Jellies : keewee fruit (green and black glitter swirl on black nickel) and Aotearoa (white w/ rainbow glitter swirl on black nickel)

plus 2 NZ keychains, a Kiwi keychain, and a stuffed kiwi :( Thanks!!


Rebel Jedi GeoTag


wire wrapped Karma coin

Red Seahorse

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Bills...bills...bills...oh and bills!


If it makes you feel any better, we got the same *sighs*


Micke is in the office right now trying to figure out how to rob Peter to pay Paul and make this month's pay stretch to cover it :(


I hear ya! It's gonna be a cold winter the way the oil prices jumped today...$90.46 a barrel....YIKES!! Gas jumped a whopping 8.8 cents on the market, better fill up quick, the pump prices will soon follow!


I'm scraping up the money to buy the butterfly coins I ordered. Might as well get one last treat and those are some great coins!! :(


Sorry all, back to your usual programming!

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Today was a quite good day!


- Geocachingdragon Antique Bronze with silver Dragon and green eye :) wow, what a beautiful coin :) , thanks for the trade!

- and a Carion Crow, thanks for that, I wasn't expecting this wone :D:D


And some Cacher Tags from Castle Man, they are so beautiful and cheap, I couldn't resist when I saw the "sixpack" offer :D I can't buy 3 TB-tags for the same money here in Germany (including shipping in both cases) :)

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Pirates of Harriman IV (AC/silver, green gem) <---- hubby's favorite

Pirates of Harriman IV (AG/silver, blue gem) <---- My favorite :D

and a cute Tadpole sig item :) Thanks Jackie!!!


Glad they arrived safely!!


And today I got a Sunset Edition PengoFamily coin in trade and a Jsam cache tag.


Thanks for the trade!!



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