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  1. WooHoo! Package received! Thank you SO much for all the sparklies! LOL, and I'm enjoying one of the "packing peanuts" as I type . I'll post a pic when I get back to my 'puter at home. Thanks again, you really sweetened my day!
  2. 1. Participating: yep 2. Received Name: yep 3. Mission Complete: yep - Mailed today, priority. 4. Package Received! Woohoo... Happy Halloween's on its' way
  3. 1. Participating - Yep! 2. Received Name -9/15/08 - Research in progress 3. Mission Complete 4. Package Received! Oooohh, this is SO much fun!
  4. I think it's great! Reminded me of Hannibal Lecter's line in Silence of the Lambs (I think it was).... "I do wish we could chat longer, but I'm having an old friend for dinner". Yes, I do have a sometimes twisted sense of humor... plus, I loved that movie. Back to my corner now....
  5. Woohoo... one adult (that's sometimes questionable!) participating 1. Participating: Yep, sign me up! 2. Received Name: 3. Mission Complete: 4. Package Received:
  6. When I saw the thread title I knew I'd want a couple... just based on past years Halloween coins. Looking forward to seeing the design....
  7. Me too... can I play? Actually, this will be my first mission .
  8. This is really a tough issue to resolve. I recently participated in my first trade-forums trade. I dutifully sent my coin off the day after the trade was agreed to. The recipient has acknowledged receiving the coin I sent, but over 3 weeks later I am still waiting for my half of the equation to arrive. (It's a US to US mailing). Mind you, the "other half" of this trade is a well respected coiner with an EXCELLENT trade record, and I'm a relative unknown... a newbie trader. I think it's hard to find "fault" in a situation like this. Am I being premature in posting this after "only" 3 weeks... possibly, but I haven't been told when my coin was sent out, and I would think that after over 3 weeks the coin would either be delivered, or returned to the sender. Lesson learned... continue to leave my extra coins in caches as gifts for future finders. In that way, I've already "written off" the coin and have the satisfaction of knowing that someone will get an unanticipated find... and I dont continue stalking my mailman .
  9. Hmmm, it's 2:30 +/- CA time and I was just able to place a pre- order for a gold beach flipflops coin. When I first logged on to the site, the nickel LE were still listed, but when I placed an order the listing was no longer there. That's okay, I wanted the gold ones anyway .
  10. Wow! I'm glad this thread got bumped up. I was working at a large animal evacuation shelter when this thread was started and completely missed this coin. Yep, there's a cache I've been to 4... count 'em...4 times. I know the cache is there because others have found it. It runs about 50/50 for find/dnf. Placed an order a few minutes ago... I feel I've "earned" this coin .
  11. Wow, some incredible suggestions.... one of these days we're hoping to head from the Lake Tahoe area up to Portland, Oregon and thereabouts. I've seen some great suggestions that we can try to incorporate into our trip. Some of my favorite places in California have already been mentioned... Lake Tahoe, Yosemite top the list, as well as Big Sur (perhaps a bit too far south). If you happen as far south as San Francisco, a must do cache is GCGH5J, Columba. I had it on my "to do" list for a couple of years and it was well worth the 7 hour roundtrip drive we recently took just for the one cache! If you get as far south into CA as SF or even Lake Tahoe, give a holler. We're halfway between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe, in the gold country foothills.
  12. New mission? Did someone mention a new mission? Hopefully I'll be home long enough this time to actually get to participate!
  13. Dang... missed out... again. Took my tractor over to our neighbors property to grade their driveway and completely missed out on the first sale. Oh, well, there's always tomorrow. Besides, it WAS fun playing on the tractor!
  14. Nice design... I'd definitely be interested.
  15. My coins arrived today and they are absolutely beautiful .
  16. Thanks for the update... I snuck in under the wire and ordered a couple of the silver. Can't wait to see them in-hand. Now... trade the extra or leave it in a cache for a great next-to-find gift?
  17. Thanks for the update! I STILL believe a quality coin is worth the wait .
  18. Wow, awesome coins! Both versions are beautiful, but that gold one.... stunning! I'm betting there will be some very happy (lucky?) recipients. Already looking forward to reading the threads to come....
  19. Well, if the forum moderators are going to take up the task of labeling ALL threads, here's a few categories for ya in addition to mission/cointest/race! Mystery coins: OHPLEASEGIVEMEONE Testing the waters for new coin ideas: COINSIDERING Boasting about upcoming coins: COINDNTHELPMYSELF What the heck have I done/should I do with this coin I found?: WTHCOINFUSION Donate coins to my event!: ALMSFORTHEPOOR Looking to trade for/buy older coins: GIMMEEOLDCOINS Looking to trade for/buy recent coins: GIMMEECOINS Selling older trackable coins: MORTGAGEDUE Storing/organizing: COINPILEBEGONE I don't like this coin/person: COINFU I'm sure there are more! LOL, now THIS is funny . I love the titles...
  20. And in caches. Our Roddy's YIME came from a cache here in Pittsburgh. It's been sitting in our collection for two years, and most recently was put in our coin binder about a year ago. We were thrilled to find it, but we knew Roddy would appreciate it even more! We can finally breathe a sigh of relief that it made it! A truely generous gift. My hat is off to you!
  21. WHOOHOO! Congratulations Roddy! What an awesome gift to receive, and how wonderful of lindsychris.... such a generous gift. These forums and the friends made here really are remarkable.
  22. Wow, those are pretty awesome snowflakes. Too bad it's so far away, it seems like a great place to visit. I completely lack any artistic talent of any nature.
  23. Congrats to all the lucky winners! Oh, and just thought I'd add.... I missed the sale and wish I hadn't, but even more than that, I hope they make a copper version of this awesome coin.
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