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  1. Just got an Oregon 450 with the REI special. Loaded these icons and they look great! Thank you. Hope this helps others with a 'bump' up.
  2. From the User Manual PDF you can upload finds and field notes directly to GC.com just like the iPhone App. I don't have one yet, but I'm looking at getting one.
  3. Mission is on it's way!!! Will post pics later. Thx for your patience-Little Lizard
  4. Sorry to all the jr. agents waiting on mission news. This has been a VERY busy time for us as LittleLizard's big brother (General Viper) just returned from training at Ft. Knox and has been getting ready to enter military college. We moved him in to college yesterday and we will be sending the mission out next week, as things will settle down. Thank you for your understanding. backhiker and LittleLizard
  5. Whoo Hoo LittleLizard has received the mission. He opened it with his secret decoder ring Will post pics and send on soon!
  6. Saw the beginnings of this at Geocoinfest. The final product is a wow! Nice job!
  7. Today I got crabs! These are very nice Karma. General Viper really likes his "plebe" version
  8. LittleLizard would like to participate. (all his communication goes through me...) He loves the cache box with the gadget guy from club penguin. (I have no idea what he is talking about - guess its a kid thing)
  9. What a cool idea! Definitely need to tuck that one away for fall. Onewithwild- I just did a presentation for the Cub/Boyscout Roundtable, have handouts for Geocaching 101 if you want them send me your email addy privatetly and will send a word file to you.
  10. I'm in. But nothing will refresh. Poor Steph, looks like we're in for it again...
  11. Tsun, just for your info... I was just able to go into your site, log in and put the test item in my cart. Hope this is helpful info. BTW I am using Firefox version 3.0.9.
  12. Here Comes The Rain Again - Eurythmics glad it's not raining here but boy is it HOT. Had to come in and cool down... thank for the cointest.
  13. Thanks for the update. I am so sorry. What a time to give up Nutella or maybe you need something stronger... best wishes.
  14. Poor Steph, this must be so nerve wracking for her....
  15. Argh I can't get on either. It keeps trying then errors. I went in and created my account and all earlier. This is a nightmare I stayed in on this beautiful day just so I wouldn't miss this sale. Guess it's going to happen again....
  16. I homeschool my kiddos so this year on Earth Day we will all be going to the Nockamixon state park for a trail cleanup. We pick a different local park each year.
  17. Hi AA, Welcome to the forum! It is a glitch in GC right now. They are working on the problem. In the meantime if you are the owner of the coin you can click on "recalculate miles" found under the logging box. You will need to do this each time it moves for miles until the problem is fixed. Hope this helps! It did for me as I was having the same problem...
  18. Hi Joni, met you at Geocoinfest. I am so sorry you are in the hospital Get better and stay away from the hospital food! backhiker
  19. Happy Birthday!!! Ok you are all going to laugh at this one. I can't believe I am even going to tell ... When I was a very young teen, my grandmother took me to see the Osmond Brothers. Donny was a huge crush at that time. It was the first time Jimmy (the youngest Osmond who was my age at the time) appeared in public. Wow am I dating myself
  20. reminds me of my favorite kid toy, Spirograph! Unique coin
  21. LittleLizard says Thank you! He wants to be the first person to place a cache in space. Hmmm sounds like a good book
  22. I asked LittleLizard age 8 and here is his answer: 1) Star Wars a Journey Though Space - who can argue with riding in a spaceship around the Galaxies! 2nd Choice) Magic Tree House 'Afternoon in the Amazon' by Mary Pope Osborne - this is a story about 2 children who find a magic tree house that transports you to locations inside books stored in the tree house. Guess my son wants to travel!
  23. Wow I didn't know you could do that thanks rsg! See you can learn something new everyday
  24. I really like that you put the universal scouting symbol on the front. Very nice.
  25. I know this won't be a popular answer, but I would like to see reservations come back. I have missed several of your sales, today because they sold out while I was at church, sorry God first. I was sort of surprised the coins where sold out so fast since they weren't the ET's. Anyway your sincerity is refreshing, but I hate to see you so worked up over it. Just and know that so many people connect and love your designs! ps I don't think you ever have to worry about one of your coins NOT selling
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