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I made one of the early posts that mentioned a Utah buying group. One of the later posts, by Redwing_dave, also mentioned our COOL buying group. They are one and the same. You can cancel the number I mentioned early on (35, I think). I believe most all of our members have already cancelled their individual orders. Sorry about the confusion.



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The coin is actually 2" in diameter to cover the different details on it. (I hope this isn't too big for everyone's cache bag :D


Here is the link to order the coins:




I am ordering the coins tonight and they should start shipping by Labor Day.

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#Coins $ for coins Shipping Paypal (+2.9% +0.30 fee)Insurance (+1.30)

1 $5.50 $1.00 $6.99 $8.29

2 $11.00 $1.25 $12.65 $13.95

3 $16.50 $1.50 $18.31 $19.61

4 $22.00 $1.75 $23.97 $ 25.27

5 $27.50 $2.00 $29.63 $30.93

6 $33.00 $2.25 $35.29 $36.59

7 $38.50 $2.50 $40.95 $42.25

8 $44.00 $2.75 $46.61 $47.91

9 $49.50 $3.00 $52.26 $53.56

10 $55.00 $3.25 $57.92 $59.22


11+ coins I will figure out the shipping and email you a total.

I will send all coins via USPS.

We can't be responsble for lost coins or cash in the mail. If you want

insurance please get it!


If you are mailing a check please send it to :

Randy Gerth

9707 117th PL NE

Kirkland, WA 98033





Please include your caching name and number of coins on the subject title.

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