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  1. Are you going online or are you using the LOC files to look up hints w/o going on line?
  2. Our Eugene (Oregon) Geocachers group just had an event cache at a local restaurant. We INVITED the bomb squad. It was an enlightening meeting. They shared their concerns and how they evaluate unknown containers for the possibility of danger. These people put their own lives on the line- we are part of the problem when geocaches are placed near locations that can be rated as a 'target"- this would be gates, openings that specific people might walk through and have a bomb detonated, etc. THe bomb squad members thanks us for inviting them, they brought samples of containers that were actually bomb-type material, wires, etc. It opened our eyes and helped our entire group see how to better place caches that work for all. It is selfish and self-serving for geocachers to make fun of bomb squads these days. They are in a tough situation that is politically managed- if they make one small mistake and allow a bomb to get through their fingers, they are damned by the media and politicians. Placing geocaches on bridges, next to important transportation structures, and military bases, etc, is no longer wise. Yes, the geocacher can be arrested and fined (not to mention being billed for the BSquad time) for stupid placements. I would hate to see cities ban caches being hidden in city property, etc. This could happen. Please- invite your regional bomb squad to a gathering and start talking- it is the best for everybody involved. Strutting and talking tough, making comments about bomb squad folks being stupid, etc makes geocachers sound childish and immature, not to mention irresponsible. Lotus72 yes, whose geocache was blown up by our bomb squad because of my silly placement- I have learned
  3. I would like to get 5 coins (in Eugene, OR)! Many thanks, Lotus72
  4. Thanks for the ideas! I did download the update for the unit, but I could not install it as it could not communicate. I suspect the unit is defective and might try to return it. I just wanted to find out if I was missing the obvious or what others had already figured out! Thanks, Lotus72
  5. I am frustrated with my new 60cs. As much as I love the unit, I can't get it to connect to my PC. It did the first could of times, now it can't connect to the PC. I have tried it on an older Dell laptop (2 years old), a new Fujitsu, and 2 different XP desktops. It is not recognized. When I spoke to Garmin about it two different times, they state it must be incompatible with my computers. This is crazy! A $500 unit should not be having this problem. I use City Select maps with mine and was able to upload some maps 2 weeks ago, now it won't work on anything. Have others run into this? I have ruled out USB cord failure, USB port failure, etc. Have others had similar problems? How did you go about fixing the issue? Lotus72
  6. It seems that many of us would like to have a balanced presentation. WHy don't we create a couple of them for fair use? We could include video or anything else within it- we could end up creating a powerful pointpoint- a true collaboration/ Anyone game? Qwill
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