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    ^v^ Coin

    I think Either way they would look great
  2. Recieved my very sharp looking coin today, but only received 1 of the 2 I was to get..
  3. Sent Payment when I got home last night. Thanks and Happy Caching
  4. Put me down for 2 screws please... Ok now who is gonna make the nuts
  5. lol i gave up on MS paint and went and used a diff program worked fine then
  6. Thats the same problem i have I get a Grey Color instead of Pinkish color...
  7. Payment Sent VIA Paypal Thanks and Happy Caching
  8. Id be interested in 2-3 trackable or not
  9. Paid Via Paypal.. Thanks again. Happy Caching
  10. Same here I would be more then Happy to pay for 2.. Thanks Again to Who ever donated for the coins to be made.
  11. Im post Military, Did a few military excersies in Kuwait and did one into Iraq at night back in 93.. My older brother on the other hand was there and he is back in the US his hummer got hit with a RPG. Nothing was left from it but him.. He had to get Skin graphs from the wrist down on both hands.. had no skin tissue left.. Im just glad he is alive today.. But please put me down for 2 if you could And Yes He Does Geocache..
  12. I tried to order 3 but my virus program closed the Page on me...
  13. Received My first 5 today.. Had to order some more to give away at a event I hope I can attend next weekend.. Thanks for a great looking coin
  14. I would Like 2 if Possible.. Thanks have a great day
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