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How Old Are You?

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While reading all the topics on this great site and seeing that people are now slowly putting the pictures on there profiles :anibad:


I was wondering how old some of you are :rolleyes:


I am a newbie into this geocaching but i find the exersise and getting out in the fresh air does me good and stops me from sitting in front of this Pc all the time.


But i have a feeling that i might just be the oldest here..


So can we have a age poll {admin please note}


And i will start with my age 63


And yes ladies no hiding behind 'how dare you' :lol:


So from this young 63 year old.......




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I'm at the funny in between age.


I was going to say 'too old to rock 'n roll... to young to die' but you're never too old to r 'n r.


I'm at that age when the kids think I'm old, but I think I'm still 18


(OK, nearly 45.... there, I've said it)

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Sue 41 today  :unsure:

Happy Birthday Sue :huh:


Here's our stats:


Me 44 but going on 6 according to the kids :blink:

Nette's 36 but keeps feeling 44 :huh:

Stephen 15

Stephanie 14 (bad planing there as there's 1year, 1week and 1 day between them, we were aiming for the same day to get the birthdays out the way) :D

Trixie (4PawDrive) 7 we believe, we're not sure as she rescued us :huh:


Dave :D

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