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  1. Searching for caches found by a player with & in their cache name, does not take one to their profile. On one player it returns "We couldn't find any caches that matched your search. Try adjusting your filters and searching again or visit our FAQs for help." Also a player with another player with an & takes one to a completely different player seems to truncate any after the &. It weren't broken..... it is now.
  2. We too thought the earth theme was good and had almost endless potential . Themes are what make us look at the monthly photo thread .
  3. Near GC3Y0XJ Plain or Self-Raising? found on the 2nd Nov 2012 What on Earth!
  4. 3 Favorites Saw this opposite GC329Q5 on the 4th July 2012 "Phone Box, now owned by Longstock Parish Council, has been converted into a book Exchange" , and it is a Grade 2 listed building.
  5. That is the sort of thing we told our sons when they were children. Please tell us If you see a container in or attached to a phone box because it could contain a bugging device,drugs or explosives and we would need to tell the authorities "
  6. Judging by comments on here and Facebook I think most people would be quite content if BT don't reconsider Chris Graculus Volunteer UK Reviewer for geocaching.com UK Geocaching Information & Resources website - www.follow-the-arrow.co.uk UK Geocaching Wiki Geocaching.com Help Center Quite content? No! Happy Bunnnies !
  7. Attachments to rear of British Telecom junction boxes still game we guess.
  8. So off topic,but we are if our front door opened straight out onto a pavement.
  9. New Forest recommendations? One recommendation would be not to rely on a cell phone for cache co-ords because cell phone reception is very patchy.
  10. Flooded Water Medow durning the drought at Wimborne Dorset 2nd May near GC3H4AG "Welcome to Wimborne."
  11. After the Motor Museum experience this cache would take you on an interesting tour of the village GC20VDF A Beautieu-ful Cache 17 fav points too
  12. No idea what this hidden "treasure" is behind the gate near Blind Lane Cache (GC385PE) http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=ba45cfa3-ca0d-4a9c-94de-8b00e84b17b0 found April this year
  13. Our experience is that poly bags on outside of cache containers are so uncommon in Hampsire and Dorset that we cannot recall the last time we found one .
  14. Another one which took the biscuit for me (on Christmas Day in fact). Dog bounds towards me barking... stops in my path starts growling... owner comes up (having ineffectually shouted at said dog who does not stop growling) "It's because you don't have a dog with you".. I was speechless. Well, so all I need to do, is go without a hat or stick, and have my own dog. I've got a stuffed dog, would that do? Oh - just to be clear on this, 1) it isn't mine, it's ladysolly's, and 2) it isn't a dog that has been stuffed, it's a toy dog. But it's quite realistic. Experience is,while caching,a big dog came running across from a distance, and plonked its' front paws on my shoulders.I shouted at big dog as a fear response and dog the owner told me off.It was my fault the dog jumped up because I was frightened? I start raising my voice at the dog owner and he did similar exchanges back . Stopped shouting at dog owner and dog owner re-iterated it was my fault! Shouting exchanges resumed only by then I was so incensed I had gone marching across to dog owner for a close exchange of words! Eventually the dog owner got the message I wanted an apology. But dog owner spoilt the apology with a parting retort(when he was a safe distance away from this little angry woman half his size and twice his age )that he hoped the next dog we met was a rotweiler. (no offence meant to rotweilers,the tone was enough ) Husband with me at the time decided to keep as far away as possible from the proceedings. He has his theories and he's sticking to them.
  15. One problem is that some humans ,not naming names here because he is not here to defend himself ,will fuss and play with dogs that come up to them uninvited .He in question does that less frequently since he was reprimanded by the owner of a young dog who was in the process of training their dog not to go bounding up to strangers and expect a nice fussing.
  16. We two have often found that horses seem to take much interest in such frunctions when performed by us in daylight .[:I]
  17. Ditto all the above . The lastest excuse I've had from the owner of a snarling dog was that their dog wasn't used to seeing someone stood by the bush I was stood by!
  18. We bought a Colman single LED 3W head torch for £12 on line when on half price offer. We were so pleased with it we immediately bought another .Very lightweight and comfy .
  19. Hopefully for you ,rather than just going by age of cache, the first caches to be archived under the 150 rule will caches owned by people who haven't "logged on" to their account for ages .
  20. We gave favorites to lots of archived caches . Some were locationless caches because we enjoyed the info given , followed by our research or keeping eyes open for another example .
  21. Just our opinion if these are trees with some rot associated with them. Straight away we thought of the disturbance to the living quarters of the little creatures that reside in the rotten bits of hollow trees ". I find it hard to muster much sympathy for earwigs. Maybe more sympathy for Stag Beetles. http://www.woodlands.co.uk/blog/wildlife/dead-wood-and-stag-beetles/
  22. Just our opinion if these are trees with some rot associated with them. Straight away we thought of the disturbance to the living quarters of the little creatures that reside in the rotten bits of hollow trees ".
  23. That is the reason we put the date first. Once we've discovered the date, on the thingy that led us to the cache , on a good day we can then just about remember who we are .
  24. What antivirus would you recommend? AVG and since a spot of bother earlier this year SUPERAntispyware free edition sat in the background .
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