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  1. I'm using Memory-Map in conjunction with Memory-Map on my laptop which I have had for some time so have a good map collection for transfer (although both work independently). M-M is an OS product and individual maps are (if I recollect) £12-50. Very pleased with it indeed.
  2. Very many congratulations to Major Trek and Co who hit 400 yesterday - good work guys!
  3. Just one week to go to the third East Anglia Cache Event. Another free-form event with (at the last count) four new caches going live in the area on the day. It also marks the first birthday of the East Anglia Cachers' Forum.
  4. My sons both cache - the more active is mcd1 who is about three months shy of 18. He doesn't cache much but does go without me (two reasons for this: he's away at school and doesn't live with me anyway)
  5. I did a couple of days on the Wall with my son, mcd1, in July and produced a bookmark list for a short section with 18 caches actually on the route. A wee bit of Hadrian's Wall Hope this helps. [edited to remove reference above to Vindolanda cache which is not on the list - a bit of a detour but Vindolanda is terrific)
  6. My guess would be head for somewhere like a Hobbycraft store (from their website I see there is one in MK) - they seem to have millions of beads and I would imagine if you took the lanyard with you you'd find one that fitted. A friend's son lost mine by swirling the lanyard round his head in the woods (grrrrrrrrrrr) and my son, on seeing this, put a tight knot in the end of his lanyard which has worked very well in saving his from hyperactive youths Anyway - good luck.
  7. Apologies for being a bit slow with this but Major Trek & Co hit the 300 milestone on 18th November at Castle Hill Multi. Very well done to the four of you!!
  8. Cheers for that gazooks - onwards and upwards!!
  9. This feature was excellent - and there it was gone. I've looked to see if it has been explained anywhere and drawn a blank. Can someone point me to a thread or give me a clue as to where they've gone please!
  10. Thanks for the MP3 The Bolas Heathens - and well done Paul - you kept your cool in the face a lack of understanding. And I'm very impressed you'd changed your name by deed-poll by the end of the piece - very enterprising! And btw - I'm with kbooth about the presenter - probably not briefed before the broadcast.
  11. Excellent - I'd like to hear it but unfortunately the office I work in is like a huge Faraday cage - I think it might have been designed that way
  12. It looks like the owner has only left two multis live. I wonder why.
  13. Also in agreement - I find DNFs very useful on both my own caches and those I am thinking of doing. I always submit them unless, as has been said, I didn't even search unless the reason is particularly pertinent ie fenced off by workmen, flooding, escaped lions circling the area etc. Also DNFs can be amusing to read (laughing with the author, not at the author!)
  14. My O2 Orbit has built in GPS as well as being a phone and PDA. I use it mainly to do live mapping with Pocket Nav OS on an OS map, as a standby for my Garmin Legend with Beeline and lastly for paperless caching in PDA mode with GPX Sonar. Oh, and it is mountable in car to utilise CoPilot SatNav which was heavily discounted on initial purchase. I hear the latest TomTom is good on it too. Highly recommended.
  15. That's another response in the bag for you. Good luck with the research.
  16. As a Northern Irish Ulsterman (yes they are not exactly the same thing but I won't overcomplicate things) living on the mainland I hang out in the UK forum as I was born and live in the UK, albeit different parts. I know what dino-irl means though and it does come down to nationalism and/or geographical entity. I, for example am British and Northern Ireland to me is nationally not associated with the Republic of Ireland, but we are all dwellers in the beautiful island of Ireland, and I do feel a real affinity with our friends from the South. Anyway, that's a few more worms added to that can. Also, just to confuse the issue even more, maps of NI are not issued by Ordnance Survey but Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland using the Irish Grid System, not the British Grid. Maps of the Republic of Ireland use the same Irish Grid and are issued by Ordnance Survey Ireland. All terrific maps as well - the one you should pick up is Discoverer 21, Strangford Lough (I think) is a very reasonable £5.80p. Should be available in any big bookstore in the province. And dino-irl: How is Co. Donegal today? As lovely as ever I trust :-)
  17. It is very irritating that they have gone off the main cache page if you are using either a paper map or PocketNav. I personally like relating to an OS map when I'm out and about. On the other hand you can click on "other conversions" to the right of the Lat/long if you have ages of time to spend preparing before you go out, although it does not give the two alpha part of the grid ref (which should not be a problem unless you are caching over a large geographic area).
  18. I'm with riviouveur, and jolly brave of him/her to be so ironic in their original post. If I knew more than schoolboy French I would say something suitably supportive. I holiday in Malta usually a couple of times a year and am disappointed by the dearth of caches there. I looked at setting out a quiz cache around Valletta but did not personally know any of the (fairly few) local cachers so abandoned the idea, despite the fact many tourists may have enjoyed it, as I was doubtful that it would be adequately looked after. I would rather see fewer well maintained caches than what is, effectively, geolitter.
  19. I can't see any thumbnails in either IE 7 or Firefox
  20. I just applied some gel superglue at strategic points (having wiped of the gooey adhesive which had failed) and it seems to be holding just fine. I couldn't bear the thought of sending it away for an undisclosed period of time. I guess that makes me a sad caching junkie.
  21. I'm in - I'll get my confirmation later as I can't access my home email from an MOD site.
  22. I think I might have given a bit of a clue in my caching name Mrs N only comes along if a cream tea is promised, a quiz cache is in the offing and a good shoe shop is somewhere along the way. On occasion one of my sons may come along (mcd1 and The Amazing Spider Man) but as the former is incarcerated in an MOD sixth form boarding school in Leics and the latter doesn't drive and has his own family commitments these events are rare. Miss N hasn't joined me hunting tupperware for a very long time and is unlikely to again unless kidnapped!
  23. Anyone needing help within a reasonable distance of Huntingdon, then I'm more than willing to help.
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