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  1. Cheers. Although what I am after could so easily be a software upgrade whereby you could switch across gpx files.
  2. Hans Whether it works or not, I am not going to trust it so close to going away.. I will do a further trial this evening when I get back from work by putting my London 1000 in with my Oxford 1000 and see what happens when I view it in London. If that works, I will restrict the road trip to just 5000, and dump them all into the onboard memory. Tony
  3. What do you think, makes sense? Tony First, please copy and paste the GPX folder from the device onto your computer, so you don't lose it permanently. Secondly, please follow the below; I suggest that you format the device. ‘NOTE THIS IS FOR OUTDOOR AND FITNESS DEVICES ONLY’ THIS MUST ONLY BE PERFORMED ON A WINDOWS COMPUTER, NOT ON A MAC. Before formatting the device, it will be necessary to remove any SD cards and save the basemap from the device to the computer: Remove microSD card from device Plug device into the computer Go to the Start menu in the left hand corner Go to Computer or This PC Locate your device under Devices with removable storage or Devices and Drives Open the device Open Garmin folder Drag gmapbmap.img file to desktop Once the basemap has been saved, the device can be formatted: Right-click on device as it appears as a drive Select Format... Ensure File System is set to FAT32 Ensure Volume Label is set to Garmin Uncheck Quick Format Select Start The formatting process will take several minutes to complete. Once it has finished, the basemap will need to be added back to the device: If needed, create "Garmin" folder within Garmin drive Drag gmapbmap.img file from desktop to "Garmin" folder Remove device from the computer and power off Press and hold Mode and Power This process will remove any corrupt memory files. And then the SD card: Formatting a microSD/SD Card After this, please try loading the geocaches again.
  4. Garmin have possibly come up with a solution as well, just waiting for it to come through, will let you know what they say.
  5. So, if I restrict the number parked to 4000 caches on the SD card and left one gpx file of 1000caches on the local internal memory, then it should work?
  6. Aware of that limit hence why I kept the GPX files to 1000 each. I have one located in the internal memory, and the rest all held on the micro SD. Whats the point of having a 32gig card capacity. I was hoping that I could load in the individual GPX files when I wanted to whilst out caching and not have to go back to a laptop and move the files around.
  7. Just purchased a Etrex 20X and have successfully installed a 32gig micro SD card. Going on a road trip through Norway and Sweden and wish to load as many caches onto the Garmin so that I do not have to take along my laptop as well. I have created a folder on the SD card that is called GPX where I have dumped 10 GPX pocket Queries of 1000 caches each. I have located the GPX folder in the Garmin and have successfully transferred my local UK (Oxford) 1000 cache GPX file. I have also put a London centric GPX file onto the SD card. So all working well around Oxford. But when I came into London this morning and well outside the Oxford based coverage, the Garmin was still looking back to the Oxford ones. I was led to understand from earlier forum posting (2014?) that it should automatically shift to using the local file that is stored on the SD card. This obviously failed to happen. Therefore does anyone know how I can tell the Etrex to work off a different GPX file when I move into a different area without having to plug it into a laptop and manually move the GPX files around?
  8. Whats with this old-time favourites? Are you saying that they are ancient at 7+ years old
  9. The four Cornwall caches are being adopted by Birdman-of-liskatraz and The Defective Detectives, many thanks goes out to them....not sure if they have done them as I have not checked yet.
  10. I am thinking of keeping the virtuals anyway, but its my convoluted puzzles that concerns me the most. And those 4 Cornwall ones. And the two Sheffield ones.
  11. I am considering putting all my caches up for adoption, not only Oxford, or if I don't get enough takers, to permanently disable them. Just don't have enough time in my life to give the caches the attention they deserve, so if you are willing to take them over, please contact me through my profile. 2202
  12. I now know why so few of you do my puzzle caches.
  13. Off to India for finally our summer holidays in a couple of weeks time. If anybody has any coins or small bugs that need to go to India (Goa, New Delhi and lower Himilayas) let me know off line through my profile and see what we can do. Off subject I know but if you like a good laugh then I can thoroughly recommend this very new book Second Class Male by Stan Madeley. The IoS said of it last sunday 'The Henry Root de nos jours' and 'Vintage' Cheers 2202
  14. And where is it....the new kml file that is?
  15. Thank god for that! Single greatest feature IMHO So that means I can start planning our next holiday abroad in September with good knowledge of what to expect.
  16. Without doubt, for me, the Google Earth feature was the one I used the most, a PQ only being used after a little research using GE. So it is heart warming news not only to hear that it is coming back, but further development is underway to refine it further. Never sit on your laurels! So does that mean I can start planning where to go for my next holiday in September? Cheers Tony
  17. Pull your finger out GC and do something about it. Without doubt the best feature. So why promote a iphone gadget, which is hardware specific, when the .kml went acoss all platforms. In the words of the great John Mcenroe.. 'You cannot be serious'
  18. The original Chiltern Hundreds - John Stonehouse...Enoch Powell...Ian Paisley...Leon Brittan and Neil Kinnock series can be properly completed in little over two hours, unless you just want another power trail.
  19. You dont need maps! I have them in in digital but you can easily get away with a number of free downloads. Download Firefox Browser and ditch IE Download Greasemonkey extension for Firefox. link but read the thread esp. the latest pages. Look for Edgemaster's scripts for mapping. Download Google Earth and download the Google Mapping Features KML extension. Look at your Account, its on the right hand side of the page. Then armed with all this you can then get a good idea as to where the caches lie (traditional ones that is)
  20. Ha bloody ha! Looks enough to sink the Belgrano! But maybe I should not mention that over there.
  21. Going to Argentina and Brazil in April so does anyone have a Coin that needs to go that way. Email me off-line through my profile and see if we cannot arrange something.
  22. John Archive them, as I too am thinking in archiving a number of the University Challenge to freshen up the area. Some have been there for nearly five years.
  23. A DING to Guanajuato Jonah's Journey on Frogatt Edge (and above the village of Frogatt in the peak District) and what, IMHO is what caching is really about. having said that did have to send a rat down to retrieve as I could only get half way. Over to you Guanajuato
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