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  1. added but will not get home until 27th aug. could give your shoulder a rub then stay safe Bill presently in korea, back in kuwait end of week
  2. well done girls, another excellent achievement :wub:
  3. nice work matt, congrats will you still chat with us wannabe's bill
  4. Does that mean there may be less micros for me to ignore? yippee thanks Boots stay safe Bill p.s. gary, I wouldn't worry about nuts on it, would be much more concerned about bat droppings
  5. the magnets come in lots of shapes and sizes, several of which have a countersunk hole in the centre, useful with a washer for clamping on a container, or for a screw to a lump of wood, dead tree branch etc. Just be extra bcareful when handling them, if two slap together by accident or design, they usually shatter. stay safe Bill
  6. it can not tell you how absorbing it is studying bat droppings down a cave after rebuilding a drystone wall with mortar top
  7. congrats Helen, hope everything goes great for you both and that the sun shines on your future together stay safe Bill
  8. List of deterrents:- catapult and marbles great big knarly branch petrol chainsaw loud whistle compressed air horn, cheap and very effective, try and get one that sounds like a bull shotgun or you could take the normal approach, and stay out of the field in the first place , thus rendering your van full of equipment totally unnecessary stay safe, eat more beef Bill
  9. Does one actually have to go to that event to log it? or can I just stay in kuwait and keep typing found it logs and then waiting to see how many get deleted? gotta be thousands out there that won't delete my logs, even at 10% success rate, doing all of UK would give me a 1000, and the states many thousands more, cacher of the decade here I come.... what a load of (place your own type of dung here) this is not what caching is about.... stay safe Bill
  10. congrats Jon amazing work stay safe Bill
  11. i have never been one for words, i hit them, then they either wallop me, or i win, then we go for a beer, end of problem stay safe bill
  12. Congratulations Helen and well done, nice to see you had such illustrious companions p.s. is it true he made you hitch home? stay safe Bill
  13. congratulations Daniel very well done you can teach me how to do it when I get home Bill, Elizabeth & Kirsty
  14. hope I am home for this one Mandy, looks doubtful at moment, but will do my best will bring me own sarnies luv Bill
  15. great work mate congratulations stay safe Bill & Elizabeth
  16. congrats Marika an achievement by an achiever, get your aspect into gear for the next 1 stay safe Bill
  17. Great work lads, keep snapping at your dad's heels congrats stay safe Bill
  18. Fantastic achievement by a fantastic family well done Bill & Elizabeth p.s. Jess, keep an eye on them, you know how easy they can get distracted
  19. When on a ship I am usually the only westerner on board, so apart from vessel's speed which is always knots, everything has to be in metric, or no-one can understand me, Filipino's and most arabs are strictly metric, and wouldn't know and inch if it bit them in the foot Here in Kuwait, everything is metric, and when at home I use whatever comes to hand and have no problem thinking and working in either imperial or metric, guess I am just lucky stay safe Bill
  20. can't see the county of Kuwait listed Mandy stay safe Bill
  21. Amazing, just amazing well done greg, Sylvia et al, fantastic achievement stay safe Bill & Elizabeth
  22. Nice one Pharisee congrats stay safe Bill
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