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  1. if you care to look around HERE you may just find what your looking for * see note from bobuk at top * thanks for looking b.
  2. I am selling my complete coin collection. Please make me an offer for any or all the coins on THIS SITE I will take a look at all offers and get back to you with an answer. Thank you bobuk
  3. if that's about right, then so be it... i'm not really into the whole collecting thing, and blowing £800 on coins that will be put into caches really isn't justifiable at the moment. Oh well, seemed like a good idea at the time just an idea for you, have you thought about 'pathtags' as another way of getting a personal coin they can be found HERE hope this helps some b.
  4. does anyone have any spare cornish 2007 geocoins to trade or sell ? any info..please email me .. cheers bob [aka bobuk]
  5. try google images or photobucket... ime sure you will find some thing to your liking ... b.
  6. thanks for the trade.... b.
  7. thanks for that this was first pathtags i got so i blame S&G for my new addiction b.
  8. greetings from manchester... pathtags seem to be slow getting off the ground here i have had some made and willing to trade with anyone here in the u.k. if your into pathtag trading give me a call. cheers b.
  9. ten mins walk from barton dock rd. you can get to the start of this GCXAAT good clean footpath all the way. you could be there and back within one hour.. b.
  10. Hey Glen and bobuk I have these: click on image for larger view Send me your address if you want to trade you have mail b.
  11. I have for trade a new sig item Please get in touch if interested.. Not a great picture i know . i have never been a master of the camera.. Please mail me you know you want to thanks for looking b.
  12. all the above arrived here in u.k. safe today what a nice package you put together ....thank you hope mine are recieved with as much pleasure.. b.
  13. mine arrived today..... nice looking coin..... cheers b.
  14. today i got in the mail 1) washington state 2) alaska 2006 3) train engine these were sent to me to be put into caches here in the u.k. and will be put into new caches in the next week.. anyone else who would like me to do the same for them please get in touch bob
  15. just used the order page without any problems. Nice coin... b.
  16. bobuk

    Poker Chips

    Greetings from Manchester U.K. If anyone would like to trade please get in touch.. Bob
  17. i had the same problem last week so i popped an email to: smalltreasures4sale@cox.net and got my activation from there by return.... hope this helps you b.
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