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What Is Your Gps?

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Garmin iQue 3600. Use it to autoroute to site. Get out and use it to find Geocache. Switch to PDA part for paperless caching - read info on cache if needed and electronic enrty of log. Sync to computer at home and copy log into GC site.

Not waterproof but I could put it in a ziplock bag.


Nahhh... ;)

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Primary: eXplorist 600


Great little unit, will be much better when Magellen gets around to fixing the first firmware ¨growing pains¨. Sniffs out geocaches under tree cover with no problems. My only real concern about this unit will be how it´s battery performs during winter night caching here.


Secondary: eTrex Legend


Was my friend for the first 180 geocaches I´ve found. Quite primitive compared to my eXplorist, but it still leads my wife to plenty of caches before I find them. Doesn´t work well when there are trees visible on the horizon.

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Magellan Meridan gold with Direct route to get me to the general cache area.


On foot I use my explorist 500 with Topo 3D


For a back up I use a Magellan sport track color.


My next GPS will be a Magellan Road mate 760 or and Explorist XL, after over two years I think it is time to retire my Meridian gold and use it as a back up GPS. It has been living on my dash board for a long time and is showing it's age.

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I use a Lowrance iFinder, with the Southern Ontario Freedom Map. The only time I have trouble with my signal is when I am in close proximity to the Niagra Escarpment - the signal starts to 'swirl'.


As back up, I will often bring a Rino110, which also has the FRS radio built in, but this one eats batteries, so it really is an 'emergency' unit.

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An older Magellan GPS 2000 w/box and book that I got on ebay for less than $30 w/shipping. Works great. The DNF's I have are not GPSr related, just me. I borrow a buddy's SportTrac once in a while. Will get a more up to date one soon that will narrow the coords down a little more. The GPS 2000 gives you down to .00, the newers give down to .000, not sure what the distance difference is but I am having plenty of fun w/what I got now.



Forgot to add that I just won a Palm IIIxe on Ebay for paperless caching. Palm w/8 mb mem, stylus, leather case and cradle w/shipping for less than $28.00. After doing some research I think I will be going w/Cachemate for the palm, already have GSAK on the PC.

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Just bought a 60CS as my first GPSr. I'm using City Select 6 with a free V7 upgrade in the mail from Garmin. So far I love almost every aspect. A few minor nitpicks but really they are just that:


1. No SD slot. 56K is reasonable, but for long trips you have to be selective about which maps to load.


2. When used in a car the unit auto powers down, but doesn't auto power up when connected to an ignition dependent 12V source.


3. I'd like a manual stop or pause button like the Forerunner 201 has for use biking or hiking.


4. Software waypoint symbols don't transfer into GPSr when using Mapsource, just show up as a dot if the waypoint symbol selected isn't in the memory of the GPSr.


Like I said these are minor and overall I believe this is the best currently available all around unit. I'll probably get a Forerunner or Foretrex for running and kayaking though just for the size.

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Currently using a Garmin 60cs purchased July 2005 which replaced a Garmin eTrex Vista which was purchased in 2000. This unit replaced a Lowrance Eagle Pro (which long ago fell off the face of the planet) purchased in 1995.


My 60cs is currently protected by an InvisibleShield which I think should be purchased right when you get your GPSr. Other accessories are a set of Energizer 2500mAh recharagble NiMH batteries, a Gilsson carrying case, and the Garmin Auto Navigation Kit (Maps, mounts, auto-adapter). I've been shopping for a Garmin GA 72C low profile antenna on eBay lately.


I use MapSource with CitySelect v7 maps as well as GSAK 6 (registered user) and am a premium member of GeoCaching.com (and have been for several years, love the site).


My Lowarance worked just fine for finding caches and I could still be using it today but I do like the extra features my later GPS units provided. Currently I am loving the color display of my 60cs as well as the autorouting features when driving around, none of my 3 vehicles have any built-in GPS systems, so this is perfect as I can carry it between vehicles.


I've never had a lick of trouble with my Garmin units and happily recommend them. From the threads I've seen their customer service is top-notch though I've never had to use them myself.


My biggest suggestion for people looking to buy a GPS. Go look at the units in your local sporting goods/outdoor/electronic store and handle them if you can. See if you're happy with the feel, size and weight of the unit as well as the screen and key layout. Then go shop around on the internet. Prices vary from place to place and eBay can be a great resource for new or used equipment.

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Garmin II+ I've had for years. Works as advertised, never let me down but nothing great nowadays.


Magellan Sportrak Color I've had for almost a year - nice features, great reception, great 3 axis compass, abysmal, almost unusable color screen.


Garmin GPSMAP 60CS I've had for a few days - great features, good reception, fantastic color screen, lousy 2 axis compass.


We mostly use the 60CS because of the stellar screen but the STC has a little better reception under tree cover and the 3 axis compass is worlds better than the 60CS which has to be held almost perfectly flat, otherwise the compass swings wildly and becomes worse than useless. Sad when you think it has to be held vertical for best reception but perfectly flat for the compass to work. What was Garmin thinking??


I'm still waiting for the perfect handheld GPS with Garmin's color screen and features, Magellan's compass and antenna plus removable memory. Maybe niext spring I'll find it.

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" My biggest suggestion for people looking to buy a GPS. Go look at the units in your local sporting goods/outdoor/electronic store and handle them if you can. See if you're happy with the feel, size and weight of the unit as well as the screen and key layout. Then go shop around on the internet. Prices vary from place to place and eBay can be a great resource for new or used equipment. "


... if people keep shopping like that , there won't be any local shops to try stuff out !!

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primary unit: Magellan Meridian Platinum


I love this unit for many reasons: signal "durability" under tree-cover, mapping capability, built-in compass that works at all angles, fishing/hunting/weather stuff


secondary unit: Garmin Etrex Legend


I like this as a backup as it has a different algorythm for crunching the satellite signals (so may work when the other one isn't), has mapping capability, zooms in closer than the magellan, and is more stealthy than the meri-plat (tiny)



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My new primary unit is a Garmin Legend C. I haven't gotten the mapping software for it yet, will likely do so in a couple weeks. I am in love with it -- There's no features missing that I think I would need, and the memory is sufficient for the area where I will be caching and driving.


Other unit is a Garmin Geko 201 which did the job just find but I've already discovered how much better the Legend C holds a signal under heavy tree cover.


I also have a Palm Zire 21 and use GSAK and Cachemate.


If I were to get another unit it would probably be a Lowrance iFinder H20 or PhD unless Garmin comes out with a new model that blows me away. Garmin customer service is the best and they've made a lifetime customer out of me for just that reason. I'm also thinking of getting me and the Mr. matching Forerunners for Christmas since we run/walk/hike at least 5 nights a week.

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When I first started caching my unit was a Magellan 2000; man, talk about ancient. Then I moved up briefly to a Magellan SportTrak, but after a couple of days I decided I really wanted a Garminn Legend. Used that one for about a year until I found a GPS V on sale; now that is my sole GPSr :D . Gave the Legend to my brother to try and get him into the sport, but if he doesn't start getting more finds I may ask for it back :laughing: . Having a unit with auto-routing to get close to the cache, the a hand-held to go out to the cache would be great :D

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I use a Garmin Quest. Havent seen anyone else post that they have it. I really like it--has voice prompts color maps etc. The only problem I have had with it is direction. It seems to take a while for the compass to change when I turn. I can move just a few inches and it might got from for example Northeast to southwest with a just a few degrees of turning. Dont know..maybe its me.

I also you my Treo 600 with cachemate for paperless caching, or I will just go to the site and look at the whole description that is found on the site.

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Just bought a Dell Axim 50v and BT-338, using GPX sonar and GPX tuner. Quite nice, though I have a few issues.


Also have a Etrex Legend, but a crack on the screen (loosing about 25% of the display) initated the replament.


While the BT-338 is very quick to lock on, there are a number of things I prefered the about the Garmin.


1. So far I havn't managed to figure out how to change the update frequency for the BT-338, and every 4-5 secs just isn't as nice as the every second or 2 that the Etrex used to mannage.


2. The PDA hold loads of data, however it probably takes me 5 minites to get everything set up ready to go.


3. I found with the Etrex I could usually find a cache without the clues, now I seem to be more dependent on them.


I do however enjoy the extra options having hte PDA give me.

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1. So far I havn't managed to figure out how to change the update frequency for the BT-338, and every 4-5 secs just isn't as nice as the every second or 2 that the Etrex used to mannage.




3. I found with the Etrex I could usually find a cache without the clues, now I seem to be more dependent on them.





1. According to the user guide, the update frequency of the BT-338 is also 1 per second. However, this is fixed and can't be changed.


3. I have never used a conventional GPS ... my only GPS unit have been this X50V+BT-338. I am curious to know why you felt that the ETrex was easier to use when finding caches ? Does it have any features that are missing on the X50V+BT-338 combo ? So far this combination has proved to be really accurate for me, but I am curious to know if I am missing out on anything :blink:


Thanks !

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SE P910i a smartphone. Came to know about GPS system and I bought a Motorolla A920 with an inbuild AGPS and gave out. Then boght a BT-15 a 16 channels BT gps receiver a year ago for my travel trip to Thailand. Came to know about geocaching and found my BT-15 not that good in walking mode then bought a Globalsat BT-338 a 20 channels GPS reciver three week ago. Today I equiped with SE P910i, nhGPS(software) and BT-338 with a second hand motocycle two weeks ago for my geocaching need in Singapore. Just upgrade myself to Premium member mainly for pocket querries and to support the geocaching site. I am very happy with this set up: 1) paperless geocaching at the same time I can log a find at the cache's site through GPRS connection to the web. 2) If raining just put inside a clear plastic bag tie with rubber band, put up a rain cloth I still can go geocaching as well as boat fishing. 3) I am walking into my office and I still can have a fix with more than 4 satellites. 4) Went to geocach site those people complained loss or bad signal under tree shade and I can have a fix with 7 to 9 satellite. Happy geocaching to every one.

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I'm now using a new Nextel GPS Blackberry 7520 with Trimble Outdoors mapping software.  It's awesome to be able to type detailed descriptions of caches or other things you see along the way and then have that data appear on the PC map where the waypoint and description were logged.  The color screen is the best I've seen in direct sunlight for number of colors and brightness - great for topo maps. <_<

Got me one of these too.. Love it... trimble is at http://www.trimbleoutdoors.com


i also use Spot... http://www.skylab-mobilesystems.com


Oh and Telenav but not for caching... http://www.telenav.com

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I have a Magellan sportrack map that I use mostly in the car, it's got a good route navigation system. Garmin etrex legend, used mostly for hunting/backpacking. My favorite unit (believe it or not) is my Garmin geko 301 - dead accurate, great features, built in compass/altimeter,and tiny enough to fake as a cell phone when surprised by muggles.

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Briefly discribe the GPSr you use. Do you recomend it or does it take you off track.


I use a Magellan explorist 300. It is a great Gps and I recomend the explorist series.

I used to have a Magellan Sport Trak Pro. I have been shopping and boy, Magellan has done some great work. I like the looks of the neat little Magellan Explorist 210. It is A LOT for the moolah and you can buy the map send topo (still have it) and use it with the 210. Best of all, two little AA batts and one can go for up to 17 hrs. NOW THAT is great! For a long distance hiker that is important. While I do not hike with it on all the time, this feature will sure speak to me as to how many batts I need to take.

I see lots of talk about the Garmins. They probably work good to but I can't bet by their kind of gimpy look. And they are upside down! Man I want the screen at the top of the Unit. I like the round feel and look of the Explorists. To each their own. -SunnyWalker :huh::D

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I use a pair of divining rods, crystal ball, ear candle, mood ring and a pack of tarot cards. I've yet to find a cache but I'm confident my methods are working.


The Great Wizardo


I think the tarot cards are a little over the top... don't you? :huh:

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I have a Garmin eTrex Vista. It is small and fits in my hand well. I loaded the Mapsource Maps for my area and still have room for more maps.


It is very accurate and sometimes will 0.00 out within a few feet of the cache. However, that does seem to depend on what kind of GPSr the hider was using.


The Vista has elevation data which is a nice feature for the area where I live.


I use Energizer NiMH 15-minute batteries with the Energizer charger. Very convenient to be able to have fresh batteries in only 15-minutes.


I have been using one of those for a few years as well, and it has been a great GPS unit all the way; have not tried the quick-charge Energizersm but the regular NiMH 2300's work a long time. The vista replaced an ICOM GP-2, and may be upgraded to something with a color display later this year, but I am not sure if the color display will be as good in bright sunlight as the (greyscale) Vista. It is tempting to keep the Vista as well as get a new 60 or 76 CSx.

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What Is Your Gps?, Briefly discribe the GPSr you use.

Do you recomend it or does it take you off track.


Lets see, it is a round golden ball of curious workmanship, and has a needle in the center, and when you have the FAITH, the needle points toward the Promised Cache, but when you loose the FAITH, it starts spinning wildly.


In reality:

it is a GPS with the buttons on the bottom, and has a 160x240 pixel screen, and a 512mb transflash card, also the antenna is a stick type antenna on the left top side of the unit, and this GPS has no compass, or altimeter, and it is THIS ONE right here.

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Hi, I have the VZ navigator cell phone .It downloads maps for all 50 states and has gps coords,elevation color and turn by turn directions ,also I can snap a picture and emails it to you for a quarter . The only thing that sucks is I have to find the general area and walk around watching the lat and long till i find the cache .



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Garmin GPS III + - have used this around the world for years. China, Africa, the North Slope of Alaska in the winter to name a few. One tough unit.


Garmin IQue 3600 - just got this, so still learning how to use it.

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Well while still new to the Geocache scene I use my Nextel Motorola i275 w/the basic Trimble Outdoor Software. While its nothing fancy it gets the job done. It will always take me to within 10-20' of the cache and works semi ok in the woods. (havent used it in summer time yet with the trees at full bloom) Im sure ill buy a nice fancy GPS unit once I can scrounge the money up (new house = higher priority). but for now no complaints :D

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Still using Trimble Outdoors but now on my Blackberry 7520! Man the screen makes life so much easier... And the update rate is awesome!!! Finds are so quick... And better yet, when a muggle gives me that look... it really is a cell phone I am holding up to my ear.... Sometimes I even take calls while caching.

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