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  1. your talking about either a parallel search or a trackline search pattern......google search and rescue patterns, it shows what you are talking about. If you are given co-ords for start, when to turn, width, next track, etc you can place them in gps and go from there.Thats how we did it on the sar cutters for water searches and our gps's.
  2. I am no longer able to cache for quite some time, and would like to offer my cache, Purple Feet,GCNHV4 located in Kingsville for adoption. can be reached at griffonqm at yahoo dot ca
  3. I see by his own cache,archived, that he was deployed in Sept. 2006....if it's for the usual time frame, it's usually for 1 yr.
  4. I need to send my 600 in for repairs and can't seem to find the address to send it to. It was in Ontario, Canada.
  5. Well, here's mine for CGDS.....Ont.; Quebec on 3/30/2006; New Brunswick on 7/5/2006; Nova Scotia on 12/10/2006 total miles...1508.6 mi. Not that it probably means much anymore.
  6. I have Topo Canada v 1.00 and Direct Route NA v 2.0 on my laptop, a dell insiron 6000, and have no problems at all. Have also ran both with an external cd rom. Don't know what to tell you.
  7. No, the gas prices are not hurting me, it's the problem of only having 1 vechicle now and the wife takes it to work that's slowing me down.
  8. Sleeping Giant in Lake Superior
  9. GSAK & Cachemate.....that's what I use.....zire71 & explorist 600; can't go wrong.
  10. You can set the temp by using the code from the hidden memo? the one you used 95 from, not sure what the number is though as it's been awhile since I did my 600. edit: just lokked at my 600...go menu...weather ...calibrate
  11. That's cool, didn't think it would ever leave Ont. ....I'm in Texas for vacation, not having much luck finding any caches........pretty hot down here.......
  12. I got mine (600) from gpscentral in Alberta, super fast shipping. Have had it for a year now and love it. Also check walmart.
  13. hmmm, that's got me stumped.....hopefully Embra or someone else will post to help you; don't give up yet.
  14. do you have the cable running down the back of 600.....not up as you would think it should go.
  15. I love my 600, and it works great since the firmware upgrade. I would say, go for it.
  16. I'm using a palm zire 71, cashemate, windows xp, gsak, everything works great, no more carring around paper.
  17. On my 600, I have it set to magnetic north. Did you calibrate the compass? Give it some time and you'll like it. compass heading up will always show the triangle pointing up no matter which way you go. don't know about compass on/off as mine is always on.
  18. Found what I need......gpxtomaplet.......
  19. I have a palm zire71 that I use for caching paperless, it has mapopolis on it. How would I get my pqs to show on the map...Also use GSAK on my laptop.
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