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  1. 15 mile round trip with an overnight stay to enjoy the view.. GeoCache GCA1A3 GoogleEarth KMZ
  2. Looks like the right mouse click menu has some unreliable code in it... It locks up sometimes and becomes unresponsive.... it maybe related to being zoomed in....
  3. Looks like they removed the preference option for icon size..
  4. Just went to download a different vehicle with webupater and it showed a GPS SIRF version 3.0 update. Any idea what the update is for??
  5. Cool! I didn't realize you could have 2 outputs..
  6. Here is one I didn't see on the list.... http://www.everytrail.com/index.php
  7. Today, I be smarter and send them to my Yahoo account instead of Gmail.. which is still waiting for the 1st PQ for today...
  8. I guess that is what I get for running my limit of 5 before figuring out something was wrong.... Time for bed...
  9. I did 5 PQs and they all say they have run (2/28/2007 4:37:07 PM ) but not a one has shown up in Gmail... I sent a test email from an swbell account and it showed up within 10secs in Gmail.... I wonder if Gmail is holding them to back.. Seems like GC is doing it's part.....
  10. Well, I doubt they will be making a DST upgrade for the GPSmap60C.... But the setup for clock does have the manual settings to set DST as "yes" or "no" since the "auto" will do it wrong....
  11. I guess the forth time was the charm... Finally loaded... whew...
  12. I've tried 3 times to download. Besides being gigantic.... Each version will unzip. then stop. I looked at the file with ZIp, and it looks like it unzips to the same self extracting EXE.. ??
  13. I guess I'll have to stick with customs also, since it does not look like the 60C can recognize the new icons and I doubt Garmin will provide a firmware update for us "old timers"..
  14. No problem with it here... just the new icons...so it looks like an update in firmware mgiht solve that one. Could you post a screen shot of the celestial info dialog box? My MapSource does nothing when I select it. hmmm, my celestial doesn't do anything either on the Beta... I did notice that it left the old version (pre-beta) loaded and the old one pops up as a default on double clicks..
  15. Don't know if this is the best way... But I got the 5watt foldable from Northern Tools : Item: 339974 5WATT FOLDING SOLAR PANEL And the plug that came with it fits my Digital 1 hour charger. I keep 4 rechargable batteries hooked up charging while I hike, since the batteries in my GPSmap60C lasts a 'hiking day' easily. Then I swap for a fresh set in the morning.
  16. I finally upgraded to CN8 from CS6 because of some new roads in our area and the updated POIs. What I have found works best when traveling with my 60C, is to use the CS6 and select maps around route (smaller chunks) then select one chunk at my distination using CN8, then load those to the GPS. This has worked well with the limited memory.
  17. I went with TopoFusion for my track managment and I especially like the Network feature that will combine multiple tracks for my trail making and take out redundancies automatically. MakingTrailNetworks
  18. They are tied to the serial number on the GPS. I have loaded the maps to multiple PC's / laptop, I just make sure to have my backup of the unlock code from the original install so I can re-unlock it...
  19. City Select NA6 calls it Mill Pond Rd E where the waypoint is and around the circle it is M Collins Pond Rd E.
  20. I just got a good solid lock on sat 51 in Missouri... Have I been missing it or has it gone live?? 35 and 48 didn't even show up today..
  21. Wow, I've never had a lock on that many satellites. And my bars don't have D's on them. Is it possible WAAS isn't available where I am (Wisconsin)? The "D" mean the WAAS sat are sending info to make corrections . Today with the sat moving to new positions, which I think they have completed, I think they are still testing, so I don't always get that good.... others are more knowledgeable than I on where you can see them from the US...
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