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  1. Sounds like a good chance to learn/relearn how to use paper maps.
  2. I used Paypal to renew. It only took a couple of minutes to get an email with my subscription number.
  3. I hadn't tried just entering 0 . I have tried numbers near an address if the GPS didn't recognize the one entered, and I have tried just making one up if I didn't know it, but nether method has work. I'll try the 0 method when I get the chance. I do plan to upgrade I just don't have the money to spend now. Thanks for the reply and idea.
  4. I have a 76cs with City navigator v4.01. Sometimes I need to go places where I don't know or the GPS doesn't recognize the exact street address. Many times all I need to find is the street itself, but v4 won't allow you to search for just the street without an address or a cross street/intersection. I realize That if I tried to find a major highway or interstate that it is going to cover a lot of territory but it could easily be narrowed down by searching within a city or preferably for my needs within a county. Does anybody know if newer versions will do this. Thanks in advance: RyND
  5. Thanks for the info guys and or gals. I figured they where a type of compass bearing, but I had never seen it written this way. I'm still not completely clear but when I get the time to sit down and try to decipher them I think will be. #1 - Do you have all the property line "calls". That is what N 52° 28' W 123.45' is. Note the 123.45 feet was just used as an example because you did not include the actual number. If you have all the "calls" I would then check to see if the property "closes". In other words does it start at a point and go around the perimiter of the property and come back to the starting point. I do Have all the "calls" and it looks like it "closes". #2 - Do you know the date of the property line call information. With the date I would look up the Magnetic Declination at that time so I could convert to, and calculate from True North. I think it was in 1984 #3 - Do you know where at least 1 Property Line Pin is, and do you have GPS Coordinates for it. No and no, at least not yet I'm still cutting down weeds and brush and trying to find one of them. #4 - A rough diagram of the actual property lines with the one Pin and GPS Coordinates clearly marked would be really helpful. I've got the rough diagram,and I'm hoping to find at least one pin. Again thanks, I think when I get the chance to sit down with it I shouldn't have too much problem figuring it out now that you've pointed me in the correct direction, but if I can't get it I will probably take you up on your offers.
  6. I'm looking at a map of my property and along with the distance in feet there is another set of numbers ex. N 52° 28' W along each property line. Can anybody tell me in laymen terms what they mean and how I can use them to tell where the edges of my property are. Thanks RyND.
  7. That's it thanks I'll pass it along.
  8. Are you talking about adding the coordinates to a photo, like a "time-stamp" does? Yes, I think so,. Actually, I'm asking because someone on another forum asked about cameras that could be hooked to a gps or with built in gps and I thought I would tell them about the software that I had heard about here but I couldn't remember what it was called.
  9. I think the search feature is down so: I've read about software on these forums that can take GPSr data and add it to a digital photo. Does anybody know off hand what I'm looking for? Thanks
  10. I don't think there is a way with the 31. I don't think anybody makes a GPS that is compatible with it and because of the USB connector I don't think there is a (easy) way to even hook a regular GPS to it. I hope I'm wrong and I'd also be interested to see If someone knows how.
  11. Will we need new GPSr to utilize the new signals (L2C)? I assume they are on a new frequency and that the current batch of receivers can't hear it.
  12. How far did you have to track that tree before you caught it?
  13. Driven: I beg to differ. I don't know about the 60's but my 76 has a data field for depth and water temp, and the manual confirms that it's possible. mixe olds: From what I gather you will need a sounder that outputs its data in NEMA format. I don't know which units do that but I bet they aren't cheep. EDit: NMEA: Thats what I ment.
  14. Will it auto route on the laptop even without an auto routing GPSr?
  15. OK I know this is of topic but: I watched a movie on my notebook the other day. About halfway through I'm thinking this is an OK movie but that background music is driving me crazy. It even plays when other music is playing. After the movie was over I closed the player to find that another window had opened with info on the movie and that was where the music was coming from.
  16. Some one breaking into, vandalizing, or steeling the vehicle parked at the trail head.
  17. Mostly track up, especially when driving.
  18. Team Neos Well, I did run a pq for the area and had 99 other caches in the GPSr and on the lap top, but I didn't do the research on them so I didn't think I had the time to search for them, that is my fault. The killer was on Sunday as we drove along the palisades parkway going to the wedding. I would glance down to the computer screen and see several caches as we passed along the way. I swear one had to be behind a sign right on the side of the road, but since we were following my wifes grand parent, I couldn't stop. BigWhiteTruck Oh, I'm sure I'll be back, probably the next time a cousin gets married.
  19. My wife wanted me to go to her cousins wedding in Bloomingburg New York. For months she's been planning this trip and for months I've been saying I'm not going. Finally I given and tell her I'll go, so I decide to try to make the best I can of it. Let's see, we'll leave Tennessee after work late Thursday night, get there on Friday and spend the day visiting relatives and resting from the thirteen hour drive. The wedding will take up all day Sunday and we'll drive back Monday to be at work on Tuesday morning. That leaves Saturday and if I'm extremely lucky and I plan everything out I'll have time to hunt one cache. This cache looks perfect. It's close to your Nan & Pop's house where we'll be staying, it looks like it's in a nice park and shouldn't take long to find. This is a regular size cache so I'll hold on to this white Jeep travel bug a couple more weeks and at least double it's mileage when I set it free again. Hey, I see It's got a travel bug in it, and if I'm lucky I'll get to it before anybody else and bring it back and set it free here. Now I'm kind of excited about going. This will be my first chance to cache that far from home and I probably won't get another chance this year. Plus, since your niece is going I'll get the chance to take her caching again like I've been promising. Yea, this will work and I'm looking forward to it. I really wish the cache page would have said that this park is only open during the week and in certain seasons.
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