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  1. LOL! I did not think I had found any of your caches. Seriously though, I would probably have about 50 more finds if I had not forgotten to log so many of my finds on the site. In the recent few years, with my current GPSr, I have been better about field notes/drafts so that has not been an issue. I do keep an offline database of caches on my phone for the few times when I don't have the GPSr with me. Those are easy to forget to log. But in the past, I would sometimes miss logging some finds for one reason or another. Mostly just carelessness or forgetfulness. I also remember collecting and replacing the logs on one of my owned caches many years ago. Just for fun I compared the logbook to the website and there were a few logbook finds that did not make it onto the website. So I guess I am not the only careless/forgetful person. I met someone years ago at an event who found and logged caches but never wrote a log entry on the site. Not sure why, but that is how he played the game.
  2. I met someone that said they used the Spot on their RV. They were happy. A subscription plan is required.
  3. Maybe I have just not "explored" it enough to know what I am missing? I do use Garmin's other three - Express, Connect, and BaseCamp a lot, but not Explore. I will follow this thread to see what I might be missing out on.
  4. Interesting point. So far I have not had any trouble with the micro-USB ports on a couple of older, (one is a @ 10 year old phone), devices I have and still use although I know trouble is their reputation. I have had problems with the USB-c port on my 3 year old Pixel phone. But that is caused mainly, I think, by small debris and lint getting in it as aggressive cleaning gets it working again. I worried that I might damage it though so now I use a blank plug in the port every day and it has been less trouble. Maybe my next phone will have wireless charging.
  5. Thank you! Yes this makes sense. I had updated to 4.7 long ago but then downgraded because of the map install bug. I see as in the attached screenshot that there are two database folders, one for 4.6 and one for 4.7. I did a restore from the 4.6 data which got me back the correct library in BaseCamp. The version of BaseCamp running is still shown in the help dropdown as 4.7.3 so it does appear that the "Restore from previous version" file menu option does restore only the data and does nothing else. Because I then did a backup, now when I look at the contents of the 4.6 and 4.7 database folders the track segments files look the same. So I guess, (hope) all is good going forward.
  6. So I went ahead and updated to 4.7.3 and now my library collection is messed up. For some reason BaseCamp is showing only library data from 2016 and 2017. All recent data is not there. I do have backups stored but not sure what is going on? I should add that I did try to restore from a backup. It seems to go through the process OK, but when BaseCamp restarts, it is still only showing the old collection data. And now I just did a restore from previous version, rather than restoring a backup. Now my data is back. I immediately made a new backup. Can anyone explain why this happened?
  7. That is a very good idea. I would do it in a heartbeat if I had even close to enough technical competence to attempt it. I am a pretty high end user of technology, but because of a missing gene or something, am usually unable to do anything more than make a mess once I start straying from that. A transparent 40' contour line only map that would display over the map I got from bbbike.org would be close to perfect.
  8. I guess that for now I may just have to be satisfied with http://www.gmaptool.eu/en/content/usa-pacific-osm-topo-routable I am ok with how the Garmin 24K map looks, but I would want it to have more recent, accurate, and updating trail data. It just seems like there must be a decent 40' contour map that could have a transparent OSM trail map displayed on it.
  9. The topo active works I guess if you can get the updates. I have a recent purchased version but bought it thinking it came with updates. It does not. I find I don't really use it much though because I am so used to the 40' contours. After all these years my brain sees 40' contours and I know without thinking what to expect on the ground. I guess it is just what you are used to. Who would have thought it would be impossible to find a decent 40' contour topo map with updating OSM data even if willing to pay for it?
  10. Ok. Thanks. Surprising how difficult it is to get something good. But I suppose if I had never used the Switchbacks maps, I would not know any better and would be more easily satisfied.
  11. I tried what bbbike calls the 0pentopo-latin1 version and also the Garmin Cycle (Latin1) version. Both look fine on the bbbike site but do not display the topo lines for me in BasdCamp or on the 66. What would you suggest?
  12. I tried out the bbbike maps and they look good on the website. I found not all of the formats work when downloaded for BaseCamp or the GPSr. But one I found that does is the garmin-opentopo-latin1 format, except that even though it does show the topo lines on the bbbike website, they do not display in BaseCamp or on the GPSr. Which format do you use successfully from bbbike?
  13. OK. Thanks. Sort of ruins the map for me at least to have hundreds of those on the screen. Plus the area mapped and covered with the NRs is just a city park. I suppose it could be called a nature reserve, but even if it is, what purpose is there in completely littering the map with NRs?
  14. I did not see that anyone had an answer to why that map is covered with "NR"s? Here is a screenshot so it is obvious what I am referring to. Anyone know? Also that map is OSM data and the trails in OSM have names on them. If you click on a trail in BaseCamp, the trail name does pop up but is there any way to have them display on the map? Or is that controlled by the map maker?
  15. Yes, for me too. The nag I have been getting for the past week and even today is for and the Garmin website shows it as the latest. Interesting that it shows as being release on Sept. 29 but the pop up reminder just started for me very recently. And, I did not get the pop up prompts to update for the 3 previous versions either. Odd.
  16. It looks like the GPSrChive information indicates that Mapinstall with BaseCamp version 4.7.0 was fixed after 4.7.1 update: "MapInstall broken with this BaseCamp version (recommend using BaseCamp or" So should be OK to let BaseCamp update to
  17. Interesting, I don't think I use "old" maps, but that may be a matter of definition. But I definitely remember that it broke something for me and I had to downgrade 4.7 to make things work again. Just don't remember exactly what was broken for me. But thanks, it sounds like it is a permanent change to BaseCamp. So for now I think I will stay on 4.6.2. I wonder why I did not get any nags about updating for a couple of years and now suddenly I am getting them? Is there a setting to not get those popups that I am missing that may have been changed inadvertently?
  18. This week I have been getting a new BaseCamp nag box about an update to I am still on 4.6.2 and vaguely remember from a couple of years ago that we should stay on 4.6.2 as the updated version at that time did something to break transferring maps to the GPSr? I may not have the specifics about the issue 100% correct, but is there still a problem? Should we continue with 4.6.2?
  19. I am not expert at all on the technical aspects of this but I was wondering if you, @Moun10Bikecould without a ton of work make your NW Topos available in a form without the trails on it? In a form that could have the OSM data overlaid on it? Then it would be stable and permanent and would not need to be updated. On the GPSr we could enable your Topo map and an OSM overlay. Would that even be workable?
  20. Does anyone else get the message I do since yesterday at that OSM link? "Sorry, due to server problems only country maps are currently available." Yesterday I also got a different server error message there.
  21. I like the smoothed, solid lines with elevation numbers also. Just old fashioned I guess. And yes, all those buses, trees, and other unnecessary symbols are just clutter to me. I may be missing something obvious, but I would really like to know what all those "NR"s are that are all over some maps? Like the ones I loaded into BaseCamp from here.
  22. This makes lots of sense and is understandable. I also agree with @Mineral2 comments just above. Jon, do you have any suggestions for OSM based maps for the GPSr that would make those of us that loved your maps at least sort of happy? Or of a somewhat easy way to have a nice topo map that could accept some sort of over or underlay of OSM trail data? Or is that even possible?
  23. I should have said I do not use my phone for this, only the Garmin 66st. And I am not limited to free maps. I would pay for one that I liked.
  24. That is the example I linked to in my post and although it is OK, I really don't like the way it looks with the dotted trails, all the little trees, and the "NR" symbols all over the map. What is that NR? I thought it might have been only in that screenshot but I downloaded and installed to BaseCamp and the map is still covered with the NRs.
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