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  1. We are currently running a Geocaching arc in our webcomic Fern Sea Chronicles, please stop by and give it a look: Fern Sea Chronicles We are also running a contest till Dec 1st giving away pathtags and custom artwork, just head over to our facebook page and give us a like and a share: Fern Sea on Facebook
  2. Nothing to sell here but do have some good freebies! Anyway as the title suggest I'm just shamelessly promoting my webcomic, please check it out Fern Sea Chronicles Also after this story arch, the next one is going to feature some Geocaching. We are giving away some Pathtags and some signed art. Plus first place will get a custom art piece of their choice, so if you have been wanting a great geocoin design, now is the time! You can see more of her artwork here: Indigowarrior. So if you have a min come check out our facebook page and give us a like: Fern Sea on Facebook
  3. I am looking to buy one of these coins : As seen here.
  4. After logging a WWE Flash Mob yesterday noticed neither the Girlfriend or I received the souvenir. Others who attended the event had. Tried relogging the event with no luck.
  5. Last year I hiked about 675 miles on the AT from Springer up through VA, was hoping to make it to Harpers Ferry but sadly ran short on budget at the end. I cached the entire time I was along the AT. There are most definitely (as of a year ago) caches along the AT, also in most of all the "Trail Towns" you will either go to for supplies or physically hike through.
  6. Hello! I hope this is the right forum for this topic... Starbuck2011 and I have created a free podcast combining our love for the sport of geocaching with seriously awesome tunes. At least, we think they're awesome. There are several podcasts out there about geocaching that do the in-depth talking analysis of the sport and they are awesome at it - we approached it with an eye (ear?) more towards themed sets of music that would be awesome to cache by, with snippets of discussing the sport, caches, events, and reviews of geocaching related material (some geocaching fiction, movies, etc). Starbuck brings a fresh perspective as a relatively new geocacher, and I've been doing it for a few years, long enough to know how much I love it, and am dedicated to it. The podcast is available on iTunes (search for "GeoPunk") or at the following link http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/geopunk-podcast/id471092313 We'd love it if you check it out, and provide any feedback or things you'd like to hear in upcoming episodes. Right now, it will likely be a monthly podcast - possibly with an eye to the future of making it biweekly. We're more than happy to receive recommendations on music, themes, or discussion topics, too. Thanks!
  7. I agree with Starbuck. Now for those of you who say, "But you can see its a micro" you missed her point. You can never judge a cache until you find it, and that micro may be some cool or clever hide. Her point was when its just a simple bison tube or the like.
  8. Has anyone seen the new Bushnell Onix400? http://www.bushnell.com/gps/ Looks like a cool GPSr, but wonder how it really is?
  9. Well when I first started Geocaching in Dec of 05 I used Trimble Outdoors on my old Nextel phone (I did the one time fee of $20 not the monthly subscription). Disadvantage to that was I didn’t have all the map access and if (and when) I get Trimble on my blackberry I will get the monthly fee. I used my cell phone for my first 50 finds before buying a Garmin Venture CX. As long as you were in cell service the phone did just as well at finding caches and almost took me directly there, my Garmin is a bit better, but not much. Outside of cell service the program still worked but took an ungodly long time to update and also whether in service or not it ate up my cell phones battery (the OEM and the Upgraded Lithium). I am curious if anyone has used the new Trimble Geocache Navigator. I think this program on a nice phone like a Blackberry 8800 would be a great all around caching item.
  10. I'm crushed. I remember the first time I ran across PUC #9. The shock. The wonder. People REALLY did this??? Now my bubble has been burst..... sigh.... WOW Vinny, You got some 'splaining to do! You mean to tell me that not only have we not really found fourteen extreme caches with high terrain/difficulty ratings, but now I'm a figment of my own imagination and don't REALLY exist?!? Ponderous! I always thought you were a figment of my imagination, but Geeklove swears she see's you also.
  11. US Navy 1998 to 2002. AT (Aviation Tech). Did WestPac tour, lived in Japan for 2 1/2 years. Little over one year float time.
  12. I saw a link to the article on another forums that started this discussion. Sadly I wrote a very long and very well written reply on that article page itself over 4 days ago and it was not eve rlisted under the article. I wish I would have saved it I think I made some very good points about this article. I was gonna give away the PUC secret but Vinny beat me to it!
  13. Awesome job man. Caching there will sound like lots of fun!
  14. I posted a picture for the 2006 GJTB contest, but under my log for the image I entered it says, "Tracking Number was not confirmed". Now I dont know if I entered a digit wqrong or something but i do not see a way that I can go back and "confirm" the tracking number. Any ideas?
  15. I was having this problem also and what helped me was I noticed the garmin file was in a folder on my c: named garmin so I: 1: Restarted computer and went to Controlpanel/system/hardware/devicemanager. Clicked on the yellow ! next to my "usb device" loaded the driver directly from that folder. it installed w/out any problems and seems to work fine now. Anyway hope that helps.
  16. Well while still new to the Geocache scene I use my Nextel Motorola i275 w/the basic Trimble Outdoor Software. While its nothing fancy it gets the job done. It will always take me to within 10-20' of the cache and works semi ok in the woods. (havent used it in summer time yet with the trees at full bloom) Im sure ill buy a nice fancy GPS unit once I can scrounge the money up (new house = higher priority). but for now no complaints
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